Certified Translation by Chinese Embassy

Al-Alsun provides a translation certified by the Chinese Embassy in Cairo for all documents necessary to obtain a visa to travel to China.

A translation office certified by the Chinese Embassy in Cairo

Al-Alsun Translation Services has a wide reputation in the field of certified translation, as it is classified as one of the best centers that provide translation services certified by various embassies, especially the Chinese Embassy. Al-Alsun Translation Services provides its services through its branches in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and is keen to provide its services at the best prices and the highest standards of quality. Al-Alsun provides its services in the field of certified translation through a selection of translators and proofreaders. Al-Alsun Translation Services provided certified translation of various types of documents, contracts and visas.

English to Chinese translation services


Al-Alsun is keen to combine accuracy and high quality in certified translation through translators certified by the Chinese Embassy.


Al-Alsun has more than 15 years of experience in certified translation, which makes it highly experienced in this field.

Competitive Prices

Al-Alsun offers competitive prices for certified translation while maintaining the accuracy of the content and ensuring that the deadlines and the highest quality are adhered to.

Certified Translation company

Translators certified by the Chinese Embassy in Cairo

“Al-Alsun Translation Services” relies on a team of specialized translators with experience in all fields. The team of international translators accredited by the Chinese Embassy adheres to the conditions and standards of the Chinese Embassy in translating various documents and papers, and due to the experience possessed by translators and proofreaders at Al-Alsun Translation Services, they are qualified to provide the highest quality of certified translation services for all documents, immigration papers and travel visas.. Accordingly, Al-Alsun provides certified translation of the following documents that you need to obtain a travel visa  from the Chinese Embassy:

  • Passport and ID card.
  • Criminal Status Sheet.
  • Commercial Register and Tax Card.
  • Certificates, such as a Birth Certificate.
  • Bank statement of account.
  • A statement from the workplace showing the position and the monthly salary.
  • Formal contracts, such as marriage, divorce, property contracts, etc.

Al-Alsun also translates any additional documents into Chinese and can be received within 24-48 hours.

Conditions of translation certified by the Chinese Embassy

Al-Alsun for certified translation services is committed to all the standards and conditions of the Chinese Embassy in Cairo in translating documents and papers. The conditions for translation certified by the Chinese Embassy are:

  1. The accuracy of the translation and conformity with the original document.
  2. The signature of the translator or the certified translation office shall be affixed on the translated document.
  3. The data of the certified translator the certified translation office shall be mentioned for ease of contact with him.
  4. The document shall bear a certified translation stamp.
  5. The translation date shall be mentioned on the translated document.

Types of visas offered by the Chinese Embassy in Cairo

The documents required for certified translation vary according to the type of visa and the  purpose of the travel. Know with Al-Alsun for certified translation on the different types of visas:

  1. (X) visa: This visa is granted for the purposes of travel for study. This visa is valid for more than six months.
  2. (L) visa: This visa is granted for the purposes of tourism and to visit family and relatives.
  3. (Z) visa: This visa is granted for the purposes of work.
  4. (G) visa: a transit visa, this visa is granted for the purpose of traveling to a specific country through one of China’s airports.
  5. (D) visa: This visa is granted to individuals who will reside in China permanently.

What are the documents required to obtain a China visa?

There are many documents that shall be translated with a certified translation office including:

  • Passport.
  • Air ticket.
  • China visa application form.
  • A travel medical insurance policy.
  • Bank statement of account for the last six months.
  • A letter from the employer specifying the following:
    1. Job title.
    2. The date of commencement of work.
    3. Salary breakdown.
  • A cover letter stating the purpose of the trip and length of stay.

Al-Alsun provides translation certified by the Chinese Embassy for all the above-mentioned documents at competitive prices, while adhering to the dates agreed upon with clients.

Question and Answer

Is the translation provided by Al-Alsun certified by the Chinese Embassy in Cairo?

Al-Alsun Translation Services is considered one of the best translation offices accredited by the Chinese Embassy in Cairo, as it provides all certified translation services into the Chinese language for all specialties.

When can I receive translated documents?

Documents can be received within 24 hours as agreed with the client and with the highest quality standards.

How is the price of a certified translation calculated by Al-Alsun translation services?

The translation price depends on the word count and is calculated on the basis of every 200 words per page. The price per page depends on the language pair and document type.

What is the price for obtaining a China visa?

The fee for a visa valid for a month is about 1550 Egyptian pounds.

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