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Translation office certified by Chinese Embassy

Alsun Translation Services is a certified translation office accredited by Chinese Embassy in Cairo and has highly qualified and experienced Chinese translators

Chinese Translation in Cairo

As a leading certified Chinese Translation Office in Cairo, we have a dedicated team of professional Chinese translators to most other languages including, Chinese to Arabic, Chinese to English, Chinese to French and other language pairs. As Chinese languageis the most widespread and commonly used languages in the world, the demand of our customers for certified Chinese translation for the purposes of ratification, visa and travel is increasing. Therefore, we had to increase the number of certified Chinese translators who have the deep expertise and linguistic and cultural potentials to give our clients quality and quick Chinese translation in Cairo. The reliability, quality and speed of our Chinese translation isthe result of years of deep-rooted experience and permanent adherence to highest standards of translation industry. We translate all types of documents, certificates, contracts, profiles, business correspondences, marketing materials, websites…etc.

On-spot Chinese interpreters in Cairo

We provide high-quality Chinese interpreting services for business conferences, meetings, and interviews and for anybody or agency that needs to communicate with a foreigner. Our highly professional Chinese interpreters are ready to provide you with reliable cost-effective services; well-dressed, well-mannered, cultured, sociable and fluent to act as your representative.

Certified Chinese Translation in Cairo

The need to certified translation from Arabic to Chinese and Chinese to Arabic has recently increased as the Chinese embassy in Cairo and Egyptian ministries, courts, notaries or other organizations require the translation of documents submitted thereto to be legally translated by a Chinese translation office certified by Chinese Embassy in Cairo. Alsun Translation Services is a certified Chinese translation office that provides quick and accurate Chinese translation of all documents to help its clients finish their transactions with highest ease and flexibility before all governmental and non-governmental authorities

We are available to reply to any inquires you may have about the attestation procedures of Chinese document…get quick advice from our team now!

Attestation of Chinese Documents

The documents issued inArab Republic of Egypt must be stamped and attested by Competent Authority of the entity issuing such documents. Next, the document must be authenticated by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs through itsAttestation Offices, and then sent to a certified Chinese translation office in Cairo for translation. Later, the attested documents with the translation thereof must be submitted to the Chinese Embassy in Cairo to be ready for use in China.

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