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Online Translation Courses

Online Translation Courses

Translation is a profession that always had its own splendor since it was limited only to a special category of language experts and teachers, and with the era of digital transformation, it has become one of the most important fields of freelance work in the world. Fortunately, there are several certified translation courses online that would learn you about the ins and outs of this prestigious field, and qualify you to enter the competition market and prove yourself well-deserved. Al-Alsun, a certified translation office, offers you the best certified translation courses, and how to make the maximum benefit of them.

Why do many resort to translation without other fields of self-employment?

You may imagine that the reason for the desire of many to take translation as a profession is due to the good financial return only, but the real motive is the pleasure that the translator finds in conveying the words and the language that he translates in his own style.

Moreover, there are several unique advantages of the field of translation, including:

  • Do not need a long period of time to learn it compared to other fields such as design and programming.
  • Translation is a highly profitable profession.
  • The translator acquires literary and dialogic experience and linguistic capabilities due to the use of language in translation.
  • You can practice translation as a second profession without one profession affecting the other.

The Most Famous Online Certified Translation Courses

Translation courses are spreading in Egypt day after day, as there are several online translation courses that can provide you with a sufficient amount of knowledge, and The most famous of these courses are:

Translation courses accredited by Ibn Sina Academy

Ibn Sina Academy provides many courses that open different fields of work for workers in the medical sector, away from their regular jobs, as a good way to improve income.

The Academy offers its courses online, and you can subscribe offline through the Academy’s headquarters in Cairo.

In addition to many courses in digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), content writing and other self-employment requirements. The academy also provides online translation courses, including:

  • AIMT Medical Translation Program by using artificial intelligence technologies
  • Written medical translation.
  • Legal translation workshop.
  • Simultaneous medical translation.

Ibn Sina courses not only prepare you for professional translation, but also help you get your first client and enter the labor market, which makes it one of the best certified translation courses online.

Udemy: the comprehensive course to prepare the novice translator and qualify him for the labor market

As it is known about the popular Udemy platform for educational courses, the course not only qualifies you to master the scientific material, but also discusses with you and informs you about:

  • labor market requirements in the field.
  • The experience you need to compete in your field.
  • Places that can benefit from your experience.
  • How to decide which path is best for you in translation.

These reasons and more make Udemy an ideal choice for those looking to become a professional translator and those looking for online certified translation courses. To enroll in the course, click here.

EduMeFree: General translation course from scratch to professionalism

The EduMeFree platform aims to provide many basic and useful information in various fields for free, as it is one of the most popular free education platforms on the Internet.

EduMeFree offers a general translation course from scratch to professionalism, which is a free course familiar with the basics of translation and language adaptation without resorting to literal translation or translation by artificial intelligence.

Coursera: Translation in Practice course

Coursera is a well-known and respected educational platform that provides several certified translation courses online.

Coursera offers many of its courses for free, without the need to apply for financial support, and one of the most important free translation courses from Coursera is the translation course for beginners to learn translation of English and Chinese content, Translation in Practice.

How do I get an accredited certificate in translation?

After you have completed one of the accredited translation courses online, and have acquired a sufficient amount of knowledge, there are different ways to obtain an accredited certificate in translation.

All these ways are through accredited governmental or professional entities, and the most important of these entities are:

  • Egyptian Translators Association.
  • American Translators Association.
  • International Federation of Translators.

These entities differ in the way they are accredited. Some of them require the translator to undergo a test in which his skills and ability to practice the profession are measured. Some require the translator to join the faculties of Alsun, Arts or Education, while others specify special criteria and require them to be met to obtain accreditation.

Do you want to perfectly benefit from the educational content provided?

Many people who want to learn a skill or a scientific subject through the Internet often back down from their decision because they feel doubts about their ability to benefit from a course or educational course.

In fact, the topic usually depends more on the recipient not the lecturer. The lecturer is only tasked with directing you to the right path, and you have to follow the progress with a little patience.

Here are the top 3 most important tips that you should follow while attending an educational course:

Determine exactly what you need

There are several certified translation courses online with a variety of scientific content, not all of them meet the same purpose. Therefore you must fully determine your needs before choosing the course, and then compare these needs with the content of the course, so that you can move forward in the right path.

In the field of translation, for example, determine whether you need a course for beginners or professionals, and whether your work needs a specialized course or it is enough for you to just learn the basics of general translation.

Write and Summarize

Take notes continuously during the lecture, and try to summarize what you learned in your own way at the end of the lecture. Summarizing helps you a lot to remember information and easily retrieve it later.

Practice constantly

It is not so much memorization and indoctrination that matters as much as it is important to practice everything you learn firsthand and apply it to training models by your lecturer.

If you can communicate with your fellow participants in the same course, and practice together practically, this will be an effective practical solution to achieve the maximum benefit possible.

Translation is a profession that requires a patient spirit and a good amount of knowledge. In order to master it in a way that makes you a professional translator, you must choose the right and expert source to teach you the most important basics that the translator needs to participate in the labor market.

Make sure to select your own path from the best online certified translation courses referred to above and start your journey of self-discovery in translation.

Our help does not end there. Contact us at any time via social media platforms, and ask our experts, and they will answer you with pleasure.