Russian Embassy

Certified translation office recognized by Russian Embassy in Cairo

Alsun Translation Services is one of the most important certified and recognized offices by the Russian embassy in Cairo. It has been providing translation services from/into Russian in a variety of fields like medical translation, legal translation, economic translation, scientific translation and all types of interpreting services over the past 15 years. We provide certified translation services for a wide variety of customers such as big companies, NGO’s, public sector and   individuals. Every translating process is divided into numbers of stages; the whole process is monitored and revised by our linguistic experts. Each translation is revised many times before it handled to the customer. Our projects are delivered on time with customized budget and plan for each customer.  We are you ideal choice in translating the legal documents presented to the Russian embassy like court documents, witness statements, birth certificates, marriage certificates, driving licenses and other contracts. We ensure the consistency of each translation with the requirements of the Russian embassy in Cairo. At Alsun translation Services, we utilize CAT tools method when needed. These CAT tools are used in the translating process in order to deliver the highest quality of translation as well as consistent terminology throughout each project.

Certified translators Recognized by Russian embassy in Cairo

When it comes to our team of experienced and certified translators in Alsun Translation Services, we guarantee their awareness of the linguistic, cultural and legal aspects in Egypt and Russia systems. We help you get the official or certified translations you require for all types of document, official documents, commercial agreements, university certificates, commercial registries, or marriage contracts. In order to legalize and get verification of your documents before presenting them to the embassy, they must be translated by a sworn translator. Our sworn and certified translators have provided recognized and accepted (Russian-Arabic) translations in a wide variety of fields over the past years. Their translation have been accepted and recognized by the official entities like Real Estate Publicity Department, general authority for investment and free zones, Ministry of justice and before the courts. Our team has proven their competence in facing wide variety of linguistic and cultural challenges through the (Arabic- Russian) translating process.

Why the Alsun Translation Services is your ideal choice in the realm of certified translation?

  • Expeditious Completion: Our translators can deliver your project on the deadline whatever the size and format of the files to be translated.
  • Superior Quality: Professional and competent editors thoroughly check every translation work to achieve the highest quality possible.
  • Competitive Rates: Our rates are the most affordable among translation agencies worldwide.

A glimpse at the history of Egypt-Russia relations

The diplomatic ties between Egypt and Russia have an extended history, dating back to before the 16th century. Both countries share a long history of economic, political, cultural and humanitarian relations. The significance of Egypt to Russia is defined by Egypt pivotal and leading role in the Middle East, Africa and the vast Islamic world on the political, economic and cultural aspects. In the second half of the 1990s, bilateral agreements started to be renewed, contributing to the expansion of trade. Furthermore, by the early 2000s, the international and regional agenda had become a central part of the international contacts between the two countries.