Certified translation Services in Nasr City

Recognized by private and public sector organizations for quality certified translation services.

Certified Translation Office Nasr City

Alsun a multilingual translation services company recognized by private and public sector organizations for the fast turnarounds and high-quality certified translation services. We are certified translation agency working across a wide range of sectors and deliver accurate and fast translation services. Having offices in Egypt and abroad including Nasr city office, Heliopolis office and New Cairo office, we work closely with businesses of all shapes and sizes. We provide legal, financial, medical and technical translation services as well as SEO translation and certified translation. We deliver Correct, fast, competitive multilingual translation services.

We rely on a worldwide extensive network of expert linguists and professional translators to effectively deliver accurate and high-quality translation services. We support in over 50 languages. Our 4-step Translation Process has been designed in-house to ensure certified, fast, correct translation services for our clients. We adhere to best practices and highest standards such as ISO 17100.

Fast Turnarounds

We deliver you fast, reliable and correct translation services at competitive prices. We work around the clock to meet deadlines.

Certified Translation

Alsun translation services are accredited by governmental entities and embassies as well as local and international bodies.

Support in +50 Languages

We deliver our services in over 50 languages including European, East European and Asian languages. Our native translators have sector-specific experience.

مكاتب ترجمة معتمدة بمدينة نصر

Certified Translation Office Nasr City

Alsun is a Cairo based translation agency providing certified translations for all your documents. Our translations are accredited by Ministers, courts and so on. Because our clients interest matters, translations are carried out by certified native speakers then reviewed by subject matter expert in the intended language to ensure the quality and accuracy of the translated documents.

In each branch of our Company, we aim is to provide a service that satisfy our clients and meet their expectations. We are close to you; you can send your documents via email or What’sApp and get a free instant quote. You can get your translated documents from the nearest office. Contact us 24/7 for further inquiries. We proudly serve clients from varying sectors and industries.

Affordable Prices

We offer our fast and accurate certified translation services at competitive prices. In addition, we offer our clients several payment methods and allow them to choose the most suitable one.

Expert linguists

Alsun has a team of certified professional translators who are native speakers of the target language. Our translators are experts in their subject areas.

Quality Assurance

We adhere to strict designed in-house quality assurance system; this system is applied to every step of translation process. So, rest assured your documents are in the right hands.

Certified Translation for official documents and certificates

Alsun has earned its outstanding reputation for certified translation services on the strength of its quality translation and service in general. Alsun clients came to our offices in Nasr City, Heliopolis and New Cairo through word of mouth based on our high-quality service.

We provide certified translation services for the following documents:-

  • Translation of ID Card
  • Translation of Passports
  • Translation of Travel Permit
  • Translation of Criminal Record
  • Translation of Academic Certificate
  • Translation of Marriage Certificate
  • Translation of Birth Certificate
  • Translation of Death Certificate
  • Translation of Tax Card
  • Translation of Commercial Registry
  • Translation of Graduation certificate
  • Translation of all documents required to be approved by the official authorities.

Technical Translation

Technical translation is concerned with the language of engineering, manufacturing and science. That means it requires impeccable accuracy. We provide accurate and fast Technical translation.

Commercial Translation

Our team of subject-matter expert provides accurate and fast translations for promotional materials, commercial correspondence, financial and commercial reports and so on.

Legal Translation

Legal translation is about translating texts within different legal systems. We provide high-quality translations based on in-depth understanding of legal systems in both the source and target countries.

Medical Translation

Medical translation services can be critically important. Simply, it is a matter of life and death. We rely on a professional native speaker translation to provide error-free translation.

Certificates Translation

Alsun provides certified translation services for all types of official documents and certificates. Our translation services are accredited by embassies and authorities.

Website Localization

Cultural differences do exist even between countries that speak the same language. Boosting your business starts by localizing your business website.

Certified Translation Office Nasr City

Alsun is providing superior translation services to its clients among various sectors. We work with over 50 languages for legal, medical, technical and business purposes. We strive to maintain the highest level of quality in all of our offices in Egypt and abroad such as Alsun Translation office in Dubai (www.alsuntranslation.com). Our Clients matter; we take great care to understand our clients requirements to be able to meet their expectations. Our talented project managers depend on latest technologies to manage the translation process effectively and save time and cost.

Our translators are tested for accuracy and quality. We follow strict standards to select our team of translators to be always able to provide the level of service that satisfy our clients and gain their trust. Also, we follow same standards in selecting all of our employees including project managers, reviewers and quality assurance officers. We use the latest technologies in the translation sector to minimize time and cost.

Why choose Alsun Certified Translation Office Nasr City as your translation Agency?

Experience and Service

We have worked with many clients from different sectors and helped them achieve their goals. Alsun Certified Translation Office Nasr City provides reliable Translation services, no matter the subject-matter, that meet clients’ expectation. Our vast experience enabled us to maintain highest quality levels. We know exactly how translation process works. We aim at accuracy, punctuality and client satisfaction and our team of professional translators fully adheres to that aim.


We believe that every client and project is unique, and we fully aware that translations types aren’t a one-size-fits-all service. So, we customize our services and adapt our translation process to fit our client requirements. We understand the importance of time, thus we offer our clients fast turnarounds. We are always ready for a new translation project no matter its type or size.

Trust and Confidentiality 

We care for our clients; their information and documents content are kept confidential. We follow strict standards when it comes to security of information. Every employee at Alsun is subject to non-disclosure agreement. Our internal systems are safe to ensure that we protect the privacy of each client. We take the full responsibility when it comes to client confidential information. That is one of the reasons why our clients trust us.

Professional Management

Each client is treated as a priority, and our team of Project Managers is always close. We receive your documents and inquiries by phone, email or What’sApp application around the clock. Our project managers will always make sure that your project runs smoothly and will be delivered within agreed deadline. Our management system depends on designed internal system making use of latest technologies to ensure accurate, smooth and fast translation process.

 Fair Competitive Pricing System

We are known to have a pricing system that’s fair. Generally, translation services pricing depends on many factors such as source and target language, size of the project and format of documents. However, Alsun Certified Translation Office Nasr City will always ensure that our prices remain affordable and competitive. Our certified translation services prices are affordable to all in the same high quality and accuracy. We deliver to you fast and accurate translation services within your budget and needs. We are committed to gain your full satisfaction.