Certified translation office recognized by British Embassy in Cairo

Alsun for translation services is a well-established company with branches all over the Arab world. During the past 15 years the company has contributed in supporting and developing the projects of its clients. Alsun has successfully met the varying needs of different customers and also exceeding their expectations, which led to an increase in customer loyalty and an increase in customer base of governmental bodies, big companies, NGO’s and individuals. The British embassy in Cairo is considered one of our exceptional clients; our team of professional and experienced translators has a vivid knowledge of all documents presented to the British embassy in Cairo like the birth certificate, graduation certificate, articles of associations, powers of attorneys, certificate of police record, marriage contract and more. Alsun is proudly one of the certified and recognized translation offices by the British embassy in Cairo. Alsun provides the highest quality of all kinds of linguistic services like translation, editing, proofreading, interpreting and localization. Alsun team of experts ensures the consistency of each translation with the requirements of the British embassy in Cairo.

Certified Translators recognized by the British embassy in Cairo

Alsun For translation services has set the highest standards during the process of selecting the members of each team in different fields. Our team of international and certified translators is recognized by the British embassy and many other embassies, and governmental bodies. Our translators are experts of the linguistic aspects and technical aspects of different fields like medical translation, legal translation, scientific translation, academic translation, economic translation and more. Our   seasoned and experienced translators and editors have an extensive knowledge of the best suited styles and terminologies in the target language. Our team draws a specified plan for each stage in the translation process in order to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. Our translations have been accepted and recognized by the official entities like Real Estate Publicity Department, general authority for investment and free zones, Ministry of justice and before the courts. Our team has proven their competence in facing wide variety of linguistic and cultural challenges through the (Arabic- English) translating process.

     Why the Alsun Translation Services is your ideal choice in the realm of certified translation?

Every translating process is divided into numbers of stages; the whole process is monitored and revised by our linguistic experts. Each translation is revised many times before it handled to the customer. Our projects are delivered on time with customized budget and plan for each customer.