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Certified Translation Office in Fifth Settlement

The certified translation office in Fifth Settlement provides certified translation in various languages for individuals and companies.

Certified Translation Office in Fifth Settlement

Translation Office in New Cairo

Ever since its establishment, Alsun Translation Services in Fifth Settlement, New Cairo has been seeking to provide an integrated set of certified translation services in Fifth Settlement that fulfil the needs of all clients of different specializations and aspirations to advance the translation market in Egypt and the Middle East in general, through its branches in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Nasr City, Maadi and Riyadh. For the purpose of achieving this matter, it uses a distinguished group of professional translators with high experience and competencies in more than 50 languages ​​around the world as well as well-trained and qualified project managers to manage the translation projects. It provides all of these services with the highest levels of quality and accuracy that exceed the clients’ expectations.

Compliance with Standards and Quality

Alsun Translation Services adheres to the standards, conditions, and professionalism regarding the translation of all documents and papers to ensure the quality and accuracy of the translated content.

Speed and Flexibility 

Alsun Translation Services combines speed and flexibility in the certified translation since the translated files can be received within 24 hours only thanks to a group of professional translators.

Competitive Prices

Alsun Translation Services is keen to provide a certified translation of the highest quality together with offering competitive prices with multiple payment methods, for the convenience of its clients.

Alsun Translation Services has a number of branches in the East Cairo region including a translation office in Fifth Settlement and a certified translation office in Nasr City for facilitating the clients’ access to us from anywhere.

Alsun Translation Services has established a certified translation office in Fifth Settlement thanks to its reputation and position as the largest certified translation company in Cairo due to its constant commitment to quality standards, confidentiality, and punctuality. This prompted the company to complete its journey by opening other branches in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates in order to be its window on the Gulf countries and Asia.

Legal translation

Alsun provides translation of various legal exhibits and documents, such as lawsuits, corporate laws, contracts and judicial texts.

Commercial translation

Alsun provides translation of commercial documents and agreements, which include contracts, financial reports and commercial correspondence.

Technical translation

Alsun provides translation of documents and papers in various fields such as engineering, computer science and industrial sectors.

Literary translation

Alsun provides translation of literary documents, such as literary texts, poetry verses, stories and novels.

Scientific translation

Alsun provides translation of documents related to the field of science, such as scientific research, academic reports, PhDs and master’s dissertations.

Medical translation

Alsun provides translation of medical documents, such as treatment protocols and medical reports.

The best certified translation office in Fifth Settlement

There are multiple certified translation offices in Cairo, but Alsun Translation Services is the pioneer specialized office that provides certified translation services to various entities and embassies, throughout its branches in Egypt. ATS for certified translation provides its special translation services with high professionalism, premium quality and affordable prices. ATS delivers such translation services via a distinguished group of translators and local and international linguistic experts.

Quality and Efficiency

Alsun Translation Services is distinguished by combining high quality and efficiency in the certified translation field as of the selection of professional translators who care for the quality of the content until the review and delivery stage.  


Alsun Translation Services provides certified translation for all specialties and fields such as legal, medical and educational fields as well as all documents, contracts and visas. 


Alsun Translation Services has a distinguished group of translators, which qualifies it to complete the tasks on time. Alsun Translation Services is keen to commit to providing content on time with the highest degree of quality.

ATS is highly known for its superior ability to combine translation accuracy and speed and its competitive prices, thanks to its team of full-time translators, who work at its office in New Cairo. Alsun provides everything your business needs, including high-quality and fast certified translation affordable to your budget and requirements, due to its reasonable prices compared to the prices of other certified translation companies in Cairo.

Certified translation in Fifth Settlement for various languages

Alsun Translation Services provides certified translation services for more than 50 languages in various fields. It provides certified translation of all documents required to be submitted to official bodies such as embassies, courts and other bodies. Alsun Translation Services provides translation services of the highest quality and accuracy to and from the following languages. 

  • Certified English translation.
  • Certified Chinese translation.
  • Certified German translation.
  • Certified French translation.
  • Certified Russian translation.
  • Certified Italian translation.
  • Certified Portuguese translation.
  • Certified Spanish translation.
  • Certified Japanese translation.
  • Certified Hindi translation.

Alsun Translation Services is a certified translation office that relies on a team of distinguished translators with experience in all fields. The international translators certified a large number of embassies and government agencies have a high degree of linguistic and technical specialization in different fields of translation. Given to the experience of the translators and language reviewers at Alsun Translation Services in Fifth Settlement, they are qualified to provide certified translation services for all documents and papers at the highest quality.

Alsun Translation Services in Fifth Settlement seeks the convenience of its valued clients, so it provides them with the ability to send and receive files through e-mail in order to ensure ease of communication and clients convenience.

Certified Translation Office in Fifth Settlement

The most important services provided by ATS office as the best-certified translation office in Fifth Settlement, which attracts special clients constantly:

Standards adherence:

Alsun for certified translation services in Heliopolis is keen to follow all standards and conditions in the translation of documents and papers and to maintain the accuracy of the translation, and its conformity with the original document.

Quality and reasonable prices:

Alsun, a certified translation office, provides translation with the highest quality and most affordable price that suits all of its clients.

Payment after reception:

Alsun Translation Services trusts its clients greatly, thus our client can pay after receiving his certified translation via the specified payment methods. Alsun offers all guarantees regarding the translation quality, deadline and payment policies.


Alsun always targets to provide all means of convenience to its clients, so files can be sent and received via email.


Alsun Translation Services follows strict methods to protect the confidentiality of all of its clents’ information. All information related to the content of the translation files and any other information sent by the client to ATS in Fifth Settlement are considered as fully confidential. All of ATS employees adhere to a non-disclosure policy of clients’ information.

What are the certified translation services provided by Alsun?

Alsun provides certified translation services for all certificates and documents required to be submitted to official and unofficial entities, such as embassies, governmental agencies, courts and other bodies.

Can ATS provide a certified translation to be submitted to a foreign embassy?

Yes, our translation services are actually certified by several embassies such as the US Embassy, the Russian Embassy, the Canadian Embassy, the Chinese Embassy… etc. Contact us for more information.

How can I calculate the number of words in a translation file?

An initial word count estimate can be written upon sending the files, noting that the average translation page contains 250 words. The files can be sent via WhatsApp or email so that we can review them and notify the client of the word count.

How is the translation price counted?

The translation price is counted as per several factors, including the translation field, language pair, No. of words and file format.

How Can I pay for the translation services provided to me?

Alsun Translation Services offers multiple methods of payment after receipt of the translated files, including bank transfer, Vodafone Cash, Paypal, or cash payment.

Does Alsun provide its services to corporates or individuals?

Alsun provides its services to many companies, organizations and individuals. Contact us for more information about our services.

Does Alsun Translation Services in Fifth Settlement have other branches?

Yes, Alsun has other branches in Cairo, namely Nasr City Branch, Heliopolis Branch, Maadi Branch and in the United Arab Emirates: Dubai Branch and Abu Dhabi Branch.