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8 Tips for Translators to Manage their Time and Increase their Productivity

8 Tips for Translators to Manage their Time and Increase their Productivity

Time management is a skill that the translator needs to acquire in order to become a certified translator or work with the best certified translation offices in his country. Of course, this skill is acquired gradually with the accumulation of years of practical experience for the translator, but the translator must make sure that these years, and specifically the first years of his work, in a good and professional certified translation office, which is concerned with the enhancement and development of skills.

8 Tips for Translators to Manage their Time and Increase their Productivity to Work in a Certified Translation Office

In addition to working in an experienced and reputable translation office, managing time and increasing the productivity of the translator is subject to several factors that we list below, in addition to a great deal of self-discipline.

Here are some tips that may help the translator to manage their time:

1. Time Management

Time management is not a goal in itself, but a means to increase productivity and manage tasks intelligently. The famous rule says “work smart”. Now imagine that you are working in a certified translation office, you have many documents that need to be translated very quickly and accurately.

Start by making a written list of your goals for completing tasks as a tool to guide you in the long run. The list should include daily, weekly, annual, short-term and long-term goals. Set a specific timing for each goal and the mechanism for its implementation. Stick to what you set out to do and get started.

2. Divide Goals

The list written helps you as a certified translator to clearly review your goals whenever you return to them for guidance. Remember to be flexible in adjusting your goals to fit the needs of your work in the translation office.

Remember that time management does not mean getting the biggest tasks done, but rather, getting the tasks that need to be done today.

3. Be Flexible

Do not accumulate your tasks to be completed at once, as this will put you in the dilemma of inflexibility and even exhaustion, which of course will be reflected in the documents to be translated, certified translation that needs scrutiny and focus. Accumulating tasks without flexibility in accomplishing first things first, pushes you to work for long periods without rest.

If you are burdened with a task,

  • Follow it up with a task that you enjoy doing.
  • Reward yourself in a way you like, a cup of coffee, candy, or even checking the phone or a delicious meal, all of which motivate you to be more flexible and get your work done without complaining.
Use Modern Technology

4. Use Modern Technology

Your work as a certified translator motivates you to be constantly informed of modern technology programs that help to complete tasks in the fastest and best way and follow the latest developments in your field to always be an advanced certified translator. Do not forget to keep a list of tasks “in progress” on your phone or personal computer, provided that this list includes daily tasks as well as long-term tasks, and this list will help you focus your attention on priority projects and will prevent you from getting distracted or forgetting some of its points.

Use time-management and distraction-blocking applications and you can share them with your colleagues in the certified translation office where you work for the benefit of all. Experience is usually gained from questions and the help of colleagues who are more experienced than us as well, so do not hesitate to ask for or provide assistance.

5. Be Realistic

Be realistic about what you intend to accomplish, and do not go beyond the limits of reality into the land of imagination. Yes, we all, at the beginning of our career, we believe that we have superpowers and want to prove to the world the amazing skills we possess, but do not waste these skills and capabilities in depleting them with impossible expectations.

Know your current position and experience, deal with your skills in order to develop them gradually, learn from those around you and get acquainted with what is new in your field, sit with the managers of the certified translation office in which you work and tell them your ability and skills and know the exact amount of work required from you to fit their expectations of you and not be disappointed.

Realism makes you aware of the size of your productivity and developing it later without frustration or inaction.

6. Use Time wisely

Try not to be like the “firefighter”, who focuses all his attention on urgent tasks, but rather distribute your attention to tasks in proportion to the requirements for their completion, whether the task is urgent or not.

If you have periods of time spent waiting or traveling daily to the translation office where you work, find ways to make that time productive, such as listening to digital files, reading or writing, correcting spelling mistakes, revising your agenda, planning your next activity, etc., They’re all things you can usually do remotely to fill in some of the inevitable “lost” time in your work schedule.

7. Set Time Limits

  1. Set reasonable time limits for tasks.
  2. Be flexible to adjust it later.
  3. When working on these tasks as a professional certified translator, keep an eye on the time you spend on each item.
  4. Organize your workplace, and remove any clutter, because the time spent looking for something in a mess is wasted time; So, organize all your files on your computer and your physical workplace, so that everything you need at your disposal.
Reduce Distractions

8. Reduce Distractions

Certified translation is one of the professions that needs high concentration and very accurate reviews. If you find that you are consuming your time on social networking sites, Facebook, chat programs or other social media, set a specific time of the day to participate in the online communication community, and during those specified periods of time, set your status to “unavailable”, so that you will not be interrupted throughout the course of your work. Reduce interruptions and distractions as much as possible.

Finally, at the end of the day, think about what you have accomplished as a certified translator working in certified translation office in Cairo or any other country with a good reputation which providing professional translation services. In the event that you cannot calculate any specific period of time that you took, or you find that one day is not productive, take of an inventory and try to identify where the waste is in your time management system. Keep in mind that not all days will be as productive as you wish, unexpected things may always come up, and no matter how hard you try, try not to be discouraged, instead simply stay focused and make an effort to increase your productivity in the next day and make sure that day by day, the attempts will bear fruit and you will become a certified translator with great experience built on a strong foundation. Here are also 6 ways to increase the productivity of translators.

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