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Translation Offices in Egypt

Alsun is a Certified translation offices by the US Embassy in Egypt that provides certified translation for all your documents.

Translation Offices in Egypt

Certified translation offices in Egypt by the US Embassy

Alsun Translation Services (ATS) is a certified translation offices by the US Embassy. We provide certified translation services for individuals, companies, NGO’s, and public sector, ensuring the top quality and accuracy of translating various types of legal documents, such as judicial exhibits, witness statements, birth certificates, marriage contracts, driving licenses and various types of contracts, as any simple mistake in the translation of any legal document can cause considerable legal complications and issues. ATS provides certified translation for all documents submitted for obtaining a US visa and all immigration documents.

Top Experience and Accuracy

ATS enjoy over 15 years of experience in the accurate certified translation of all types of documents 

Multiple Payment Options

We offer multiple payment options to suit all our clients, including cash payment, bank transfer or by checks.

Affordable Ways to Send Files

You can easily send and receive your files, in the most appropriate way including the email.

Certified translation offices by the US Embassy in Cairo 

ATS’s certified translation offices by the US Embassy are highly experienced, enjoy a solid cultural and legal background, and fully acquainted with the Egyptian and US legal systems. They are highly qualified to cooperate with our clients in Cairo to offer the highest quality of certified translation services for all immigration documents and papers and US visas, which include:

  • A certified translation for certificates, e.g., birth certificates.
  • A certified translation for marriage and divorce contracts.
  • certified translation for university certificates.
  • A certified translation for commercial register.
  • A certified translation for tax cards.
  • certified translation for criminal records.
  • A certified translation for death certificates.
  • A certified translation for passports and ID cards.
  • All official contracts, such as Sale and Purchase Contracts… etc.
ترجمة معتمدة من السفارة الأمريكية

Conditions of the certified translation by the US Embassy

ATS complies with all conditions to be satisfied in the translated papers and documents, including:


The translation shall be in conformity to the original document.

The acknowledgment of conformity to the original documents is attached.

The signature of the certified translator or translation office is established on the translated document.


A certified translation stamp is established on the document along with the translation date.

the contact details with the certified translator is attached.

ATS, for certified translation by the US Embassy, ensures the accuracy and quality of the translation documents and delivery on time, regardless of your document size and complexity.

What are the documents required to obtain a US visa?

ATS, for certified translation office from Arabic to English by the US Embassy in Cairo, will help you define the required documents to obtain a US visa:

  • A copy of US visa application form (DS-160)
  • Receipt of payment of the consular fee in the account of the US Embassy to issue a US visa for Egyptians
  • A valid passport for at least 6 months
  • A bank statement for the applicant’s bank transactions for the last six months
  • A letter from the employer includes the following information:
  1. Position.
  2. Company name.
  3. Term of Employment in the company.
  4. Salary.
  • Tax and commercial registers for businessmen.
  • Documents that establish that you will come back to Egypt, including property and purchase contracts, etc.

ATS offers you certified translation by the US Embassy for all of the foregoing documents at competitive prices and in full compliance with the agreed deadlines with our clients.

What are the types of US visa?
  1. Work visa
  2. Tourist
  3. family visit
  4. medical treatment visa.
How to calculate the certified translation rate?

The translation rate varies as per the language pair, number of words, file format, deadline, and file size. The rate ranges from EGP 100 to 200/ page of 200 words.

Why Alsun Translation Services is your ideal choice in the realm of certified translation?

Expeditious Completion: Our translators can deliver your project on the deadline, regardless of your file’s size and complexity. / Superior Quality: Professional and competent editors thoroughly check every translation job to achieve the top quality. / Competitive Rates: Our rates are the most affordable among translation agencies worldwide.

How to deliver and receive the translation files?

We can exchange the translation files with our clients via multiple channels that will certainly ensure their convenience, including: To attend personally to one of our offices in 5th Settlement of Nasr City. / Via email, WhatsApp, or our website.

What are the types of US visa?.

1. Work visa. 2. Tourist, family visit or medical treatment visa.