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Certified Translation Company for all Embassies

Certified Translation Company for all Embassies

The certified translation companies for all embassies are translation offices concerned with translating all legal and official documents and papers, which are admitted by various embassies and governmental bodies, such as the real estate registry, courts of various degrees, and attestation offices. Thus, it shall be a reputable translation company. If you are looking for a certified translation office; here are key tips for selecting a good translation office.

Certified translation company

If you are looking for certified translation offices in Cairo, you shall choose certified and reputable certified translation offices which have multiple branches, for example translation offices in Fifth Settlement, translation offices in Nasr City, translation offices Heliopolis, or translation offices in Maadi, as these sites are critical, as they host several embassies and official bodies, thus save your time and effort and help clients access and contact with the staff of the certified translation office around the clock.

In addition, whenever the certified translation office in Cairo is trusted and recommended by several embassies, it shall be a positive sign of trust and the direct dealings. So, if you deal with embassies and consulates; look for a translation office certified by the US embassy or a translation office certified by the Russian and Canadian embassies, for example, as they have the most transactions in Egypt.

Certified translation company for all embassies

Certain embassies require that the certified translation office shall has translators with a legal background or specialized in the intended field of translation. This provides double credibility and will certainly make the following official transactions easy.

Therefore, if you are dealing with several entities, you may need translation services certified by the Chinese embassy, or a translation service certified by the British embassy or the German embassy.

In this case, the certified translation office in Cairo shall provide specialized and professional translations for the required languages via a specialized team of experienced translators, who have a quality plan and execution of tasks around the clock.

Obtaining travel visas for different foreign countries, such as Canada, USA and Germany takes several months or even years. However, when you know the proper steps and procedures, and deal with a certified translation office for all embassies in Cairo, especially a translation office certified by the Canadian, US, British and German embassies; you will certainly obtain it easily.

Alsun is a translation company that provides certified translation services for all embassies.

Alsun is a translation company that provides certified translation services for all embassies.

Alsun Translation Services is one of the certified translation offices in Cairo. It provides certified translation services in various fields for all languages, including (English – Arabic – German – French – Chinese – Korean – Japanese – Russian – Kurdish – Persian – Spanish – Swiss – Hebrew – Italian – Indonesian – Portuguese – Turkish – Czech – and other languages).

We are a certified translation office in Cairo certified by various embassies. We have a group of professional translators and offer competitive prices to translate the required documents with high accuracy and skill.

Our target in ATS

  • Alsun Translation Services, as a certified translation company by all embassies, targets to provide high quality and accuracy translation services. It is supported by a distinguished team of specialized certified translators who are characterized by the highest professionalism and quality that satisfies our clients, for the best prices that suit all of our clients.
  • Alsun Translation Services in Cairo, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Riyadh provides professional translation services for all types of documents, as well as the simultaneous interpretation services to and from the aforementioned languages.
  • We provide translation for competitive prices and with highest quality. We rely on our team of certified translators and proofreaders, who are highly experienced in the translation field.
  • Our team of translators and proofreaders are granted the highest academic qualifications in various disciplines, to guarantee our clients a specialized translation that ensures the development and success of their business.
  • One of the prominent features of Alsun is that it has several certified translation branches in Cairo, as it will ensure you the accessibility, achievement, and being near to the various official bodies that require certified translation papers.
  • We provide valid and documented accreditation certificates from the concerned authorities, in addition to translations to various languages and various types of translations, such as (documents translation, medical translation, legal translation, scientific and technical translation, screen and movies translation, etc.). Therefore, you shall choose a translation office certified by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Defense, the various governmental bodies, and the consulates of various embassies.
  • You can always contact the translators team to deliver your comments, request services, or inquire about your concerns, and you will receive the response directly with flexibility and professionalism, and you don’t have to attend personally to the office.

To ensure the quality of the translated documents, your translated text or material is reviewed by our quality assurance department before it is approved and submitted to you, then it is reviewed to ensure that your text is totally free of any mistakes, to avoid wasting your time and create a mutual trust with our clients.

Our target in ATS

Translation of documents and certificates

The documents that need certified translation include various certificates, such as:

  • Academic or University Certificates
  • Graduation Certificates.
  • Service Certificate.
  • Medical Reports
  • Electronic Communications.
  • Written Letters

We provide certified translation for all of the aforementioned certificates, in addition to the contracts, such as:

  • Lease Contracts.
  • Sales and Mortgage Contracts.
  • Commercial Agreements.
  • Tax Returns and Cards.
  • Professional License.
  • Driving License.
  • Commercial Records.
  • Marriage and Divorce Contracts.
  • Investment Bulletins.
  • Criminal Records.
  • Meeting Minutes.
  • Bank Accounts.
  • Financial Disclosure Statements.
  • Different Visas.

Several bodies request certified translation of documents submitted to them through a certified translation company for all embassies. These bodies include, but are not limited to, embassies of different countries, universities abroad, and certain public and private bodies. Such bodies require that the translation shall be authenticated by a certified company and shall bear the seal of approval to be authenticated. Alsun Translation Services provides certified translation service for all types of documents, and ensures the top quality for competitive prices.