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Alsun Translation offices in Egypt

Alsun Translation Services prides on having an expert team of highly-qualified translators and linguists who have more than 10 years of experience in translation market in Cairo

مكتب ترجمة معتمد

Alsun Translation offices in Egypt  is a certified translation company in Cairo accredited by all embassies, consulates and ministries in Cairo and offering premium and quick translation in most language pairs. We are supported by a team of trusted, enthusiastic and skilled translation experts with academic certificates and deep-rooted experiences in legal, commercial, financial, technical, marketing, and medical translation as well as document translation. We, one of the leading certified translation offices in Cairo, have a long proven record in providing translation services to all embassies, consulates, notaries, courts, companies, individuals and governmental and non-governmental authorities in Cairo. If you are looking for quality, accurate and affordable translation services in Cairo, look no further as Alsun is your best destination for certified translation in Cairo.

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Alsun Certified Translation Services

Certified translation of all official documents is required to be done by distinguished translation offices that you trust. At Alsun, we provide all certified translation services with the most accurate and best possible quality. If you are looking for a certified translation in Cairo that is easily accepted and accredited by all official authorities, we are your best choice and will be happy to help you at any time.

Medical Translation

Medical Translation

Alsun provides accurate, top-notch medical translation by a group of professional medical translators. Alsun has medical translation experts with extensive experience in the medical industry. We are also constantly aware of every development related to medical translation and its terminology.

Legal Translation

Legal Translation

Legal translation has characteristics that distinguish it from other fields of certified translation, and you must pay attention when choosing a legal translation office in Cairo to translate your legal documents due to the special features that legal discourse contains, including style, terminology, and wording.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous Interpretation

Alsun Translation Services in Cairo has a long history of providing simultaneous interpretation services in many language pairs, in cooperation with the most professional and experienced interpreters in this field. Simultaneous interpretation is the second oldest profession known to humans.

Scientific and Technical Translation

Scientific and Technical Translation

Scientific and technical translation is one of the most important fields of translation related to translating scientific texts in the fields of medicine, engineering, pharmacy, physics, and natural sciences in a specialized and accurate manner.

Financial and Commercial Translation

Financial and Commercial Translation

Financial and commercial translation is a type of translation concerned with translating documents related to commercial transactions around the world in banks, stock exchanges, and import and export companies.

Certified Translation of Documents

Certified Translation of Documents

Certified translation of a document is a type of translation that is required when translating official papers and documents and is stamped to match the original document, in addition to its importance when traveling abroad, whether for work, study, or immigration.









Certified Translation Services in Cairo

Certified Translation Services in Cairo

At Alsun, we rely on Desktop Publishing (DTP) tools with superior technologies that help us implement an integrated approach characterized by professionalism, accuracy, and consistency. Thanks to our large team, we can maintain the completion of DTP services at a rapid pace, regardless of the size of the project.

Video Translation Services

At Alsun, we can provide the best video translation service, ensuring the accurate transmission of events, and enhancing your ability to influence your audience with ease. At Alsun, we have a specialized team that can translate visual content with accuracy, mastery, and distinction for all types of videos.

Editing and Proofreading Services

At Alsun, accuracy is our means of uniqueness and distinction. All translation services are carried out with impeccable accuracy. We also provide editing and proofreading services in which we review and correct your documents completely to ensure their safety and correctness, and to be free of any linguistic or grammatical mistakes.

Website Localization Service

Our comprehensive Arabization services include websites, software, brochures, CDs, etc., through a specialized team that speaks Arabic as a mother tongue and can address Arabs in a smooth language that they easily understand, demonstrating your appreciation and respect for them.

Translation Services in Cairo

Alsun is unique in providing the best certified translation in Cairo in all fields, taking into account the highest standards of quality, and at the best prices, through a team of translation specialists who can deal with excellence in all the most complex fields.

Interpretation Services

At Alsun, we provide interpretation service for all occasions through a specialized team that can easily convey the language of dialogue with complete neutrality and transparency, ensuring effective communication between all attendees and achieving ways of cooperation. Don’t hesitate to contact us now.

Factors that Make Alsun Your Choice Comparable to Other Certified Translation Offices

We are distinguished by full accreditation from all embassies and government agencies, and we provide our accredited services at the best prices, through a huge team of the best-specialized translators, here are some of the excellences that are unique to Alsun:

The ability to translate all your documents into multiple languages professionally.

The ability to complete translation tasks quickly while maintaining quality.

A diverse and distinguished team, capable of dealing with various specializations.

Implementation of the strongest protection protocols to ensure the privacy of client data.

Pricing plans suitable for all client budgets without any hidden costs.

A trained and cooperative customer service team will answer your inquiries at any time.

