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Specialized Translation

Alsun is a certified translation company that provides all translation services in Cairo through its various branches in many disciplines.

Certified Translation

Certified Translation Office

Alsun Translation Services is a certified translation company in Cairo, that provides high-quality certified translation in multiple disciplines through a distinguished team of professional translators. Each of our professional translators is an expert in his field, and enjoys the sufficient language skills, experience and competencies to provide an accurate and smooth translation of specialized texts that may only be easily understood by professionals in the field who are familiar with all of its terms.

Superior Quality and Accuracy

Our experienced certified translators provide accurate translation services of superior quality and we guarantee an error free translation for all of our clients.

Speed and Punctuality

We appreciate the value of time and ensure that projects are completed on the agreed deadlines with the utmost quality. Besides, you can receive your translated document on the same day.

Value for Price

We provide high-quality translation services at affordable prices. Our competitive pricing per word is accounted as per the assigned work volume and language pair.

Alsun is committed to its own system that guarantees the quality and accuracy of the translation process, from the moment of receipt of the translation file from the client, through all stages of the translation process until the file is delivered. Our target at every stage of the translation process is to reach the utmost accuracy, efficiency and high quality. The project manager assigns the received file to a specialized translator, as our companies have professional translators specialized in multiple fields of translation, such as legal, financial, technical, medical, research, and marketing translation etc.

The translation file, after its translation, goes through the review, auditing and quality assurance stages, in order to make sure that the file is free of any errors, no matter how minor they might be. Our slogan is quality and accuracy at the best prices. For more information regarding our quality assurance system, please contact us via email or call one of our project managers.









Certified Translation Offices

Legal Translation Office

The translation of legal documents requires specialized legal translators who have a legal background and possess the language capabilities necessary to translate these specialized texts. Therefore, we provide our clients professional legal translators who have years of experience in legal translation and hold scientific degrees in the field of legal translation. This is our precious advantage that make us the preferable certified translation office in Cairo.

Financial Translation Office

Our translation team is well versed in the financial and accounting standards of every region of the world and a deep understanding of the rules and regulations of the financial markets around the world, which ensures that you will get a certified, accurate and smooth translation of all of your financial documents without any thinness in the style or differences in meaning. Alsun Translation Services is the oldest certified translation office in Cairo specialized in financial translation.

Medical Translation

We are proud to have a dedicated team of medical translators with extensive experience and academic degrees required to perfectly accomplish the translation of your medical and pharmaceutical projects. We only assign medical translation projects to specialized doctors or pharmacists who have extensive experience in translating medical texts, which they gained from working for years in the certified translation office in Heliopolis.

Marketing Translation

We assign the translation of marketing projects to specialized translators and linguists who have extensive experience in the field of marketing and familiarity with the local market, which help them understand the intended message and reformulate the same in the target language. The marketing product is always the company’s image to the external world, and each of its words reflect its image in front of clients. Therefore, we choose each word very carefully to suit the level and position of our esteemed clients, and enhance their presence in the market.

Software Translation

We adapt each software product to the linguistic, cultural, and technical requirements and preferences of the target audience, to ensure optimum sales of these products. Alsun Translation Services assigns software translation only to translators who are fully familiar with the culture of the source and target languages to consider the cultural considerations and preferences of the target audience. This is the secret of our company’s success as a certified translation company in Cairo.

Technical Translation

We make sure that only technical translators who have authenticated and established knowledge and experience in the technical field, and who are familiar with the linguistic vocabulary used in this field in the target and source languages, are allowed to join our technical translation team. Technical translation is classified as one of the most difficult types of translation. Therefore, it requires a certified translation office that has the competencies and experiences that enable it to provide a smooth and clear translation of all technical texts, whether they are in the field of construction, electronic devices, heavy equipment, or manuals of all kinds

Certified Translation Offices

If you are looking for certified translation offices in Cairo, you are exactly in the right place. Alsun provides a certified translation services recognized by all embassies, consulates, universities, ministries, notarization offices, and all official entities inside the state or abroad. In order to provide prestigious services to clients, and in appreciation of their valuable time, we provide certified immediate interpretation services. The client can receive the translation of his documents at the same time, instead of coming back to receive his translated files, as we are aware of the fast-paced professional lifestyle. Alsun Certified Translation Services Company is distinguished from most of the other accredited translation offices in Cairo by the said service, which is not available at most certified translation offices in Cairo.

Here are a group of the key specializations that we exclusively provide in our capacity as a certified translation office in Cairo, which combines quality, speed, and appropriate prices as follows:

Translation Office in Cairo for Commercial Correspondence

In order to enhance effective and commercial communication with our clients, we provide writing, editing and proofreading services for the content of business letters, blueprints, flyers, advertisements, and more. Due to the increasing demand for this service from our existing clients, this has prompted us to hire highly qualified and experienced proofreaders and writers to meet the needs of our clients who trust us as a premium certified translation company providing all services related to languages and communication.

Our services include various specialties to and from the following languages:

  • Certified translation into Arabic.
  • Certified translation into English.
  • Certified translation into Russian.
  • Certified translation into German.
  • Certified translation into Chinese.
  • Certified translation into Italian.
  • Certified translation into French.
Translation Office in Cairo for Commercial Correspondence

We are proud to provide various translation services through our branches in Cairo, a certified translation office in the Fifth Settlement, a certified translation office in Maadi, a certified translation office in Nasr City, and a certified translation office in Heliopolis. We adhere to all approved translation standards, as we are an office accredited by most of the entities including embassies, universities, courts…. etc.

What is the cost of translation services at Alsun Company?

The rate of translation varies as per its discipline, i.e. the legal translation rates differ from the medical etc. The language pair is another factor to determine the translation rates.

How do I contact Alsun certified translation office in Cairo?

For more information about the services of Alsun Office for Translation Services, translation prices and delivery times, please contact us on our Tel. No. 01064555522, and our customer service representative will assist you and answer all of your inquiries 24/7.

How can I pay for translation services?

To facilitate our customers, we offer multiple payment methods. You can pay in cash, by a bank cheque or via Vodafone Cash.