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Translation Office in Nasr City

Certified translation office in Nasr City offers translation certified by all embassies and bodies, ensuring quality, speed.

Translation Office in Nasr City

Translation Office in Nasr City

Alsun is a certified translation company having a network of five branches in the Middle East, including a translation office in Nasr City, and has a long history and unique experience in providing translation services accredited by all embassies, ministries and notarization offices through a large team of certified translators having expertise and competencies and specialized in the translation of legal, marketing, financial, technical, medical texts in addition to the certificates and official documents. If you are relooking for the best certified translation offices in Nasr City, Alsun for certified translation services in Nasr City is your first destination for fast, accurate, affordable translation services.

Translation of all Languages

We translate into all European, Middle Eastern and Asian languages through a group of competent translators having expertise in all areas.

Embassies Accreditation

All translations provided by Alsun are recognized by all embassies and local and foreign official bodies and have the same effect of the official documents.

Expeditious Completion

Alsun has capabilities and competencies that enable it to accomplish tasks as soon as possible and with the best performance, whereas we accomplish tasks at the same day.

As certified translation company, Alsun is committed to the highest international quality standards, such as ISO 17100, as each document shall undergo three stages, starting with translation, then revision and proofreading and ending with the process of quality assurance. Under that process, we ensure providing our clients with certified translation at the highest level of accuracy and smoothness, making us your first choice and your strategic partner as a certified translation office in Nasr City.

Legal Translation

Legal translation is one of the most sensitive types of translation on the grounds of dealing with the courts and proving the rights and responsibilities, as the legal translator is characterized by extreme accuracy and good legal drafting

Commercial Translation

Companies and individuals involve Alsun to translate all promotional material, commercial correspondence, commercial and financial reports through our translators who specialize in this area.

Medical Translation

As for medical translation, we assign tasks only to the specialized translators of doctors, as any error in the translation of medical documents may expose the patient to severe consequences and taking wrong medical decisions.

Technical Translation

The technical translator shall be fully aware of the technical terms and shall have extensive experience in the technical filed of the document to be translated to ensure translation accuracy and smoothness.

Websites Localization

We help websites owners to target new markets through localization of content as per language and cultural preferences of target clients.

Translation of Certificates

We offer certified translation for many certificates and official documents so that their holders can submit the same to embassies and government agencies and finalize their transactions with ease.

Certified Translation Office in Nasr City

Some official bodies, whether local or foreign, require translation of documents and papers submitted thereto through a certified translation office in Cairo and ratification of such documents in order to recognize the same and act accordingly, so you must translate these documents through one of the certified translation offices in Cairo, which authorized by concerned bodies to practise the profession and its translation is recognized by the courts, real estate registration offices, ministries, notarization offices, and others .

Commitment to quality standards

Alsun is committed to the highest standards of quality and accuracy adopted in the translation industry without any complacency, starting from the selection of translators to revision and proofreading before project delivery.

A team of translation experts

Our team is the secret of our success and excellence in the market, as Alsun houses a group of best translators having expertise and competencies and having a long history in the translation of all texts in various fields.

Very suitable prices

Translation rate depends on several factors, including language pair, specialization, and volume of work, but in all cases, we ensure providing our client with the best price, which fits his budget and achieve his satisfaction.

We, in Alsun for Certified Translation Services, are pleased to serve you 24/7 and meet all your requirement of quality, reliability, speed and affordable prices. All you have to do is to send a copy of the document to be translated via e-mail or WhatsApp, then, we will send you the cost of translation, and the earliest date of delivery within minutes of receipt. You can receive the translation at the nearest branch to you to save your precious time.

Certified Translation for Certificates in Nasr City

We offer certified translation for all types of certificates and official and informal documents through our headquarters in Nasr City as a certified translation office in Nasr City, and we have daily transactions and a close relationship with all official bodies as our translation is recognized and accredited by embassies, courts, real estate registration offices and notarization offices. In the following, some certificates that we translate on a daily basis:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Death Certificate
  • Tax Card
  • ‎Trade Register
  • Graduation Certificate
  • Certificate of Criminal Record
  • Identity Card
  • Passport
  • School Degree Certificate
  • Marriage Contract
  • Statement of Case
  • Certificate of Movements
  • Travel Permit
  • Translation of all certificates and other documents to be approved by official bodies

Best Certified Translation Office in Nasr City

Since its establishment, Alsun Translation Services in the First Settlement and Al Rehab seeks to provide a full range of certified and specialized translation services in Al Rehab and the Fifth Settlement to meet the needs of all clients of different specialties and aspirations in order to promote the translation market in Egypt and the Middle East in general through its branch in Dubai ( To achieve that goal, we involve a distinguished group of professional translators having high expertise and competencies in more than 50 languages around the world as well as project managers, who are well trained and qualified to manage translation projects of the highest quality and accuracy levels exceeding the expectations of our clients.