Our Translation Standards

Alsun Translation Services Company applies the highest quality standards in the translation sector and follows a translation process that ensures the quality and accuracy of all translation projects at all times. Alsun Translation Services Company, as an accredited translation office in Cairo, also follows international quality standards for translation services, including the DIN EN 15038 standard, as well as the ISO 9001:2008 standard, to achieve high quality that meets our client’s requirements of accuracy, affordability, and reliability.

The secret of our reputation and success is our constant commitment to translation industry standards in terms of quality, deadline, confidentiality, and professional management, and this is why our clients choose us to be their strategic partner. In order to provide the best service to our clients, and to maintain our position as the best-accredited translation offices in Cairo, we, at Alsun, follow strict quality control procedures. Whether your project is one page or more than 100 pages, it will be subject to the same steps of review and proofreading. In addition to a customer service team with the highest level of professionalism and speed, ready to serve you around the clock. Once you send your document and receive our confirmation, you can be sure that you will receive the best-certified translation within the agreed-upon delivery time.

معايير الترجمة المعتمدة لدينا

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How Did We Gain the Trust of Our Clients?

Alsun Translation Services Company enjoys great trust among its clients throughout Cairo as it is an accredited translation company for all embassies and government agencies, for providing top-notch quality and commitment certified translation services in the market without any compromise on quality standards and deadlines, regardless of the work pressures and competition. All of this is because the trust of our clients is considered to be our first priority as one of the first accredited translation centers. We work hard to maintain this trust, and we work as success partners for every client, and we are keen on the following:

Commitment to delivery deadlines, regardless of file size or work intensity.

Flexibility in certified translation prices and delivery dates.

Maintaining the confidentiality of the data of all our clients.

Commitment to superior accuracy and quality in translating documents into certified translation.

Marshall S.
Marshall S.
I'd recommend.
Fatima Umar
Fatima Umar
On time and precise
Maher Nada
Maher Nada
Service is great from the receptionist, translation is correctly done, and accurate date and time
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dudina bazzz
محترم ودقيق
Mohamed Fathy
Mohamed Fathy

Our Branches and Scope of Services

Certified by all ministries, consulates, notary public, attestation offices of Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, universities and foreign entities, and so by UAE Ministry of Justice.

Documents We Translate

We offer certified translation of all certificates and official documents including: visas, graduation certificates, diploma certificates, transcripts, tax cards, commercial registries, returns, experience certificates, national ID card, marriage contracts, death and birth certificates, memorandums of understanding, employment contracts, sale and purchase contracts, lease agreements, ownership contracts, promissory notes, forms, letters, memorandum of association, letter of intent, minutes, resolutions, power of attorneys, lawsuits, judgments, invoices, passports, discharges, trade agreements, criminal record certificate, movement certificates, military service certificates, balance sheets, family registration card, bank statements, vaccination certificate, medical documents and curriculum)

Alsun Translation Agency Cairo provides also a certified translation for all laws, legislations, agreements, memorandums of association, judicial judgments issued by first instance, appeal and cassation courts, ratifications, advertisements, acknowledgments, company brochures, newsletters, catalogs, newspaper articles and annual reports, hotel advertisements, travel and hospitality brochures, training brochures, educational materials, curriculum and theses, Human resources polices and submittals, auto-brochures,all energy, science and techniques, information technology, telecommunications, accounting, audit, insurance, banking and economic documents, medical reports and books and discharges.

Areas We Serve

Alsun Translation Services has gained the trust of their local and international clients as a certified translation office in Fifth Settlement for its unrivaled quality and commitment. Since our client is our first priority, we commit ourselves to the highest standards of quality, time commitment, and flexibility regardless work pressure, tightness and market challenges in a view to save his time, effort and money.

Being a translation office in New Cairo, we are your ideal partner for certified translation in New Cairo, Al Rehab, Fifth Settlement(Tagamoa) (First, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Districts) First Settlement (Tagamoa), North Investors, South Investors, El Banafseg, South Academy, El Yasmeen, El Narjis, Diplomats, Arabella, El Golf, Abu El Hol, ElAndalus and Al Koronfol Buildings, El Tes‘een Street, Al Louts, third settlement, Al Rehab, Badr City, Sherouk city, Heliopolis, East Cairo cities and areas, Seventh District, eighth district and tenth district in Nasr City, Abbas Al Akkad, Mustafa Al Nahas, MakramEbied, Zahraa Nasr City, Al Tayaran Street, Rabaa Al Adweya, Nasr Road, Salah Salem and Al Obour city. Our leadership and excellence as a certified translation office in Cairo attribute to our permanent commitment to premium translation management, accuracy and quality at all times with no compromise.

To know about our rates and deadlines, please call our customer service representative who will help in in all your quires starting from attestation requirements till delivery time.

Why us?

Alsun provides certified translation services at competitive prices and with top-notch quality and accuracy through its branches within the Arab Republic of Egypt in Nasr City, Fifth Settlement, Heliopolis, and Maadi, in addition to its branches in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

Experts of Certified Translation

We have highly skilled and qualified pool of certified translators in Cairo able to provide certified translation in Egypt in most languages pairs and industries.

