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Should I Deal with a Freelance Translator or Certified Translation Offices?

Should I Deal with a Freelance Translator or Certified Translation Offices?

In an era of increased openness to different cultures, the need for the services of translation offices is constantly increasing. At the time when options are abundant, the use of certified translation offices remains the best solution that ensures you obtaining the highest level of professionalism in terms of quality of work, communication, and delivery time. Certified translation offices are reliable entities that perform its functions properly and make a real difference at all levels.

Translation Service Providers

For translation industry, there are a variety of reliable options to get translated texts of different quality depending on the service provider. One of such most popular options is using certified translation offices and freelance translators.

Who is a Freelance Translator?  

He is a person who learned the skill of translation using any source of learning, and decided to work individually in order to provide translation services to individuals and institutions. A freelance translator works remotely using freelance platforms.

A freelance translator agrees with you on word count, price and time, and always seeks guarantees that you will provide him with his dues after completion of work. Such guarantees involve the existence of a broker between both of you. Such broker may be either a person or a freelance website which acts as a third party between both of you in consideration of a percentage of the profits.

A freelance translator may ask you to pay part or all of the amount before commencing work in order to guarantee his dues in the event of communicating with the freelance translator outside the freelance website. 

Advantages of appointment of a Freelance Translator 

There are certain reasons for appointing a freelance translator as follows:

  • A freelance translator can translate short texts: If you need to translate short texts, you can make a quick deal with a freelance translator.
  • You can find out his rating: If you appointing a freelance translator through a freelance platform, you can find out his rating from the individuals who have previously dealt with him in order to decide whether you will choose such one or not.
  • You can see his portfolio: Freelance websites allow a freelance translator to upload his portfolio so that you can evaluate such freelance translator before moving forward.
  • A freelance translator is suitable for translation tasks that do not require great experience.
What is a Certified Translation Office?

What is a Certified Translation Office?

A certified translation office is an integrated and organized institution that offers a variety of translation services. Such certified translation office relies on experienced cadres of translators whom the office has carefully selected, and those who have provided it with their portfolio and experience certificates proving their ability to provide you with excellent translation services.

Certified offices agree with you with great professionalism. Such offices ensure that you will get the service in such way you desire, and maintain your time and rights as you can reach it by visiting its address or contacting it by phone and e-mail.

Certified offices carry out its work as per the provisions of law which makes it reliable. Moreover, a certified office is a brand that desires to elevate and aspires to build a great reputation and a proven track record. Therefore, a certified office strives to meet your needs.

Advantages of Using Certified Translation Offices

Unlike a freelance translator, you will find more advantages in certified translation offices as follows:

  • No need for a broker: Freelance websites receive a large commission from you in order to act as a broker between you and a freelance translator, as well as a third party broker. Moreover, you find a complication to ensure your right to obtain the intended service. However, translation offices carry out its work as per the provisions of law, providing you with greater guarantees.
  • Selectiveness: While you are responsible for evaluating freelance translators to select the best one on your own, certified translation offices have done such work before you. A certified translation office is an institution that has a human resources department which evaluates a translator before appointment, and constantly evaluates his performance during his work.
  • Diversity: It is difficult for you to choose the most appropriate freelance translator for the text to be translated as you have limited options for each translator expertise. On the other hand, certified translation offices ensure that you get the type of text you really need as they have sufficient variety in their services in order to meet your needs.
  • Guarantee your rights: You will not make a complex agreement on choosing certified translation offices to agree to implement a translation service with specific descriptions.
  • Customer Service: Customer service department is responsible for responding to your inquiries around the clock for following up the implementation of the service. 
  • Infinity: While the program of work of a freelance translator may be busy, a translation office is able to get your work done quickly as it employs many translators, and distributes tasks to such translators in a way that saves your time.
Criteria for Choosing a Certified Translation Office

Criteria for Choosing a Certified Translation Office

If you are looking for a translation office that will serve your goals, you need to make sure that such office meets these basic criteria:

Proof of Experience 

It is great to find accredited experience certificates or awards gained by a certified office, but what about its portfolio? It is preferable for an office to provide you with a portfolio which has been published and used by clients.

Client Comments

Successful offices are proud to have a feedback section for their former clients on their website. you need to make sure to read these comments so that you know real experiences of dealing with such office before you go through the experience on your own.

Service Diversity

You have to choose certified translation offices that offer a variety of translation services, whether scientific or literary translation, or translation of a movie or series, etc. There are professionals for each translation field. One of the basics of professionalism is that an office provides translators specialized in each field. 

Flexible Communication

You need to deal with certified translation offices that can take into account the objectives and context of the text, and not just provide a non-literal translation.

Delivery Scheduling

A translation office shall adhere to a specific date on which the text will be delivered, and shall be responsible for the consequences of any delay.

Privacy Preservation

If you ask an office not to publish or give such translated material to any party, whether such translated material is an intellectual, scientific or literary property, the ethics and duties of the profession require that the office shall maintain such basic rights. You need to make sure to deal with a trustworthy translation office.

Informing You of All Details

You are entitled to ask a translation office for detailed information about the services provided to you in consideration of the price, and not to amend or add anything to the text without referring to you.

Multiple Branches

One of the advantages of translation offices is the multiplicity of branches which make it easier for clients to reach them, especially in vital areas such as a certified translation office in Nasr City, Maadi, Fifth Settlement, Heliopolis, and other vital areas.

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