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A translation company accredited by all governmental agencies

A translation company accredited by all governmental agencies

Nowadays, certified translation has become very necessary, as it is used for the purposes of traveling, immigration, studying, working abroad, contracts and agreements. Some official entities may require the signature of a certified translation company for different languages as French, Italian, English, German, Russian, and other embassies. In this article, we will learn about the advantages of Al-Alsun Translation services as one of the most important translation companies in Egypt.

Certified Translation Company

Many are wondering what is the meaning of a certified translation company?

It means an accurate translation of a document that bears the seal of a certified translation office, is annexed with a declaration by the translator stating that it’s identical to the original document, bears the date of translation, and its signed by the translator or the official in charge in the certified translation office.

Although, there is one condition; which is that the translation must be printed on the official letterhead papers of the translation office. Such letterhead is approved by embassies, consulates, and all official governmental and non-governmental bodies.  

In addition that the translation is not limited to one field, but it includes many different fields of life; including medical, religious, legal, literary, marketing, economic translation and many other fields.

How is the translation done in Al-Alsun Translation Services ?

The translation in Al-Alsun Translation Services, one of the most important certified translation companies in Cairo and the Middle East, is made according to organized steps, and not randomly, as follows:

First: After receiving the translation project from the client, it is assigned to a translator specialized in the field of the project, and after the completion of the translation process, it undergoes an accurate review process.  

Second: The translation is presented to the “Quality Assurance” department, then it is being approved as a certified translation, and delivered to the customer on the agreed date.

Advantages of Al-Alsun Translation Services certified office

ATS is sought by many because of its ability to carry out many tasks without linguistic or grammatical mistakes, in addition to many other advantages including:

Speed work completion

We deliver the work at the exact time agreed upon with the client regardless of size, translation, and formulation.


We provide suitable prices for all without exaggeration in accordance with translation type, file size, and delivery time.

Translation accuracy

The works are translated at the highest level of quality by a group of experts specialized in all fields of translation.

A translation company accredited by all governmental agencies

Types of the accredited translation in ATS

ATS provides an accredited translation in all fields through a group of professional translators specialized in all fields of translation and that what distinguishes us, these types are as follows:

  1. Medical translation: We have a group of translators who are specialized in the medical field, to produce a medical text at the highest level of professionalism, without any medical errors.
  2. Legal translation: We have also specialists in the legal field to serve consultants, judges, lawyers, and anyone interested in the legal field, in addition to the translation of many legal cases and documents.
  3. Certified translation: means the translation of the documents required by embassies, consulates, ministries, and all governmental bodies outside and inside the Arab Republic of Egypt.
  4. Research translation: ATS also provides translation for scientific research, master’s and doctoral theses, and scientific books into all languages
  5. Marketing translation: ATS is also involved in the marketing and commercial field, to deliver clear and attractive messages to the audience of all types, in proportion to the target audience and the culture of the country.
  6. Documents translation: ATS provides its clients the translation of all forms of documents related to travel, employment, university grants, and certificates such as marriage, divorce, birth, university certificates, and all other documents
  7. Interpretation: We provide simultaneous interpretation of all types and effectiveness, such as conferences, exhibitions, international celebrations, seminars and trade agreements, as we provide simultaneous interpretation in more than 100 language pairs
  8. Financial translation: it means the translation of all types of statements, data, and revenues that need accredited and documented translation by a certified translation company.
  9. Visa services: ATS helps you to obtain all travel documents, and obtain Schengen visa. If you wish to travel, contact us now.

ATS is a translation office certified by all embassies and government bodies.  that provides its services to all clients around the clock 24/7. 

Why Alsun Translation Services provides the best certified translation in Cairo?

How to contact ATS, a certified translation company

If you are looking for a translation company, ATS is your best choice because of its many branches inside and outside Egypt, in addition to being an accredited online translation office.

Certified translation office in Fifth Settlement

  • Office 221, Hala Mall 314, South Teseen St., Fifth Settlement
  • Email:
  • Mobile: 01064555522

Certified translation office in Nasr City

  • Office 17, First Floor, 81 Nasr Road, Nasr City
  • Email:
  • Mobile: 01097338844

Certified translation office in Maadi

  • 35 Nasr St., Maadi, Cairo
  • Email:
  • Mobile: 01067501031