Experts of Certified Translation
Speed and Flexibility

Speed and Flexibility

Thanks to our team of certified translators in our translation office in New Cairo, our clients who do not have much time may send their files by Email to be translated and delivered in the same day.

Affordable Prices

Alsun has managed to get the combination between accurate and quick translation and affordable prices thanks to our full-time team of professional translators in our Office in New Cairo.

Affordable Prices
Accuracy and Reliability

Accuracy and Reliability

We are fully aware of the high importance of your documents and that any mistake may result in loss of time, opportunity or money, so we are committed to the highest standards of quality and accuracy when translating any documents as one of the leading translation agencies in Egypt.

Alsun provides certified translation services to embassies and government agencies in Egypt and the Middle East

  • A translation office accredited by the American Embassy.
  • A translation office accredited by the Canadian Embassy.
  • A translation office accredited by the British Embassy.
  • A translation office accredited by the Canadian Embassy.
  • A translation office accredited by the Australian Embassy.
  • A translation office accredited by the Dutch Embassy.
  • A translation office accredited by the Greek Embassy.
  • A translation office accredited by the French Embassy.
  • A translation office approved by the Thai Embassy.
  • A translation office accredited by the Spanish Embassy.
  • A translation office accredited by the German Embassy.
  • A translation office accredited by the Polish Embassy.

Alsun is a translation center accredited by all ministries, consulates, the Real Estate Publicity Department, Egyptian Foreign Ministry documentation offices, universities, and foreign authorities, and accredited by the UAE Ministry of Justice.

Certified Translation Office in Cairo

Alsun Certified Translation Office has a team of translators and linguists with more than 10 years of competence and experience in providing certified translation services. Each of our certified translators specializes in specific fields and has all the knowledge, experience and skills necessary to provide a smooth and accurate translation of all your documents. We are the best-accredited translation center, as we are always able to adhere to the specified delivery dates while ensuring the accuracy and quality of the translation, regardless of the size of the project. If you are looking for a certified translator office to translate any certified translation documents and submit them to any official or unofficial body, you can contact Alsun via email, call our numbers, or come to one of our offices.

مكتب ترجمة معتمدة بالقاهرة
فريق الترجمة لدى الألسن

Alsun Translation Team

Alsun has an elite group of the best cadres in the translation industry with extensive experience and superior capabilities to deal with most linguistic pairs professionally. We are keen on the accuracy of selecting translators and the diversity of their specializations, to provide our clients with comprehensive and integrated services. Whatever the field, you will find in Alsun more than one certified and specialized translator, who can translate your documents according to the highest quality standards.

Alsun translators are always aware of the latest news and directions in the translation industry and periodically undergo multiple tests, through which we ensure that they have a sufficient and increasing amount of experience, and we guarantee the provision of the best impeccable certified translation services.

With a single and capable team spirit, they can easily cooperate to carry out large tasks with high accuracy and appropriate speed without compromising the quality of translation, in which there is no room for compromise.

Our Approved Translation Policy

At Alsun, our approach is clear, leading us to constant distinction and uniqueness despite the large number of accredited translation offices that have become widespread. Every small detail in your project receives great attention from the translation team, seeking to meet all your needs with professionalism and accuracy.

Professionalism and confidentiality of all details and data of your project is an essential duty that cannot be neglected, and taking into account the highest quality standards does not mean a greater cost. From the beginning, we have been keen to provide all translation services at the most reasonable prices, especially with the large quantities that we carry out at greater discounts. To ensure that the translator fully understands all the details of the project, we assign projects only to specialists. Your legal document is translated by a specialized legal expert, and marketing projects are carried out by experienced translators specialized in the copywriting industry, and so on.

Because we always strive to establish long-term relationships with our clients that are not limited only to translation, we have been able to cover thousands of miles and serve our clients of various nationalities through our six headquarters spread throughout the Arab world, in addition to our approved and distinguished online translation services.

سياسة الترجمة المعتمدة لدينا
مكتب ترجمة معتمد لجميع الجهات

Translation Office Accredited by All Authorities

Alsun is the best-accredited translation office for all authorities, as we are distinguished by official international accreditation from all embassies, which qualifies us to provide translation services that are easily accepted by official and unofficial authorities.

Whether you have documents related to the Real Estate Publicity Department, need to apply for a travel visa, or even have academic documents such as master’s and doctoral dissertations, etc., we are always ready to serve you with the best possible quality.

We also provide accurate medical translation that suits the sensitivity of the medical field and seeks to provide integrated care for everyone, in addition to our superior capabilities in dealing with financial, legal, and governmental documents with complete confidentiality and utmost accuracy.

At Alsun, we are proud to have a group of the best translators of religious documents, who are always happy to help you spread the tolerant teachings of Islam to everyone!

AL-Alsun Branches

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Abu Dhabi 2018
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