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Al Alsun Translation Services Company is one of the most prestigious translation offices accredited by the Italian Embassy and many other embassies. Our company is also accredited by different governmental and international entities. Over the past 15 year,

Al Alsun provided accredited translation services from and to Italian Language in all legal, medical, scientific, economic, marketing, and technological fields. Al Alsun have a special department for English Language comprising a specialized team of accredited translators, reviewers, proofreaders, and interpreters in the different fields of translation. Moreover, the Department of Italian language provides all respective language services starting from translation, editing, proofreading, to localization and interpretation.

Since that Al Alsun is a translation office accredited by the Italian Embassy, its customers need to obtain certified and accredited translation from and to Italian with the highest quality is getting growing day by day. The certified translation services provided to the Italian Embassy vary according to the documents submitted and their purposes. Travelling to Italy whether for tourism, study, work, or even for residence, requires several things, including initial reservations, health insurance document, a letter from the local sponsor, bank account statements, salary breakdown for the last six months, statement of professional status, origin of the social insurance extract, and the employment contract. Our team has executed various translations of the aforementioned files for many customers whose needs vary according to the purpose of traveling. Our certified translations have been recognized and accepted by the Italian Embassy, governmental, and international bodies.

Certified Translator by the Italian Embassy

Al Alsun team for certificated translation services provided to the Italian Embassy is the center of the company’s strength and distinguished it from other translation offices that provide certified and accredited translations services from and to Italian. Al Alsun is keen to select its team members according to the criteria set by the translator certified by the Italian Embassy. In addition, Al Alsun also subjects its team of translators accredited by the Italian Embassy to a set of periodic tests to ensure their competence and to keep them updated with the latest developments in the translation field. All translation operations are divided into a set of stages, supervised by a team of linguists, reviewers and proofreaders before being approved and submitted to the client.

Certified Translation to the Italian Embassy. The certified translation is usually accompanied by an acknowledgment from the translation stating the translation correctness and that it is identical to the original document to ensure that it conveys the content of the original text without prejudice to the legal and semantic effects. This acknowledgment bears the signature of the certified translator and the seal of the certified translation office for which the translator works. The certified translation is your first step to grant your documents legal character and accreditation for acceptance by the Italian Embassy.

We are enjoying long history of providing certified translation services of legal documents submitted to the Italian Embassy such as court papers, witness statements, birth certificates, marriage contracts, driver’s licenses, various types of contracts, commercial records papers, budgets, bank letters, etc. Our team of experts and reviewers ensures that your translated documents comply with the translation requirements approved by the Italian Embassy.

Importance of Italian Language in Egypt

With the emergence of the modern state in Egypt at the hands of Muhammad Ali Pasha, many scientific missions were sent to Italy. This entailed an interest in translation as it was the first means of transferring modern European knowledge at that time to Egypt. If we go back in history to the medieval era, we will find Arabic sciences such as the science of the body, medicine and engineering, and the books of Al-Razi and Sheikh Al-Rais are translated into Latin in Italy and then transferred to the rest of Europe.

Italian is the fourth or fifth most widely taught foreign language in the world. Italy is the ninth largest economy in the world, and it is also the most important trading partner of Egypt in the European Union. Italy’s net investments in Egypt are estimated at $2.6 billion, focused on the transport sector, banking services and some other sectors.