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Translation from English into Arabic Step by Step

Translation from English into Arabic Step by Step

If you are fluent in English besides your mother tongue and want to start learning translation from English into Arabic step by step to become a professional translator, you can start now. Al-Alsun, a certified translation office, provides you in this article with everything you need to know about translation from English into Arabic, and we also help you to know the best translation software that will help you in your mission.

Translation from English into Arabic

Translation is the means of communication between peoples since ancient times, without it, meanings are lost and communication becomes difficult. Translation, like other fields, has evolved over time. Translation from English into Arabic requires several skills to be able to transfer meaning between the two languages smoothly and clearly and produce a correct and accurate text of high quality. These skills include:

Mastering both Source and Target Languages

To learn to translate from English into Arabic, you must fully master your mother tongue, by:

  1. Learning grammar and spelling rules and training on writing texts. Writing is a complementary talent to the translation process. Writing teaches you sentence and grammar skills and increases your vocabulary. 
  2. Reading also plays a huge role in mastering Arabic language. Thus, make sure to read articles, news, and books in various fields. Reading will refine you and provide you with a huge amount of information you need in all aspects of life. 
  3. Also, you must be familiar with the English language and its rules and have a linguistic knowledge to understand the text and transfer the meaning accurately to Arabic language

Computer Proficiency

The profession of translation has developed through the ages, and the use of technology has become a must. The computer has replaced translation on paper, the era of using paper dictionaries is over, and electronic dictionaries have appeared online. To be able to translate from English into Arabic, you must be proficient in using the computer and its programs related to translation.

Possessing Online Research Skills

A good part of the success of English into Arabic translation lies in the translator’s skill in searching online for accurate terms and meanings to be able to transfer the correct meaning from the source language to the target language. Searching for meanings and terms on the Internet facilitates the translation process and contributes to raising the quality of translation.

Specializing in a Specific Field of Translation

There are many fields of translation including legal translation, technical translation, medical translation, literary translation, financial translation and other fields. The specialization in a specific field of translation is one of the most important basics of learning translation. This ensures the correct, accurate and fast translation, due to the acquired experience. Choose a field that suits you and that you are sure you are familiar with so that you can provide an accurate and acceptable translation.

If you want to specialize in the field of legal translation, here is

how to become a certified legal translator in a certified translation office?

Al-Alsun provides translation from English into Arabic in many fields, including medical, legal, financial, marketing, and website translation. Contact us and get a free quotation.

Always remember that translation is a long-standing profession, and if you master it, it will benefit you, and I do not mean here only material benefit, but cultural and cognitive benefit as well. Here are the most important reasons why translation is an important and long standing profession.

What is the Importance of Translation?

What is the Importance of Translation?

  • Contribute to conveying information between civilizations.
  • Play a prominent role in consolidating relations between peoples, as it is a tool of communication between them.
  • Contribute to the transmission of news around the world easily.
  • Enhance the role of tourism and travel around the world.
  • Help translators to acquire new language skills.
  • Help translators to get good job opportunities.
  • Help translators to build a large network of clients or translators.

Al-Alsun, as the best certified translation office, provides translation from English into Arabic with utmost accuracy and high quality. For more information about our services.

English into Arabic Translation Software

Some professional translation programs assist in the translation process from English into Arabic, provided that the translator does not rely on it completely in order to be able to produce a consistent and accurate text. Here are the best translation software that will help you in your mission:

The Best Translation Programs from English into Arabic

Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator is a translation program that supports more than 70 languages. As shown from the name, the program is provided by Microsoft, and it is one of the most important machine translation programs that produce consistent texts. The program provides translation from English into Arabic and vice versa. The program is easy to use and you can download it easily through electronic stores such as the Apple Store and Play Store for Android, or search engines such as Internet Explorer. The program has many features, including the possibility of integrating it with other products such as iPhone phones, Apple Watches, SharePoint, Android phones, Microsoft Office, and so on.

Reverso Transaltion

Reverso is characterized by accuracy in translating words. It is a translation program from English into Arabic in addition to several other languages. Reverso offers different contexts for the word you want to translate, so you know the appropriate meaning of it. It also has a simple user interface. The program can be downloaded via electronic stores in smartphones. The program allows its users to provide new suggestions in order to improve the way it works.

Speak and Translate

Speak and translate is one of the most important translation programs from English into Arabic, as it provides simultaneous translation service. You can translate without pressing buttons, but through the voice recording feature. The program has an easy and simple user interface. You can download Speak and Translate for Android from the Play Store and for iPhone from Apple App Store.

There are also some sites that help you translate from English into Arabic, including:

Following the tips mentioned in this article will ensure that you learn to translate from English into Arabic to join the world of this amazing and long-standing. industry.