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Certified Translation

Learn about our Alsun Translation Services in Cairo: certified translation offered by qualified translators at an affordable price.

Specialized Translation

Professional translation of all languages

Alsun translation services in New Cairo provides specialized quality translation in many fields | Legal Certified Translation | Financial Certified Translation | Medical Certified .Translation | Technical Certified Translation | many other industries

Translation Office in Cairo

As one of the translation offices in the Fifth Settlement and New Cairo, Alsun Translation Services provides a high-quality translation in most disciplines through a distinguished team of professional translators. Each translator is a white glove (expert) in his field, has excellent language skills and competencies that qualifies him to provide an accurate smooth translation for the specialized text that can be easily understood only by specialists in the field and familiar with all its terms and ambiguities. The following are some of the most important specialties that distinguish us as a certified translation office in Cairo that combines quality, speed and affordability:

Translation Office in Cairo

Legal Translation

The translation of legal documents requires specialized legal translators who have legal background, linguistic and legal capabilities required to translate such specialized texts. Therefore, we provide our clients with professional legal translators with years of experience in legal translation and holding certificates in the field of translation and law. This is what distinguishes us as the best-certified translation office in Cairo.

Financial Translation

The financial translation team has a good knowledge of financial and accounting standards for each region of the world, therefore they have a deep understanding of the rules and regulations of the financial markets around the world, ensuring that you have an accurate and smooth translation of all financial documents without any frivolousness in style or difference in meaning. Therefore, ATS is the oldest certified translation office in Cairo specializing in financial translation.

Technical Translation

We are keen to ensure that only technical translators with extensive knowledge and experience in the technical field, who are familiar with the linguistic vocabulary used in this field in both the target and the source, are able to join the technical translation team. Technical translation is one of the most difficult types of translation, which requires a translation office in Cairo that has the skills and expertise to provide a smooth and clear translation of all technical texts, whether in the field of construction, electronic devices, heavy equipment or manuals of all kinds.

Medical Translation

We are proud to have a dedicated team of experienced medical translators with proven experience and academic degrees necessary to complete the translation of your medical and pharmaceutical projects to the fullest. We, therefore, assign medical translation projects only to specialized doctors or pharmacists with long medical texts translation experience acquired through years of work for a translation office in Cairo.

Marketing Translation

Marketing materials are translated by professional translators and linguists with extensive experience in the field of marketing, having knowledge of the local market, which prepares them to understand the intended message directed and rephrase it in the target language. Marketing material is the company’s interface to the outside world and every word reflects its image in front of customers, so, we choose every word very carefully to meet the level and status of our valued customers and enhance their presence in the market.

Software Translation

We adapt each software product to meet the linguistic, cultural and artistic requirements and preferences of the target audience to ensure that optimal popularity is achieved for such products are optimized. Therefore, ATS assigns software translation only to translators who are fully familiar with the culture of the source and target languages’ culture to take into account the cultural considerations and preferences of the target audience. This is the secret of our success as a leading translation company in Cairo.

Oil and Gas Translation

We support our clients by providing a group of translation specialists with practical experience and knowledge of drilling wells, petrochemical products, refining, oil and gas services … etc. It is rare to find a translation office in Cairo specialized in the translation of oil and gas for the difficulty of this field. Such texts can only be translated by translators with long experience and high competence. ATS has succeeded in attracting such translators to be a comprehensive translation company serving all disciplines.

Translation office in Cairo for commercial correspondence

In order to enhance the commercial and effective communication of our customers, the company provides writing, editing and proofreading services for the content of business letters, drawings, brochures, advertisements … etc., due to the increasing demand for this service from our existing customers. This has led us to appoint linguists and writers with the highest level of competence and expertise to meet the needs of our customers who trust us as a distinguished translation company offering all language and communication services.

Certified Translation Offices

If you are looking for certified translation offices in Cairo, you are in the right place where translation services certified with all embassies, consulates, universities, ministries, and documentation offices and recognized by all official authorities inside and outside the country. In order to serve our customers best and appreciate their valuable time, we provide certified quick translation services where the customer receives the translation of his documents at the same time without the need to go and then return in the delivery time because we include the rapid career style. This service is not provided by most of the certified translation offices in Cairo whereas ATS is distinguished in this regard.

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