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Translation Office Certified by the Embassy of Portugal

Alsun is a translation Office Certified by the Embassy of Portugal provides French translation services in Cairo for all your documents.

Translation Office Certified by the Embassy of Portugal

Translation Office Certified by the Embassy of Portugal

After a long history in the world of translation in its various fields, ATS was able to obtain the certification of the as the best certified translation office that provides translation from Portuguese into Arabic and vice versa. 

Professional Quality

The equation may seem difficult, but we differ and excel in providing the highest possible quality thanks to our large team of the best specialized translators, which gives us the ability to meet our customers’ needs as quick as possible without compromising quality, as we consider all its standards.

Competitive prices

Despite the trend of high prices witnessed by the whole world, ATS continues to provide its services at the most appropriate prices, as we provide packages that suit the budget of most clients, so that we can serve a wider class of our valued clients.

Confidentiality of information

 With ATS, you are safe; We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of all information of your documents. In addition, the office does not keep any documents after the end of the work, so always rest assured; Transparency is a basic principle and the simplest right that we guarantee to our clients.

This certification was not a coincidence, as we are always keen at every step to match the best standards globally followed, and we provide the most accurate and professional translation services in our four branches spread throughout the Arab world.

We are well aware of what Portuguese texts need to be translated properly and convey the same meaning and intended purpose. We have a team of specialists who can deal with various disciplines and provide translation from Portuguese into Arabic for the most complicated documents as quick as possible without compromising quality and accuracy.

ATS team is an experienced team who professionally translates all documents 

ATS has a set of the best providers of translation service from Portuguese into Arabic in Egypt. The office includes more than one certified Portuguese-Arabic translator, equipped with all the expertise and capabilities that qualify them to deal with various disciplines.

We provide Arabic-Portuguese translation and vice versa for all documents, including:

  • Certified financial translation of sale and purchase contracts.
  • Certified legal translation of marriage and divorce contracts.
  • Reliable financial translation of all commercial registration documents.
  • Financial translation of the tax card and bank account record.
  • Certified legal translation of the passport and identity card.
  • Certified legal translation of birth and death certificates.
  • Accurate scientific translation of all academic documents.
  • Translation certified by the Embassy of Portugal of all travel documents such as the Portugal visa application form, entry permit, and a letter explaining the purpose of the trip and the duration of stay.
Arabic-Portuguese translation

In ATS, we take into account all the standards of Portuguese translation certified by the Embassy. Further, we allow you to translate all your documents, and we guarantee you professionally translated texts that help you make the best use of the translated document.

Why ATS is the Best Translation Office in Egypt Certified by the Embassy of Portugal?

Because it has an elite group of cadres in the field of translation, as the work team includes the best translators of the Portuguese language into Arabic, selected after fully verifying their experience and eligibility. ATS is keen to continue their training and keep them informed of the latest news in the world of translation.

Moreover, we are committed to transparency, providing our clients with the most suitable offers and discounts, and providing the highest possible quality in the fastest possible time.

Believing in the ability of translation to play the role of focal point in many fields, we have devoted our efforts and time to provide the most accurate and best translation services that help our clients achieve their goals to the fullest, so always make sure that you are in the right place, where experiences meet with passion and love of the profession, to always provide You with all the best.

Conditions of the Translation Certified by the Embassy of Portugal

To ensure the accuracy of the translated texts and to ensure that quality standards are met, ATS, a certified translation office in Cairo, follows the requirements of the Embassy of Portugal, which must be available in the translated document, in order to be eligible for certification. The most important of these conditions are as follows:

  • Translator must obtain a certificate in translation or a related field.
  • Translation office must meet certification standards and obtain a certificate proving its ertification.
  • Translation must have a professional experience of not less than two years.
  • The office must adhere to professional ethics and non-disclosure of clients’ secrets.
  • The translated document must be exactly matched to the original version.
  • certified translation office stamp must appear on the translated document.
  • The contact information of the certified translation office must be included within the translated document.
  • Careful proofreading must be provided to ensure that the document is free of any errors.
  • Translation must be proficient in the pair of languages used, and pass the language proficiency tests.

Types of Visas granted by the Embassy of Portugal

The Embassy of Portugal offers several visas that differ in terms of the duration of stay and the purpose of travel, and the most famous of these visas are:

  • Portuguese Work Visa: This visa allows you to stay in Portugal for a period exceeding 90 days, during which you can search for a job and extend your stay through it.
  • Family Reunification Visa: This visa allows the husband to receive his wife and children in Portugal for a long period.
  • Marriage Visa in Portugal: The foreigner obtains the right of residence and then citizenship after marrying a Portuguese citizen, and the marriage visa extends for 6 months, during which the marriage is required to be conducted.
  • Golden Visa: This visa is available to the investor who purchases a property worth between 280 and 500 thousand euros, depending on the location of the property.
  • Portuguese Study Visa: If you are a student and wish to complete your studies at Portuguese educational institution, the study visa gives you the right to stay in Portugal for the duration of the study, and you are allowed to work part-time alongside your studies, and after the end of the studies, you are allowed to stay and work in Portugal for a full year. This visa varies according to the duration of the study. It may be short-term or long-term if the study period exceeds one year.
  • Medical Treatment visa: If you need to follow a doctor in Portugal, or to perform a surgery, you can request a short-term visa that allows you to enter Portugal and stay there for 90 days, but you must prove your inability to pursue treatment in your country, and obtain an invitation from a Portuguese doctor.
  • Schengen Tourism Visa: If you are planning to travel to Portugal for the purpose of tourism, you can request a short-term visa that allows you to enjoy all its attractive tourist attractions, and you can also use it. 


Howe documents are received after their translation?

You can visit the headquarters of the branch closest to you in Nasr City, 5th Settlement, and Maadi, or request to receive the service via e-mail or WhatsApp.

How many days does a Portugal visa take?

Portugal Schengen visa takes about 15 working days to process visa applications.

Does travel to Portugal require a visa?

The need differs according to the nationality, and for Egyptians, you really need a visa, which ATS is pleased to help you in facilitating the procedures with its distinguished services.

What is the Advantages of dealing with a certified translation office by the Embassy of Portugal in Egypt?

certification guarantees you a lot. Dealing with ATS as the best certified office by the Embassy of Portugal allows you to access the most accurate and reliable translated texts.

How do I know that the translation office is certified?

You can confirm the certification through several simple steps, including: verifying the identity of the office and the presence of its physical headquarters on the ground, Browsing the office’s social networking sites and following up the opinions of its clients and communicate with the competent authorities and inquire from them. As the best certified office by the Embassy of Portugal, ATS provides its clients with all certificates and documents proving its certification, as you can review them at the branch headquarters or request confirmation online via email or WhatsApp.