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interpretation in Cairo

Alsun translation services in Cairo provide high quality and affordable interpreting services of most language pairs through a team of certified interpreters. Often referred to as the second oldest profession in the world, Interpreting is a translational activity in which one produces a first and final translation on the basis of a one-time exposure to an expression in a source languageand it occurs in real time (in person).

Simply, Interpreting is rendering information and ideas from one language into another language by means of speaking. Interpreters are concerned with the spoken words and verbal communication. In other words, interpreters help people overcome languages barriers, and serve as a bridge in intercultural communication. Below, we will discuss the different types and modes of interpretationall of which can be provided by our interpreters in Cairo.

Consecutive Interpretation

Alsun offers consecutive interpretation services in Cairo in over 100 languages. Consecutive interpretation takes place when the speaker pauses from time to time, typically every one to five minutes, to allow the interpreter to render what was said into the target language. It is generally suitable for small meeting spaces; for example, managerial meetings, court dispositions or even parent-teacher meetings.Our team of native consecutive interpreters in Cairo has provided many years of quality service and has demonstrated a high level of professionalism.


The interpreters are housed in a soundproof booth with a direct feed from the speaker’s microphone.They listen to the spoken content through headphones, and speak the translated words into a microphone. Simultaneous interpreters have to be exceptionally good listeners with ahigh degree of cultural awareness. Our interpreters in Cairo are constantly being trained to ensureauthenticity, logic and accuracy of the contents.


The speaker keeps speaking while the interpreter follows it in a whispering voice. Because the interpreter simultaneously hears both his/her own voice and the speaker, accuracy tends to suffer, especially when the acoustics are poor. This is a great mode of interpreting natural speech when the atmosphere is relaxed and accuracy of numbers and facts is of less importance.يnsure  eters in cairo ve

Court Interpreting

One of the essential elements of a fair trial is the legal presence of the accused during the trial; including the linguistic presence.Interpreters who work with law shall be highlytrained and experienced, since court procedures are formal and the language is specialized. In a trial, any evidence is interpreted consecutively, but debates between attorneys and judge’s instructions are to be conveyed to the witness by either whispering verbatim or summarizing.

Technical Interpreting

Interpreters are often called for in meetings of experts of a specific field such as medicine, IT, or mechanical engineering. Any materials provided prior to the meeting should be taken by the consideration of the interpreter in order to master the technical expression and being able touse the proper terms.

Business Interpreting

Our interpreters in Cairoare equipped with a perfect understanding of the economy and business practices as well as cross-cultural communication in order to be successful facilitators of business.

Our team of native and certified interprets inAlsun Translation services are ideally positioned to collaborate with their clients in Cairo and demonstrate that they can provide solutions rather than representing a problem in the communication flow.

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