We have gained our reputation and our position as one of the larger certified translation companies in Cairo on the basis of our permanent commitment to quality standards, confidentiality, and punctuality, which prompted us to complete our journey by opening other branches in Dubai, UAE as a window on GCC and Asia.

We have succeeded in gaining the confidence of our clients in Egypt and all over the world as a result of our adherence to quality standards and professionalism in the field of translation and we are using the latest translation technologies and software available in the market.

In the following, we state the most important features that make us your right choice and to be worthy of credence as certified translation office you assign to it all translation works:

We are fully aware of the importance of your documents and businesses, and that any error therein may cause loss of time and disruption of interests as well as the loss of money; therefore, we are committed to the highest standards of quality and accuracy when translating any documents or projects without any complacency not matter how great the pressure is. To ensure that, the translation process shall go through several stages (evaluation of text – translation – proofreading- quality assurance), which always ensures the accuracy of the translation and leaves no room for any error.

Speed and Flexibility

Thanks to our team of certified translation experts at our headquarters in New Cairo, who are available 24/7, our clients, who have not enough time, can send us their files, and receive the same at the same day, as we understand well the importance of the time for our clients. Our translators are ready to hand more than 20 pages at the same day. Our client can send the file via Internet only and then leave it to us.

Certified Translation Experts

We have a team of highly skilled and qualified persons in the field of the certified translation in Cairo, as that team is always ready to provide certified accurate translation of high quality in most languages and fields. All our translators hold university degrees in the field of translation and have several years of experience in the field of their specialization. Our team linguistic and cultural knowledge and their experiences in the field of certified translation are the secret of our success and our reputation as one of the leading certified translation companies in Cairo.

Professional Project Management

We have professional team of project managers, who always seeks to serve you and is ready to receive your requests and your comments 24/7 and reply to you in few minutes with all flexibility and professionalism. The first objective of the project managers is to ensure the quality and accuracy of translation projects and delivering such projects on time. This is the secret behind our clients’ trust in our company and the good relationship between us as a certified translation company in New Cairo.

Competitive Prices

The most important feature of Alsun Translation Services is its unique ability to combine translation accuracy, speed, and competitive prices thanks to our full-time team of translators working at our headquarters in New Cairo. We offer all your business needs of high-quality and fast certified translation according to your budget and requirements, as we offer low and affordable prices when compared to other certified translation companies in Cairo. We focus on our client, satisfying all his needs of quality, speed, and affordable prices without compromising quality or exaggeration of cost.

How can I contact Al-Alsun in Nasr City?

You can contact Al-Alsun, a certified translation services company in Nasr City, through WhatsApp or email. You can also visit us at one of our branches in Nasr City, Fifth Settlement, or Maadi.

Nasr City: First Floor, 81 El Nasr Road, Nasr City

Mobile: 01097338844


What are the languages available at your company?

As we have a wide network of translators around the world and 4 branches, we provide translation in the most African, European, and Asian languages, such as Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Swahili and others.

Which methods of payment are available?

We have 4 payment methods for translation services fees: – Payment via bank transfer – payment via Vodafone Cash – Payment via PayPal – Payment in cash at one of our offices.

What are the stages of the translation process at your company?

Any document to be translated shall undergo a process consisting of three stages: – distribution of the document to be translated to a professional translator, who has experience and competency to satisfy the requirements of the project- after the completion of the document translation, it shall be sent to an expert reviewer to revise the translation to ensure its accuracy and the absence of any errors – and at final stage, a quality assurance process shall be done by specialized reviewer to check the style and any comments of client .

Can you translate a sample for free?

Yes, we can translate free sample of no more than 200 words, to assure the quality of our translation and the good management of translation projects.