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Legal Translation Services

Alsun provides legal translation services for translating your legal documents for all languages through a certified legal translators

Legal Translation Services

Legal Translation services

Legal translation has characteristics that distinguish it from other types of certified translation. Therefore, you must pay attention when choosing a legal translation office to translate your legal documents, due to the special characteristics of legal discourse, including style, terminology, wording, and the nature of the legal system.

Translation of contracts

Contract translation is one of the most popular types of legal translation, and we have a long experience in this type.

Translation of Cases

Our clients turn to us to translate some judgments, lawsuits, and statements of claim
to complete their transactions with the courts, the Public Prosecution, and the Real
Estate Publicity Department.

Translation of Legal Documents

certified legal translation must be submitted with birth, death and marriage
certificates and commercial registers to be submitted to the government agencies.

The translation of the legal text from one language to another may require legal certification by legal specialists, so that they issue a legal judgment as a certified and
acceptable translation of the legal texts and it is valid to work with it … From here
our clients, including individuals and companies, use our services to obtain certified legal translation services, as legal translation requires the presence of a legal translator, who is highly aware of “functional equivalence”, which is to produce a certified translation of the legal term with its legal equivalent in the source language to maintain the same legal effect, which is what distinguishes us from the rest of the
certified translation offices in Cairo.
Alsun Translation Office provides certified translation of all legal documents with high accuracy and in the fastest time, through a group of expert translators in all legal fields.

Translation workers, linguists, and jurists agreed on a stereotype based on a specific form and logic for the legal discourse, as each of the legal texts belongs to a branch of the law, which in turn uses its own discourse. Thus, the legal meaning differs when translating legal texts. This is what distinguishes the legal translation from its scientific counterpart, in which the scientific meaning is unified, whether it is translated into Arabic, German or English. The branches of legal translation have a common basic feature represented in the use of discourse characterized by precise terminology and syntax which is difficult for the recipient who is not specialized or interested in the law to understand. A legal translation office must consider legal considerations without prejudice to the text’s communicative function and the general requirements of translation.

مترجم قانوني في القاهرة

The legal language varies in its texts, depending on the language of the legislator, the language of the judiciary, the language of administration, the language of private law, and the language of legal sciences or legal jurisprudence, which is characterized by specific grammatical rules and writing style. The meaning of the legal discourse, the legal vocabulary, and the legal term used in it must be considered in each category.

A legal translator certified by the Ministry of Justice and many embassies and government agencies capable of translating all legal documents and certificates. If you are looking for an English legal translator, you just need to contact Alsun office for legal translation services and obtain a legal translation for all languages.

  1. Legal documents vary in their form and function, starting from court papers, witness statements, birth certificates, marriage contracts, and driver’s licenses to different types of contracts, and providing properly legal translation is not easy at all. The slightest mistakes in translating legal documents can cause complications, legal accountability, and financial losses. Al Alsun, as a certified legal translation office, pays great attention to setting and developing standards that control the quality of legal translation provided to its clients in all branches.
  2. Alsun is a legal translation office with many embassies and government agencies in Cairo, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi. During the past fifteen years, Alsun has provided its clients with legal translation services and certified translation services in many language pairs in all fields of legal translation. Alsun has a long history of achievements in providing legal translation services to law firms, legal consultants, and international companies in Cairo and Dubai.
  1. The legal translation office must include a team of translators and proofreaders with great experience in the requirements of legal translation and the nature of
    the legal system in the source and target language.
  2. legal translator must use the correct legal expression used in a specific
    context in the target language.
  3. The legal translator must bear in mind that he provides a certified legal translation of a text that will be viewed by the people of experience and
    judgment to make crucial decisions.
  4. The legal translator must possess field and professional experience in the field of legal translation and certified translation in order to enable him to associate legal terms with their legal and semantic equivalent in the source language without prejudice to the legal effect.

Alsun team for legal translation services is the center of its strength and distinguishes it from other legal translation offices. Our team of certified translators and legal specialists have completed various translations in most la


When do I need a legal translation of case documents?

In the event that one of the parties to the case is a foreigner and not an Egyptian or an Arab, the documents must be translated into English or the language of the foreign party if it is in Arabic. The foreign party is also required to translate all his personal documents into Arabic.

Is it possible to entrust the task of legal translation to a lawyer?

The courts, as well as the Real Estate Publicity Department, require translation of documents through a certified legal translation office and putting the translation stamp on each paper of the original document and the translated document.

What is the price of translating five pages of legal translation?

The translation price depends on the number of words, not the number of pages, on the basis of 200 words per page, but the price of five pages may range from 500 pounds to 700 pounds.

Can I contact the legal translator directly?

Yes, of course, the client can speak with the legal translator after the translator has seen all the details of the document to be translated so that the client ensures that all his requirements are met, and his notes are applied in a way that does not contradict the standards of legal translation.

How can I pay online?

We have several methods of online payment, including transfers to our bank accounts, Vodafone Cash, and PayPal. The client can also pay with a visa at the branch headquarters.