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Certified Translation Office in Cairo

Alsun is a certified translation offices in Cairo and has a group of legal accredited translators from all embassies. contact us now.

Certified Translation Office in Cairo

Alsun Translation Services is one of certified translation offices in Cairo, First Settlement, and Nasr City, which offers a certified translation for all legal documents, such as contracts, records, documents of various lawsuits and certificates, such as certificates of marriage, divorce, and birth. Alsun Translation Services also provides certified medical translation for medical reports, research on diseases and medicine, medication leaflets, radiology reports, medical tests, and other medical texts, in addition to certified financial translation for companies’ balance sheets, feasibility studies, bank accounts and certified commercial translation for commercial register extracts, commercial contracts and agreements and other translation kinds.

Accuracy of Translation

We offer translation at the highest level of professionalism through a range of certified translation experts in Cairo.

Affordable Prices

In order to achieve satisfaction of our valued clients, we are keen to provide translation at an affordable price without exaggeration or compromising the quality of service.

Expeditious Completion

Our translators can deliver your project on the deadline whatever the size and format of the files to be translated.

As one of the certified translation offices in Egypt, Alsun Translation Services offers services of the highest possible quality to achieve client satisfaction on the services provided to them in terms of accuracy, speed, and flexibility to deal. Alsun Translation Services relies on a team of professional translators experienced in each area of certified translation areas in Cairo. All translation works are done based on the highest quality and accuracy standards.

The translation process starts with receiving the translation project from the client and assigning a certified professional translator who is a specialized translator in the field of the document to be translated. Following the completion of the translation, the text shall be reviewed and then the project shall be checked by the Quality Assurance Department, and the translated document will be certified and authenticated to be handed to the client on the agreed date. Our clients place their trust in Alsun Translation Services in Cairo after years of close cooperation in the field of translation.

Alsun Translation Services is one of the certified translation offices in Cairo, and our range of services covers many areas, including Nasr City, Heliopolis, First Settlement, Maadi, and other areas. Al-ALsun  offers translation certified by governmental and official bodies, including but not limited to embassies, ministries, universities, and institutions abroad, which require certified translation for various documents. Alsun Translation Services houses certified and authenticated translators, relying on them to carry out all the tasks and works of certified translation in Cairo, and the documents are stamped using the certified translation seal in order to be authenticated by the competent authority.

Certified Translation Offices in Cairo, their Importance and Role!

The certified translation is one of the most important types of translation on the grounds that such translation is required by governmental and non-governmental official bodies and organizations, such as embassies, universities and courts of different kinds and other bodies, which require certified translations for the papers submitted thereto, showing the date of the translation, affixing the certified translation seal to ensure quality and accuracy of translation, attaching thereto an acknowledgement of compliance with the original document and specifying the contact details of the certified office. As one of the certified offices in Cairo and Egypt, Alsun Translation Services offers certified translation services.

As Alsun Translation Services is one of the most important certified translation companies in Cairo, we offer translation certified by USA Embassy, the British Embassy, the Russian Embassy, the Chinese Embassy, the German Embassy, the Australian Embassy, and the Canadian Embassy. We ensure to provide our clients with certified translation meeting all terms of accreditation and accepted by all embassies.

Cerified Translation

Alsun Translation Services is certified by consulates, embassies, courts, ministries, and all governmental bodies inside and outside Egypt.

Legal Translation

If you are looking for a legal translator or translation office providing legal translation services of the highest accuracy and quality, Alsun Translation Services is your first choice.

Medical Translation

We have a group of medical translators having enough experience to formulate an accurate and smooth medical text with the highest degree of professionalism and accuracy.

Translation of Documents

Our clients depend on us in the translation of official documents for the purposes of travel or study relying on our long experience in this field.

Marketing Translation

We focus in translating marketing materials on conveying the message to the target audience, taking into account cultural preferences so as to ensure effective promotion.

Research Translation

Scientific research and books translation require extensive experience in this field, which requires translator having linguistic skills, cultural background and practical experience.

What does it mean to be a certified Translation Office in Cairo?

Certified translation is an accurate translation for a document stamped by a seal of certified translation office, attaching thereto the translator acknowledgement of compliance with the original document, specifying the date of the translation in addition to the signature of the translator or person in charge at the certified translation office, provided that the translation shall be printed on the official letterhead of the translation office, which is recognized as a translation office certified by embassies, consulates, real estate registration offices, and all governmental and non-governmental official bodies. It is worth mentioning that the certified translation is not limited to a particular field or official documents only, but there is certified medical translation for medical reports and texts, certified religious translation for Islamic books, certified financial translation for financial statements and papers, specialized legal translation for contracts and judgments and other countless areas.

What does it mean to be a certified Translation Office in Cairo?

Alsun Translation Services is distinguished from the other translation offices in Cairo with some features that make it a certified translation office in Cairo that deserves the confidence, as the most important among them are the following:

We focus on accuracy and quality

Our clients can rely on our team of certified translators, who provides certified translation services of high quality and accuracy.

We have practical experience

Alsun for Certified Translation Services in Egypt has extensive experience, spanning over many years, and a team of translators, reviewers and project managers having experience in the provision of certified translation services.

You can trust us

Being one of the largest and most important certified translation offices in Egypt, we care about the protection of our clients’ information and maintain the confidentiality of all documents and our translators are committed to our standards regarding the protection of confidential information and clients’ data.

We offer competitive prices

We offer high-quality translation at competitive prices. Get a free quote now!

We are committed to delivery dates

Alsun Translation Services in the First Settlement offers high-accuracy services, complying with delivery dates. We are available 24/7 to provide certified translation services to our clients.

Q & A

Why Alsun Translation Services?

Alsun Translation Services, which is certified translation office in First Settlement adopts high quality standards, achieving total client satisfaction on the service provided to them, and Alsun Translation Services is keen to comply with delivery deadlines and provide certified translation services in Cairo at competitive prices.

What is a certified translation?

Certified translation is a process performed by certified translators to ensure providing translation of documents accepted by various official bodies, the original document shall be attached to the translation and the document shall be signed by the certified translator or certified translation office in addition to affixing the certified translation seal on the translated document, specifying the date, and attaching thereto an acknowledgement of compliance with the original document.

Why do we need certified translation?

There is a demand for certified translation for the purposes of immigration, travel, study and work abroad, and also in cases of international commercial agreements and contracts and as a requirement of some bodies, such as embassies of different countries, universities and governmental institutions, which require certified translation into various languages, such as English, German, Russian, French and other languages.

How I know that the translation provided is a certified translation?

The translated document to be considered “certified” shall be stamped by the certified translation seal, signed by certified translator, attached to an acknowledgement of compliance with the original document, in addition to putting accreditation seal on the document.