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How can I check the credibility of translation offices?

How can I check the credibility of translation offices?

Certified translation offices in Cairo vary between simultaneous services, electronic online services, and other certified official translation services. Whatever your field or the type of documents you want to translate, be sure to choose a certified translation office with a good reputation first, to get a good translation that will save you time, effort and money.

A good translation is a professional translation that provides you with the best version of your documents that matches the original in terms of terminology and content without changing the meaning or purpose due to errors related to culture or language.

How can I check the credibility of translation offices?

In light of the increasing number of translation offices and interpretation advertisements at competitive prices, customers may fall into the trap of unreliable offices or freelance translators who are unprofessional, so in the end you get a bad translation that may cost you time, effort and countless problems. All that glitters is not gold, so ensuring the credibility of certified translation offices is very important.

Fortunately, there are several simple ways to ensure the credibility and professionalism of the certified translation office. Do not be tempted by the price competition, but make sure that these points are available that indicate that the translation is certified by an office accredited by embassies and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The most important standards to ensure the credibility of translation offices

  1. The easiest way to know that the office is certified or not is their website, through which you can find out information about the office and see the opinions of previous customers.
  2. Ensure that the office provides certified translation services such as legal, commercial and scientific translation and translation of official papers.
  3. Ensure that the office is included in the lists of translation offices accredited by official government authorities and departments such as the Ministry of Defense and police departments.
  4. Avoid fake online translation offices that promote themselves without a real head office you can go to that has a good reputation.
  5. Verify the opinions and experiences of previous customers of the translation office you wish to deal with by searching on the Internet and on the office’s website.
  6. Ensure that the name of the certified translation office in Abu Dhabi is existed on international translation platforms such as PROZ platform and the International Translators Network.
  7. Examine the certification bodies by asking those in charge of the certified translation office about the licenses and the accreditation bodies and verify their authenticity yourself.
  8. The translator at the certified translation office makes a set of checks during the translation so that the translation is done with high accuracy.
  9. The translator gives the customer a certificate with a document containing his name, signature, the translation date and the address to ensure that the translation is certified.
  10.  Approaching certified translation offices also allows you to use the legal certificate that the translator gives you by using it for legal and official purposes.
  11. The presence of a documented website and a good reputation on social media. if the office is already certified, it will provide all the information you need, as these offices have severe service, so they must provide all the information that the customer needs
  12.  Having years of experience and many branches of the translation office.
Good Translation Standards

Good Translation Standards

Al-Alsun Office for Certified Translation and Interpretation Services provides you with several standards that should not be compromised in good translation, which  not only confirm the credibility of translation offices, but also their professionalism. These standards are applied by Al-Alsun Office for Translation Services in Egypt and its branches in the Arab countries.

Here we learn about 5 conditions that must be met by a professional translator in a good certified translation:

   1. Coherence and consistency in meaning

One of the most important skills of good translation is obtaining a coherent and consistent text with an integrated meaning, and this brings us back to talking about text-based translation or professional translation? When it comes to translating documents, we need a professional translation that concerns with everything in the text to transfer it exactly with the same spirit and wording to the other language it without prejudice to the meaning or intent. A translation office may provide you with a text-based translation of your documents, but it does not serve the purpose intended. Obtaining a consistent and coherent text reflects the professionalism and culture of the translator, as well as the quality of the certified translation office.

   2. Inclusivity and Neutrality

When translating documents, whether it is a certified translation or a general translation, whatever the type of translation required, the translator is not required to state his point of view at all, or intentionally ignore the translation of formulas and phrases, or even translate them in a twisted way that changes the content and meaning of the text. One of the most important good translation skills is to include translating the entire document without deleting or dropping any of its parts, in addition to neutral professional translation without expressing the translator’s personal point of view, and this is also a matter of honesty and professional ethics.

   3. Matching the Translation Style

This means that the text must be translated exactly as the original. More precisely, if it is required to translate a document for a creative, scientific, legal or official text, it must be transferred in the same formulate in terms of seriousness or formality to the other language. For example, the official documents should not be translated into a poor translation that bears a sarcastic or non-serious nature in terms of official terms, and vice versa. A professional translator is someone who transfers the text in its original spirit to another language without altering or distorting it. This is what prompts us to confirm the necessity of existence of experienced translators in various specializations and types of translation in certified translation offices in Cairo.

   4. Reliable Sources

Each certified translation office has its own special and reliable sources for translating various types of original documents, such as specialized dictionaries that help the professional translator to refer to them and give the translated texts high credibility. Such texts are reviewed by the quality department based on a reliable reference that can be referred to at any time when any error or doubt occurs in the original translation. The presence of reliable sources for translation increases the quality of texts and the professionalism of the translation office as well.

   5. Grammar and Spelling

Any written work requires to know the rules of the language in terms of wording and spelling. There is no professional translator who makes mistakes in these standards at all. It is known that each language has its own rules, which the translator must be familiar with all of them because the quality of the text and its consistency and free from spelling, grammatical and linguistic errors should be taken into consideration, similarly when it comes to writing in Arabic.


Now, if you want to obtain recommendations for certified translation offices in Cairo that apply good translation standards and have extensive experience in the field of translation and a team of experienced and qualified translators, do not hesitate to contact us.

Q & A

How can I check the credibility of certified translation offices?

You can verify through several standards, including:

  1. Verify the company’s website .
  2. Examine the certification certificate.
  3. Ensure that the office is accredited by official government authorities and departments such as the Ministry of Defense and police departments.
  4. Ensure that the office is included in the lists of translation offices accredited by official government authorities and departments such as the Ministry of Defense and police departments.

What are the ATS translation standards?

  1. Reliable Sources.
  2. Grammar and spelling.
  3. Inclusivity and neutrality.
  4. Matching the translation style.
  5. coherence and consistency in meaning.