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Birth Certificate Translation

Birth certificates usually have a special significance and require certified and accurate translation…. Why is it so important? Why the birth certificate translation is required for so many procedures? How could you choose a reliable Legal Translation Office? All of such questions are certainly in your mind, and we are going to provide sufficient answers in this article to help you complete your procedures perfectly!

Background of the birth certificate translation

The birth certificate is an official document issued by the competent authorities in the state for each newborn immediately after his/her birth. It includes the newborn’s significant personal information, such as: name and surname, date and time of birth, gender, etc., as it is his/her identity card that secures the child’s social, educational and health rights until he/she reaches the age of full capacity to obtain his/her own ID card.

Birth certificate translation is a necessary process that involves translating the language with which the certificate is drafted into another language while keeping its content and the accuracy of its data without changing its established facts, in order to avoid any legal consequences.

Due to the critical nature of this process, the birth certificate requires a recognized and reliable translation office in Egypt with professional and accurate translators who adopt the recognized international standards.

Birth Certificate Translation
Birth Certificate Translation

Birth certificate translation is a basic step for multiple purposes

Many official processes require a translated copy of the birth certificate, including for example:

Completing Educational Qualification in a Foreign Country

In order to cross the boarders and quote unique knowledge from a foreign country, you usually need to translate your personal Identity documents, including your birth certificate, that shall be translated accurately.

Prestigious Job Opportunities Abroad

Birth certificate translation is critical for achieving your ambition and occupy a prestigious job in a foreign country.

Obtaining a Driving License Abroad

In order to freely wander around the world, you shall obtain an official driving license, which requires a translation of your birth certificate and certain other documents.

Obtaining Full Social Rights

Many foreign countries – such as US – require the birth certificate translation, as a document that prove the individual’s social rights in order to pursue such rights fully and easily.

Getting Married to a Foreigner

To start your marital happiness in a foreign country, you shall hire a reliable translation office to translate your documents, including your birth certificate, so that you can complete your marriage procedures freely.

Immigration and Residence in a Foreign Country

Regardless of the type and duration of visa you strive to obtain, the birth certificate is one of the most significant immigration documents that you shall translate accurately and professionally to complete your travel procedures.

Birth Certificate Translation

Translate Your Birth Certificate with Alsun Faster and with the Best Quality

Speed, proficiency, affordability, and abundance of specialists are among the most prominent features that highlight Alsun as the best translation office recognized by all embassies in the Arab countries.

Alsun guarantee for you the best birth certificate translation service as quickly as possible, without compromising the quality of the provided service.

Moreover, we are keen to provide our services at affordable prices that suit the budget of all of our clients, while providing cooperative customer service, who response quickly and in details to all of our clients’ inquiries, for a memorable experience.

The proper transmission of birth certificate data during the translation process requires special care by a group of experienced and skilled translators, so that they can consider all the conditions and requirements of the certified and official translation of this document. You will find all of such requirements and more in Alsun through its team of the best and most skilled veteran translators.

Translating a birth certificate in Alsun is not just transferring data from a certain language to another. Our translators have the complete elements of excellence, such as:

  • A reasonable linguistic vocabulary that enables them to process your documents quickly and proficiently.
  • A perfect ability to manage time, in order to deliver our services on time, or even before the deadline.
  • Ultimate neutrality and transparency, to ensure the confidentiality of your information and privacy to the maximum possible point.
  • Inclusive legal experience in various legal branches, as our specialists are aware of the nature of birth certificates and able to translate them accurately, preserving their data and original form.

Birth Certificate Translation Online: Ensuring the Translation Quality and Accuracy

You can get a certified and reliable translation service while resting in your home, as you don’t have to attend personally to the translation office, which feature has appeared along with Alsun’s start up more than 12 years ago.

Unlike many translation offices, Alsun provides online translation services that fulfills all standards of accuracy, professionalism, and excellence. Our online services are reliable, as you can ensure that your confidential data are maintained, while having professional and distinctive services. Order now and guarantee comfort and accuracy.

Certified Translation for Your Birth Certificate for Affordable Price

Many people assume the birth certificate translation personally or via machine translation to save the translation costs, but this process will actually cost more amounts and damage!

Translating a birth certificate, as previously stated, is a critical process that require experienced and skilled translators, as each single error therein may have serious legal consequences, such as forgery in official documents and similar charges.

In this regard, Alsun provides an ideal solution for those looking for affordable prices. All of our services – including the price of translating a birth certificate – are provided for reasonable prices that cannot be matched compared to our proficiency and strict observance of quality standards. Whenever you want your birth certificate translated, contact Alsun and forget the cost worries!


Finally, I would like to remind you that we are ready to translate your birth certificates, in addition to all of your documents required to be translated on time while maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and quality, for affordable prices that suit your budget and meet your need for translation ultimately. Don’t hesitate to contact us any time, as your service is our ultimate target!]


What are the most popular services that require a birth certificate translation?

A birth certificate translation is necessary for several services, including: obtaining foreign passports | Immigration documents | Issuance of entry visas | Applications for enrollment in foreign universities and schools | Certain legal procedures | Marriage procedures in embassies.

How does birth certificate translation differ from other translation services?

Birth certificate translation is a critical service, as it involves personal data that shall not be disclosed to the public. Therefore, at Alsun, we apply the most stringent protection protocols to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of our clients’ information.

Can I translate my birth certificate?

The birth certificate contains personal data you certainly know, but this is not enough to do the translation yourself, as this process requires significant linguistic and legal experience to deliver high quality translation that ensures that the translated certificate be admitted by the official authorities.

How many languages can Alsun translate?

Alsun can translate your certificate into more than 50 languages through over 200 specialized and certified translators. Whatever your language pair, contact us, and we will fulfill your request with incomparable efficiency and excellence