Certified translation office from Canadian embassy in Cairo

Canada has become among the highest destination countries which travellers and immigrants head to, and here in Alsun Translation Services office we afford certified translation which accredited by many embassies including Canadian Embassy in Cairo and providing accurate and affordable translation for all official papers through a team of certified interpreters with the highest quality services and best prices.


Certified translation accredited by Canadian Embassy in Cairo

Canada ranks second in the number of immigrants after United States of America because it has multiple nationalities beside the original people there also multiculturalism and protection of democracy and personal freedom that makes Canada a destination for many immigrants and travellers.

Canada has the advantage of high educational and cultural level also so many students prefer to complete their education and get the scientific degree there, and relative stability of economy attracts investors from all over the world.

The two official languages of Canada are English and French and here in Alsun Translation Services we afford certified translation accredited by Canadian Embassy in Cairo with a help of our highly professional certified translators for the following documents:

  • Corporate Documents.
  • Personal Certificates.
  • Immigration application papers.
  • Graduation, master’s degree and PhDs certificates.
  • Contracts and official papers.

In addition tomore many papers which are accredited by Canadian Embassy in Cairo to finish all your transactions.

Certified translator from Canadian Embassy in Cairo

We have been striving since the establishment of Alsun Translation Services office to get accreditation from so many embassies beside the Canadian one such as:

  • American embassy.
  • British embassy.
  • French embassy.
  • Russian embassy.
  • German embassy.
  • Chinese embassy.

By presenting the certified translation of all official documents for the purpose of authentication or getting the visa or immigration or any other official purpose.

We translate:

  • All certificates like birth, graduation, death certificates and others.
  • All documents like driving license, identification card, passports and others.
  • All contracts like marriage, divorce, buying, selling and lease contracts.

Also we give our customers consultation about embassy documentation and all papers needed there.

Translation office certified by Canadian Embassy in Cairo

Alsun Translation Services office is one of the oldest translation offices here in Cairo which has branches in Egypt and UAE like:

  1. Fifth settlement branch, Cairo, Egypt.
  2. Nasr city branch, Cairo, Egypt.
  3. Dubai branch, UAE.
  4. Abu Dhabi branch, UAE.

And we have main goals we aim to achieve such as:

  • Achieving inclusivity by giving comprehensive services beside translation like consultation and giving information about steps and papers needed in embassy applying.
  • Fulfillment of all different customer needs.
  • Enhancing translation job market in Egypt and all Middle East.
  • Professional translation project management with ultimate precision that exceed our customers’ expectations.

So if you are looking for Translation office certified by Canadian Embassy in Cairo that affords you the best certified services with suitable prices Alsun Translation Services office must be your destination.

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