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Certified Translation Company in Heliopolis

Certified translation office in Heliopolis provides its clients with translation services certified by all governmental bodies.

Certified Translation Company in Heliopolis

Certified Translation Office in Heliopolis

Alsun is one of the most important certified translation companies providing certified translation services of high quality and accuracy. Alsun offers its services from its various branches, including the certified translation office in Heliopolis. Alsun has extensive experience in the field of certified translation services, as it houses accredited translators, reviewers and project managers having competencies and expertise in various areas of translation, whether legal, financial, medical, technical or other areas. Our translation services are certified by all embassies, such as USA Embassy, German Embassy, French Embassy, British Embassy, Russian Embassy and other embassies and governmental bodies, such as courts of various degrees, Ministries of Interior, and the Foreign Affairs and other governmental and non-governmental bodies.

Receiving File

Receiving translation file from the client, distribution of the file to the professional translator / translators as per translation field and to determine the delivery date.

Completion of Translation

After the completion of the translation, the file shall be reviewed linguistically in an accurate manner to ensure that the file is free of errors.

Last Stage

At the final stage of the translation process, the file shall undergo quality assurance process to ensure meeting the quality standards and compliance with all client feedback. The client can communicate with us 24/7 during all stages of translation.

Through its certified translation office in Heliopolis and other branches, Alsun provides high-quality certified translation services at the required time and at competitive prices for a variety of documents. Alsun covers more than 30 languages, including but not limited to, English, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Hindi, and Russian languages and others. Alsun clients trust in the quality and accuracy of certified translation services provided to them, and Alsun is committed to strict confidentiality policy with respect to all documents of their clients. If you are looking for a translation office in Heliopolis, place your trust in Alsun office, as you can contact us 24/7.

Commercial Translation

Alsun houses a team of translators specialized in the field of commercial translation, including translation of contracts, commercial correspondence, and financial and business reports.

Financial Translation

The financial translation is one of the most important types of translation, and the financial translation services include translation of tax cards, balance sheets, tax returns, financial statements and reports, and feasibility studies of projects.

Websites Translation and Localization

Alsun offers websites translation and localization services to help our clients reaching the target markets and expanding the scope of their businesses, taking into account the linguistic and cultural preferences. We offer websites translation service of the highest accuracy and at best prices.

Technical Translation

The difficulty of technical translation is due to specialized terminology. Alsun offers technical translation services of high quality based on a team of translators specialized in this type of translation. Technical translation includes manuals, instructions brochures, marketing materials, programs, and games, etc.

Legal Translation

The legal translation requires a higher degree of accuracy due to the sensitivity of the files to be submitted and the bodies that may receive such files. Legal translation files include certificates, various contracts, official records, and court rulings. Alsun provides accurate legal translation, relying on a team of legal translators having required experience and competencies.

Medical Translation

Medical Translation requires knowledge of medical terminology and medical documents are translated by specialized translators having medical background, because this type of translation deals with human and health. Medical documents include but not limited to medical research and reports, medical tests, radiology reports, medical prescriptions and etc.

All translation projects in Alsun for Certified Translation Services in Heliopolis are subject to the highest international quality standards, such as ISO 17100, and each project shall undergo different translation stages to ensure the quality and accuracy of the translation and the speed of delivery to the client. Alsun for Certified Translation Services in Heliopolis is success partner for all its clients, which makes Alsun the first choice for clients who rely on Alsun in the translation of their documents to reflect their vision and contribute to the prosperity of their businesses and achieve their goals. You can rely on Alsun to provide the best translation services at the best prices and at the required time.

Best Certified Translation Office in Heliopolis

Certified Translation Office in Heliopolis for various documents

Alsun Translation Services in Heliopolis offers certified translation of all legal documents, providing translation recognized and accepted by the embassies and governmental agencies, such as real estate registration offices, courts of various levels and notarization offices. Such documents include but not limited to:

  • Statement of Case
  • Certificate of Movements
  • Travel Permit
  • Translation of all certificates and other documents to be approved by official bodies
  • Certificate of Criminal Record
  • Identity Card
  • Passport
  • School Degree Certificate
  • Marriage Contract
  • Birth Certificate
  • Death Certificate
  • Tax Card
  • ‎Trade Register
  • Graduation Certificate

Certified Translation Office in Heliopolis

Alsun provides certified translation required by governmental and non-governmental official bodies, such as embassies of different countries, universities and courts of different degrees and types and other bodies, which require certified translation for the papers submitted thereto. As one of the certified translation offices in Cairo, Alsun offers certified translations recognized by the courts, real estate registration offices, ministries, notarization offices, and others.

Contact Alsun for Certified Translation Services in Heliopolis 24/7 and send a copy of the document to be translated via e-mail or WhatsApp, then we will send you the cost of translation, and specify the date of delivery. We promise to provide you with high-quality translation services in the fastest time and at the best price.

Factors that distinguish Al-Alsun, a certified translation office in Heliopolis

Quality Assurance

Alsun is committed to a quality assurance system that ensures client satisfaction on certified translation services provided to them, as we focus on reviewing and proofreading the file and taking care of all comments of the client.

Delivery Dates

Alsun project managers exert great efforts to complete the translation process with the best quality and accuracy as soon as possible, through coordination between clients and translators to accomplish tasks in the best manner.

+30 Languages

Alsun Office offers certified translation into many languages, including English, Italian, German, French, Chinese languages and others with the highest possible quality and accuracy at competitive prices.

Certified Translation

Alsun Translation Services in Heliopolis offers translation certified by the governmental and non-governmental bodies and various embassies, such as British Embassy, French Embassy, Portuguese Embassy, Czech Embassy, Hungarian Embassy, Malaysia Embassy, and Chinese Embassy.

Extensive experience in the field of translation services

Alsun houses a team of certified translators, projects managers and reviewers having competencies and expertise, and Alsun has considerable experience in the Egyptian and Arab market ensuring the provision of high-quality translation services to achieve total client satisfaction.

Competitive Pricing

Translation rate depends on several factors, including language pair, specialization, file type, volume of work and the utilized technology, but in all cases, Alsun ensures providing our client with the best prices achieving client satisfaction without compromising quality of translation.

What are the languages available at your company?

Alsun has an extensive network of translators, offers its services from four branches, and provides translation services into more than 30 languages, including but not limited to Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Swahili and others.

Which methods of payment are available?

We offer four ways to pay for translation services:

  • Payment via bank transfer
  • payment via Vodafone Cash
  • Payment via PayPal
  • Payment in cash at one of our offices.
What are the steps to get a quote?

Send us file via e-mail or WhatsApp and get a free quote, as you can communicate with us 24/7.

Can you translate a sample for free?

Yes, we can translate free sample of no more than 200 words, to assure the quality of our translation and the good management of translation projects.

Can you finish the translation at the same day?

Some documents can be completed within 24 hours under certified translation process. Alsun provides services 24/7, and in general, delivery date depends on the field of your file, the number of pages required to be translated and the language of translation.

What are the fees of translation?

The fees of translation are determined based on several factors: The number of words or pages to be translated, the language of translation, and the size of the projects, whether one page or 100 pages, and you can send us the project and contact us via phone to know the price.

Do you have other branches?

We have 7 branches as the following: New Cairo branch in the First Settlement, Nasr City branch in El Sa’aa Square, Maadi branch in Elnasr Street, Dubai branch in Sheikh Zayed Road, Abu Dhabi branch in Khalifa Street, Riyadh branch in King Fahd Rd, and Jeddah branch.