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Medical Translation Services

If you are looking for a medical translation services in Cairo, feel free to contact Al-Alsun certified translation services

Medical Translation

Medical translation

Alsun Translation Services is a medical translation office that has elites of the medical translators who translate texts that fall within the category of healthcare, medical sciences, pharmaceutical products, clinical trials, medical equipment, hospital documents or medical reports. The medical translator at ATS must be proficient in his specialty in order to render a proper medical translation of the medical reports and similar medical texts.


ATS adopts an accurate system that appreciates ​​the value of time and ensures that clients receive their documents according to the time schedule already agreed upon with each client, at competitive prices according to clients’ needs. ATS uses the latest technologies that save time and effort and ensure the highest quality during translation process.

Experience and Certification

ATS is a translation office certified by many pharmaceutical and medical service companies, many hospitals and healthcare service providers with experience of more than 15 years in the field. ATS uses the latest computer assisted translation techniques as per the requirements of each project.

Accuracy and quality

ATS medical translation services office applies international standards to ensure the integrity of translation in conformity with quality standard EN 15038 and ISO 13485.All translation processes are divided into stages supervised by a team of language experts specialized in the medical field before their approval and provision to the client.

The medical field develops growingly, and in every day, new drugs and medical devices are discovered and hundreds of medical researchers are conducted all over the world. Medical translation is distinguished from the other types of translation by its noble human purpose, which has priority over the commercial or marketing purposes. As a medical translation office, ATS plays a vital role in providing healthcare professionals with the information required to help their patients.

Doctors and pharmacists need to translate the medical reports of their patients coming from different countries. The patients themselves head to the medical translation offices to be aware of their health condition, the followed steps of treatment and the requirements of each stage. A large number of our clients around the world also translate drug brochures and steps of using the medical devices into the language of each country.

Why should I choose a certified medical translation office?

Any medical error in the medical translation, even if it is a simple one, will inevitably result in medical complications and serious problems that may claim the life of the patient. The wrong translation of medical reports or treatment dose may cause irreparable damages. Therefore, when you choose a medical translation office, it must be certified and complies with international standards of medical translation.

What is the importance of translating medical reports?

Medical reports plan a vital role in the work of doctors and healthcare providers, as it is the appropriate method to follow up patient’s condition, write all the important information about him, describe his current condition, and give him the appropriate treatment. Medical reports are also an approved document to which reference is made and the content thereof is used as evidence. Doctors execute the medical reports after checking the patient’s condition in full, diagnosing the disease the patient complains of and setting the treatment plan to be followed.

The medical report includes description of the patient’s complaint and symptoms, and presents the results of clinical and laboratory tests, and the like to diagnose the disease, determine the appropriate treatment, and follow the patient’s response to the treatment. The translation of medical reports involves many difficulties due to the nature of medical terminology and periodic developments of the medical field.

Medical translation services

Being one of the most important medical translation offices certificated by healthcare service providers in many countries, ATS translates professional medical reports in various fields in many language pairs, and our team of experts, reviewers and medical experts ensure that your documents are in conformity with the international standards of medical translation. Medical documents include but not limited to:

  • Medical Research.
  • Medication leaflets.
  • Medical references and journals.
  • Medical Trials.
  • Rays and analyses.
  • Medical insurance documents.
  • Medical records.
  • Medical reports.
What about the fees of translation at ATS?

Translation fees vary from one specialty to another, and the medical translation fees are different from the other fields. Fees also differ according to the language pair.

What is the cost of translation per paper?

The fees of translation of a single paper in medical translation companies in Egypt are calculated on the basis of 250 words per page, and the fees range from 150 to 250 Pounds depending on the language pair and file format.

What are the languages you translate into and from?

ATS provide medical translation English to Arabic and from Arabic, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese and other languages.

How to contact ATS Certified Translation Office in Cairo?

For more information about ATS’s services, translation rates and delivery times, please contact us on the following phone numbers:

  • Maadi branch: 01067501031
  • Nasr City branch: 01097338844
  • Fifth Settlement branch: 01064555522
How to pay the fees of translation services?

ATS provides multiple payment methods in medical translation services for the convenience of its customers, as you can pay in cash, bank check, Vodafone Cash or PayPal.