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Certified Translation Office in Maadi

Certified Translation Office in Maadi provides translation to all governmental authorities and embassies supported by qualified translators

مكتب ترجمة معتمد المعادي

Certified Translation Office in Maadi

Alsun Translation Services is a certified translation office in Maadi with a long history in translation and language industry. We have a network of local offices in the Middle East, including our Translation Offices in Maadi, Nasr City, and Fifth Settlement, in addition to our two branches in the United Arab Emirates. We utilize our experience and skills to provide certified translation services to all embassies, foreign universities, real estate offices and various authorities. ALSUN includes a professional team of certified and experienced translators working 24/7 to deliver accurate and reliable translation. If you are looking for the best certified translation offices near you in Maadi, ALSUN will be your perfect choice for accurate and fast translation at affordable prices.

Available 24/7

ALSUN provides multiple ways of communication with its clients, for easy and convenient transactions. You can send your files through e-mail or via our website, and it is not required to attend personally to our branch in Maadi or any other branch. This way, our clients may communicate with the translation office in Maadi any time.

Experience and Efficiency

Alsun has been providing translation services for more than 15 years. We choose the dedicated members of our team of translators upon their experience and competence in the industries we offer. We provide our clients a particular priority and offer them the highest quality and the best price, without affecting the agreed deadline.

Accuracy and Reliability

Alsun translates for all notarization offices, embassies and consulates in Cairo, that require certified translation in Maadi, in addition to the governmental authorities that have competence of authentication, including the real estate registry and the Investment Authority. All of our translations are recognized, as we have a long experience of transactions with such authorities and are fully aware of the details of all of their transactions.

As certified translation office in Maadi, ALSUN is committed to the highest quality standards in the agreed deadline, in accordance with ISO 17100 standards regarding the quality of translation services. We further use the latest translation technologies, and each translation project shall undergo several stages for strict quality assurance, as we receive the file and define its translation cost, then the file goes for translation, revision, and proofreading, until it is delivered to the client on time, regardless of its tight deadline or any circumstances whatsoever.

Legal translation

Legal translation is a critical field that require higher degree of accuracy. It includes the translation of contracts, agreements, laws, judgments, regulations, POAs, lawsuits of various types, minutes of meetings, memoranda of association, legal briefs, and other documents.

Translation of Researches

Translation of researches high degree of accuracy and a perfect background of different sciences. It includes the translation of researches, studies, scientific papers and publications in various sciences and industries including medicine, biology, chemistry, engineering, etc.

Medical translation

Medical translation requires complete accuracy, background of medical terminology, and mastering both of source and target languages. The medical documents include hospital reports, radiology reports, scientific and medical researches, medicine leaflets, analyzes, etc.

Technical Translation

Technical translation requires a solid background of the terminology used in the technical field. It includes the translation of engineering bulletins, websites, software, user manuals, scientific bulletins and other technical documents.

Translation of Websites and Applications

In this field, we handle the translation of various websites and applications, as it helps the businesses to grow and facilitate the use of applications in various languages. It includes the translation of mobile applications and the websites that provide various products and services.

Marketing Translation

Marketing Translation is one of the fast raising specialized fields in the time being. It includes the translation of all contents used for marketing, including videos, voice notes, social media posts and all advertisements.

Why ALSUN is distinguished from the remaining translation offices in Maadi?

A Team of Professional Translators

ALSUN team consists of professional translators who deliver translation services into their native language, while they are fully aware of the source language. ALSUN team of translators are highly qualified and experienced and have a long experience in translation of all texts in various industries.

Attention to all Details

ALSUN has a team of professional reviewers and translators with a background of the provided languages ​​and industries, and who are aware and able to focus on all details of the translation project, especially in the legal and medical translation that require a special attention.

Confidentiality of your Information

ALSUN translation office in Maadi is committed to maintain the confidentiality of clients’ personal information and data. All of our employees are committed to non-disclosure agreements to ensure the confidentiality and privacy of our clients’ information. You can contact us to learn more about the applicable confidentiality policy in ALSUN.

