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Certified Translation of Documents

Certified Translation of Documents is the translation required for official documents duly stamped with a true certified seal.

Certified Translation of Documents

Certified and Document Translation

Certified translation is one of the most requested forms of translation, especially when it comes to documents and translation of official documents. What is certified and documents translation? It is a type of translation services provided by companies bearing the same name as “Certified Translation Offices”, which is specialized in translating official documents, seals and documents so that they are true to the original document, in addition to sealing them with the official seals authenticated by the translation authority and the government entity to be submitted to the required authority.

The certified translation is done with a high degree of accuracy, diligence and revision of each word, seal and document as well.

Sworn Translation for Embassies

We deal with all embassies to Cairo and have considerable experience translating travel and visa-required documents.

Sworn Translation by Foreign Entities

We are a certified translation office with foreign universities, UAE’s Ministry of Justice, and other foreign authentication entities.

Sworn Translation for Notary

We provide legal documents translation service to be used with the Notary Offices to complete transactions.

Authorities that require Certified Translation of Documents

Indeed, many authorities require the translation of official documents by the certified translation offices in Cairo, including:

  • Embassies and governmental authorities like the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Foreign universities and schools.
  • Notary offices.
  • Courts and arbitration tribunals.
  • Official entities which process official documents and papers.
Authorities that require Certified Translation of Documents

Therefore, the importance of certified translation appears in the accuracy and precision required for translating such documents. This highlights the need to seek reliable certified translation offices. Governmental entities almost deal with certain translation offices in Egypt for they trust their translation, including ALSUN TRANSLATION SERVICES.

Certainly, document translation services are important for those who intend to travel abroad for study, work or immigration. Accordingly, after they get their official documents translated, they approach the concerned entity such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the concerned embassy to submit his/her application. Official authority may require you to legalize your documents with the notary public as well.

What are the procedures that require certified translation?

Here are some of the entities that request the official translation of documents and certificates from a certified translation office to complete their transactions based on our experience in dealing with such documents for many years.

  • Embassies and Consulates.
  • Passport Offices.
  • Ministry of Tourism.
  • Visa Corporates.
  • Real Estate Registration Offices.
  • Private Universities.
  • Chamber of commerce and Industry.
  •  Investment Authority.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Ministry of Justice.
  • Notarization Offices.
  • Ministry of Higher Education.

The Importance of Certified Translation Offices

To obtain certified/sworn translation and to translate official documents with a true certified seal affixed thereon, you need a reputable and well-known translation office in the area of official document translation. Therefore, official entities almost nominate certified translation offices to ensure that the documents are free from errors, recklessness, or delay which wastes both time and effort.

  1. ATS is a pioneer certified translation office in Egypt that is always keen to provide sworn translation offices of different official documents in all required languages at affordable prices, taking into consideration the accuracy professionalism, and expedite translation.
  2. Certified translation offices always differ from uncertified translation offices in terms of the official seal of the translation office for all official documents to certify their translation and declare its conformity to the original document, besides the date of the translation, which shall be consistent with the date of submitting them to the competent authority.
  3. Certified translation offices are further characterized by their legal character and authenticity by the official authorities. In many cases, the stamp of the translation office is deemed as the seal of the document translation quality, and it is approved by the official authorities.
  4. The non-certified translation doesn’t require all of the aforementioned seals, signatures, and legal authentication.

Finally, the certified translation of documents includes mainly the translation of Birth Certificates and official documents, such as Registration Certificates, Military Recruitment Certificates, Marriage, Divorce, and Death Certificates, in addition to business records, legal and literary documents, patents, and other significant and official documents. Have you ever contacted a certified translation center? Share with us your experience.

Can my files be translated on the same day?

Yes, our translators can complete your files’ translation on the same day, providing you with a fully accurate translation and revision. If your file exceeds 10 pages, we may assign its translation to two translators to complete it on the same day.

Can I pay by credit card or e-payment?

We have a payment machine for MasterCard or Visa cards in the office and a PayPal account that you can transfer on it with a click of a button. You can also transfer the translation fees into any of our accounts in various banks.

Do you have any branches in Egypt?

We have a branch in Fifth Settlement, at 90th Street, and a branch in Nasr City at Al-Nasr Road, and we will open the Sheikh Zayed branch on the 6th of October City soon, ISA, in addition to our branches abroad.

How can I contact the translator?

Each branch has a specific number, which you can call anytime during the day.

  • Nasr City Branch: 01097338844
  • Maadi Branch: 01067501031
  • 5th Settlement Branch: 01064555522.