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Certified Translation Office in New Cairo accredited by all embassies, ministries and local and foreign bodies having experience of more than 10 years in Egyptian translation market

About Company

Al Alsun Translation Service is seeking to provide a full range of certified and specialized translation services that meet the needs of all customers in all their specialties and aspirations in order to promote the translation market in Egypt and the Middle East in general through its branch in Dubai (www.alsuntranslation.com). This is accomplished by a distinguished group of professional translators who have long experience in more than 50 languages around the world, as well as well trained and qualified project managers to manage translation projects with the highest quality and accuracy beyond our customers’ expectations.

We have gained this reputation as one of the largest certified translation companies in Cairo due to our commitment to quality standards, confidentiality and punctuality, which has led us to open our branches in Dubai, the UAE to be our window to the Gulf and Asia states.

We have succeeded in gaining the trust of our customers in Egypt and all over the world as a result of our compliance with the quality standards and professionalism in the field of translation and using the latest technologies and translation programs available in the market.

The following are the most important reasons making you choose our company:

Accuracy and reliability

We are fully aware of the importance of your documents and your work and that any error may result in loss of time, disruption of interest, and loss of money, so we adhere to the highest standards of quality and accuracy when translating any documents or projects without any complacency no matter what the pressures. To ensure this, our translation process consists of several stages (text evaluation, translation, review, quality assurance), which leaves no room for mistake and ensures the smoothness of translation accuracy at all times.

Speed and Flexibility

Thanks to our team of certified translation experts available at our headquarters in New Cairo, our customers who do not have plenty of time can send their files to us for translation and receive them in the same day as we understand the importance of the time factor of our customers . Our translators are ready to deliver more than 20 pages in the same day. The customer should send the file via the Internet and leave the matter to us.

Certified Translation Experts

We have a highly skilled and qualified translation team in Cairo who are always ready to provide accurate and high quality translation in most languages and disciplines. All translators have a university degree in translation and have years of experience in their field. Our team’s culture and experience in the certified translation field is the secret of our success and our fame as one of the leading translation companies certified in Cairo.

Management of professional projects

We have a professional team of project managers and coordinators who always strive to serve you and they are ready to receive your requests and feedback round the clock and respond to you in a few minutes with all flexibility and professionalism. The first goal of the project coordinators is to ensure the quality and accuracy of the translation projects and delivery of the same on time, which is the secret of our customers’ confidence in our company and the good relationship that brings us together as a certified translation company in New Cairo.

Reasonable Prices

Al Alsun Translation services is distinguished by its ability to combine between the accuracy and speed of translation and reasonable price thanks to our team of full-time translators at our headquarters in New Cairo. We provide all your translation needs with high quality and fast translation according to your budget and requirements. Our prices are accessible to all with low cost compared to the prices of other certified translation companies in Cairo. Our customer is the focus of our attention and we meet all his needs of quality, speed and reasonable price without any complacency or stress on our part.

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