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Certified Translation Center for Graduate Certificates and Master’s Degrees

Certified Translation Center for Graduate Certificates and Master's Degrees

Various persons are currently looking for a certified translation center to translate their graduation documents so that they can travel abroad and find job opportunities. If you want to translate your graduation documents or Master’s papers into many languages to get a job or to achieve various purposes, we will let you know the best certified translation centers that you can use to translate your graduation papers in the best manner.

Certified Translation Center

Dear reader, you must know very well that there are a lot of centers specialized in translating graduation and Master’s degrees, but all of them may not provide you with the required service or the level of quality you wish. Now, you do not need to search much anymore, as we offer you Al-Alsun Translation Services “ATS”- Certified Translation Center

ATS helps you to immediately translate everything you need and provides a lot of services, including: the simultaneous interpretation, oral interpretation, written translation, technical translation, translation of legal files and texts, as well as translation of all documents and papers related to the academic materials and translation of university certificates, including graduation papers.

Educational Certificates Translation 

We all realize the importance of translating the educational certificates, particularly if you want to apply for a scholarship. In addition, it has become necessary to translate graduation certificate into multiple languages, especially English and French, in order to apply for the job you want.

ATS provides you with certified translation service for all documents and certificates, especially the graduation certificates. 

ATS is considered as the best certified translation center in Cairo, as it provides certified translation services in many important fields and into all languages, including: English, Arabic, German, French, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Kurdish, Persian, Spanish, Swiss, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Czech, and more

Costs of Graduation Certificate Translation 

If you are wondering about the costs of translating your graduation certificate or other documents you have, you can contact us and send the document to be translated to fix the price and the date of receiving the document translated and affixed by the seal of the certified translation center where you can get the best price as soon as possible and get accurate and error-free translation.

Certified Translation Center for Graduate Certificates and Master's Degrees

You can contact us by phone, WhatsApp, email, or via Google my business

ATS Advantages 

ATS provides many different advantages and services to its clients, and with which you can always enjoy uncompilable professional skills and capabilities.  Other than English, here are some of the languages it provides:

  • It provides you with translation office certified by the French Embassy in order to obtain a certified translation of all official documents, while ensuring the high quality that ATS used to provide to is clients.
  • ATS provides its services through certified French translators, who have more than eight years of experience in translating all official documents before embassies, government authorities and agencies, including the translation of university degrees, experience certificates, educational certificates, declarations, and national identification cards, birth certificates, and much more.

All translated documents go through proofreading process by professional proofreaders specialized in the French language.


ATS intends to provide translation services at the highest level of quality, accuracy and proficiency thanks to a distinguished team of certified and specialized translators who enjoy high level of professionalism and full skill in achieving the task assigned to them. You can explore the commitment of ATS to high quality and punctuality, as well as the best prices that suit you.