Translation Office Certified from French Embassy

Alsun Translation Services is a certified translation office accredited by French Embassy in Cairo and provides quick and affordable translation of all your documents.

Translation Office certified by French Embassy
As a certified translation office certified by the French Embassy, we provide our clients with certified translation of all documents in all legal, commercial or financial fields with maximum quality, accuracy and professional. If you want to have professional translation certified by the French Embassy for any Arabic document and vice versa, you have to send the filed via the internet and we will handle it for you.

We have certified translators for French who have more than eight years of experience in translating all official documents for embassies, government bodies and foreign entities such as university certificates, experience certificates, graduation certificates, forms, power of attorney, letters, statements, visa papers, tax cards, commercial registries, declarations, IDs, marriage contracts, memorandum of understanding, employment contracts, minutes, resolutions, commercial agreements, birth certificates, titles, promissory notes, articles of association, letters of intent, passports, clearances, criminal records and all other documents. All translators have university degree in French language and some of them have economic, literary and legal writings in French.

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