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Certified and Reliable Medical Translation

Certified and Reliable Medical Translation

Certified medical translation is the translation of various documents and records related to medical care from one language into another. During the medical translation process, it is necessary to ensure the absence of likelihood of any simple mistake. For the same reason, almost medical translation jobs are assigned to people that hold specialized certificates in medical translation. The following section covers medical translation and its types.

Certified Medical Translation

Medical translation services require deep experience, so it is better to deal with an office that provides medical translation services and is specialized in medical translation if you desire to translate medical documents, reports, or specialized papers. Medical translation is significant as follows:  

  • Medical translation is significant for being pertinent directly to the lives of patients and the translated document holders. Alternating a single letter or number in such filed of translation is likely to result in several problems that may negatively impact the patient’s life.
  • The Medical translation gives people not speaking the language of the medical documents an opportunity to make use of the medical content provided to them.
  • Medical translation helps unify medical views by unifying resources from which people and specialists obtain information, though speaking various languages.

Medical translation helps reduce mistakes in transferring and describing medical information. Unlike any other field of translation, changing a single piece of information is enough to end a person’s life due to a wrong diagnosis for medical cases depending on wrongly-translated information.

Significance of Translating Medical Terms of Scans and Tests

Among significant fields of medical translation is the translation of terminologies of scans and tests. The significance of translating medical terminologies of scans and tests stems from the importance of the field itself.

  • Translating medical terminologies of scans and tests enables a healthcare provider to communicate with patients. Moreover, it enables a provider also knows all such duties they should perform regarding following up with the patient till their recovery.
  • If the patient and doctor speak different languages, translating medical terminologies of scans and tests can enable both of them to effectively communicate and come up with the best way to recover. 
Medical Report Translation

Medical Report Translation

Translation of medical reports should not only be accurate and free-error translation but also certified, reliable and affixed always with a seal. It plays a significant and critical role in translating the diagnosis of the patient’s case. Furthermore, it is important for the following:

  • A medical report is a document describing the current case of the patient, the disease they suffer, and its type. Such a report is issued by a specialist doctor and is approved by many legal authorities.
  • A medical report is treated exactly as a formal paper. After being issued, the patient’s case and their need for monetary compensation till their recovery are described.
  • A medical report translation is sought on issuing a judgment on a person in charge such as forensic reports.
  • A medical report issued by a specialist doctor is a reason for workers’ absence in many institutions, so the leave is not deducted from the salary.
  • medical report is important on claiming a monetary compensation on having accidents.

Medical Interpretation

Medical interpretation is one of the most important and required types of translation in the world. This field is significant, particularly in areas of multi-national hospitals, medical conferences, and performing surgery abroad. Usually, a doctor needs an interpreter to translate from and into the source and target languages to communicate with a patient fast and effectively. 

Areas that need medical interpretation are classified as follows:

  • Medical conferences or forums interpretation;
  • Providing interpretation for an attendant during medical issues, on signing the medical examination in clinics and hospitals, or performing surgeries so that patients and healthcare providers can communicate easily;
  • Hospitals or doctors who have private clinics in multi-national communities can need to a professional medical interpreter, which is imperative to save lives and prescribed by law in many countries.
Prerequisite Skills for a Professional Medical Translator

Prerequisite Skills for a Professional Medical Translator

f you desire to be specialized in medical translation and to be a professional medical translator, you must, besides study and specialization, acquire the following skills:

Free-Error Translated Texts

One of such requirements that a medical translator must met is the absence of any error in all translated texts. There are many error categories, such as spelling and syntactic errors. However, the most significant errors are scientific ones. The latter can occur due to the wrong translation of a vocabulary that may result in incorrect knowledge and misinterpretation of medical translated texts.  

Desire of Ongoing Knowledge and Improvement

It is better for the medical translator’s career to cope with that of the doctor. Therefore, they should always read all what is pertinent to this field such as medical magazines, relevant websites, and website of various medical magazines. All such resources aim to widen the knowledge of structures and terminologies as much as possible.


we provided you with much important information about certified and reliable medical translation, the translation of terminologies of scans and tests, and such skills that a medical translator should obtain. Here are the most important tips to be specialized in the medical field. For more inquiries, feel free to contact us.