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ATS has a wide experience in providing interpretation services in a large number of language pairs in cooperation with the most professional interpreters


Interpretation services

ATS has a wide experience in providing simultaneous interpretation services in a large number of language pairs in cooperation with the most professional and experienced interpreters in this field. Simultaneous interpretation is the second oldest profession known to human being, and it is mainly based on producing a preliminary and final interpretation after listening to a text in the source language.

Whispering Interpretation

In this type of interpretation, the speaker keeps speaking while the translator interprets the speech in a whisper, and the interpreter listens to his voice and the speaker’s voice at the same time.

Simultaneous Interpretation

It is the interpretation where the interpreter sits in a soundproofed booth equipped with a microphone and listens to the speech by using special headphones. While the interpreter listens to the speech, he interprets the same into the target language at the same time.

Associate Interpretation

This type of interpretation is usually done in conferences where there is a large number of people with different nationalities and each of them speaks his own language.

Therefore, the presence of all speakers together in the same place is one of the basics of such type of interpretation. In addition, interpretation also involves understanding and transferring ideas and information from a certain language to another one by means of discourse mechanisms. So, the interpreter pays a special attention to spoken speech and communication skills, which means that the primary task of the interpreter is to overcome linguistic barriers and obstacles between two different cultures.

There are several events that require interpretation services, including:

  • The international conferences.
  • The international exhibits.
  • International celebrations.
  • The international scientific seminars.
  • The conferences held by telephone or software.
  • Commercial treaties.

This type of interpretation is suitable for the small meetings, such as: the administrative meetings, court arrangements or even teachers’ meetings with parents. Our staff of interpreters in Cairo has witnessed a large number of such meetings over the past years.

Provides interpretation services in Cairo for more than hundred languages. The adopted mechanism of interpretation is that the speaker stops speaking from time to time, usually from one to five minutes, so that the interpreter can transfer the delivered speech into the required target language. interpreting Services in Dubai Call us 7/24

The most important qualities that the interpreter must enjoy.

  1. Cultural awareness.
  2. Good concentration, high tactfulness and good listening.
  3. Accuracy in conveying the difficult details and points.
  4. Fluency in different languages.
  5. Mastering the technical expressions.
  6. Good knowledge of various terms, such as (legal, medical, and etc.).

What are the tools that the interpreter needs in conferences?

Simultaneous interpretation tools are used at events to help the interpreter translator to deliver the message to the audience in more effective and clearer manner, and these tools include:

  • Screens.
  • Headphones.
  • Microphones
  • Recording devices.
  • Public sound system.

Q & A

How to communicate with you?

We have 6 branches of interpreting companies: New Cairo branch in the Fifth Settlement, Heliopolis branch, Maadi branch, Nasr City branch in Sa’a Square, Dubai branch in Sheikh Zayed Street and Abu Dhabi branch in Khalifa Street.

What is the difference between simultaneous interpretation and consecutive interpretation?

Simultaneous interpretation is a direct and simultaneous interpretation provided by the interpreter without interruption or interference, while the consecutive interpretation is interrupted interpretation taken from a speaker where the interpreter starts interpretation when the speaker finishes part of his speech.

What are the available payment methods?

We provide methods for paying the fees of interpretation services: 

  • Payment through bank transfer
  • Payment through Vodafone Cash
  • Payment in cash at one of our branches.
How to book an appointment for interpretation?

Contact us via communication means, whether by phone, e-mail or attendance, for asking about professional interpreting services and we will advise you of all details.

Do you provide written translation services?

Yes, ATS provides certified interpretation and translation services. Contact us for more details.

Do we provide samples for free?

Yes, we can interpret a sample of not more than 200 words for free to ensure the quality of our interpretation and our good management of translation projects.