Certified Translation in Maadi by Embassies

Alsun provides certified translations from embassies of all types of documents and certificates through our various branches, including the certified office in Maadi. All of the translated documents are affixed with the certified translation seal and a declaration of the translation’s validity and conformity with the original file, in addition to the contact information and translation date. Our services are approved by the embassies and multiple official authorities in Egypt and abroad. We provide certified translation services for the following languages, for example:

  • Certified Spanish translation
  • Certified Korean translation
  • Certified Portuguese translation
  • Certified Russian translation
  • Certified Italian translation
  • Certified Japanese translation
  • Certified English translation
  • Certified German translation
  • Certified French translation
  • Certified Chinese translation

ALSUN provides translation services recognized by multiple embassies, including the American, ​​the Canadian, ​​the French, ​​the Italian, ​​the Russian, and ​​the Chinese embassy, ​​as well as other embassies and universities abroad and other entities that require certified translation for all documents submitted to them via a certified translation office in Cairo. We pay a particular attention to all of your document’s details through the stages of revision and quality assurance to ensure their accuracy and that they are clear of any mistakes.

ALSUN, the certified translation office in Maadi, is pleased to provide you translation services 24/7 and meet all of your requirements to ensure your convenience at reasonable prices. You can easily request a quote and send us the documents to be translated via our email or website, and our project manager will provide you the cost of translation, and the proposed date of delivery.

ترجمة معتمدة بالمعادي

Prices of the Certified Translation in Maadi

Alsun Translation Services in Maadi is one of the significant offices that provide certified translation services to various entities and embassies. ALSUN provides its services with high degree of accuracy and for the most affordable prices, as it is always pleased to deliver its services for suitable prices. The prices of the certified translation are considerably various among translation offices, and quality shall always govern your choice. The price of certified translation is usually calculated upon the following criteria:

  1. The translation industry, as the price of the legal translation varies from that’s of the financial, literary, technical files and so on
  2. The translation type, as the certified translation’s price is usually higher than the regular or specialized translation, as the former requires seals, attestations, and approvals.
  3. The file’s size and number of its words also affects the price, as the translation price is calculated as per the number of words, each 200 words shall be one page. The price of each page shall differ as per the language pair and type of the document.
  4. The target language further shall affect the translation price, as the price of translation into Italian, German or Chinese is always higher than the price of translation into English.

How Can I Contact Alsun?

You can contact Alsun for certified translation services in Maadi to learn more about prices and payment methods via the following ways:

  • By Tel. No. 01097338844
  • Via our email:
  • To visit one of our branches in Maadi, Fifth Settlement, Nasr City or Heliopolis.

If you are looking for the best and most significant certified translation office to translate your documents or papers into any language with the utmost degree of accuracy, high quality, and affordable prices, just contact Alsun for certified translation services in Maadi.

What is the certified translation fees?

Alsun offers high quality translation for competitive prices. The fees of translation are determined based on several factors, including the file size, format, and difficulty, the language pair, and other factors. You can contact us and send your file and we will define its fees for free.

Do you have other branches in Egypt?

Alsun has 4 branches in Egypt as follows: Certified Translation Office in Maadi, Translation Office in the Fifth Settlement, Translation Office in Heliopolis, and Translation Office in Nasr City.

Are your translation services recognized by the Embassy of Canada?

Alsun is a certified translation office by the Embassy of Canada, the US Embassy, Russian Embassy, German Embassy and other embassies. We contacted with them several times and stick to all conditions of the certified translation along with quality and accuracy.

How could I ensure that the translation provided by Alsun is accurate?

Alsun uses strict quality assurance system and always employ highly qualified and experienced translators in various fields. We further apply ISO 17100 standards in all stages of our translation process.

Can I contact Alsun to follow up on the progress of my translation project?

You can contact us 24/7 and call the project manager to follow up on the progress of your translation project, in the context of our desire to provide satisfactory service to all of our clients.

How could I get a free quote?

You can get a free quote when you send us your files via our website or email, define the deadline, the target language and all of the required details and our team will provide you a price quote within a few minutes.