Certified Translation Office in Cairo

Certified Translation Office

Al Alsun Translation Service having its headquarters at 1st settlement is one of the certified translation offices in Cairo. It provides certified translation services of high quality and accuracy through a team of certified translators with the highest level of expertise in translating all legal, commercial, financial, technical, marketing, and medical texts and translating all documents and certificates. Al Alsun has a long history and experience of more than 15 years in providing certified translation services in all embassies in New Cairo. If you are looking for translation offices in Cairo that are characterized by quality, accuracy and punctuality, it is no better for you than Al Alsun Translation Company which combines between quality, speed and reasonable prices. Al Alsun is the best translation office.

Al Alsun considers the highest standards of quality and integrity in its translation process as being the best translation office in Nasr City. Each document is subject to translation, revision and quality assurance, to provide accurate and reliable translation before all official and non-official bodies. We have more than 15 years of experience in the field of certified translation in Egypt and the Middle East. We have served a constellation of customers from corporates and individuals who trusted Al Alsun as a certified translation office in Cairo and as a strategic partner that meets all their requirements for quality, speed and reliability.

Al Alsun Translation Services in Cairo is certified before embassies in Egypt and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs based on the credibility of all courts and governmental and non-governmental institutions.

Certified Translation Offices in Cairo

Some embassies, foreign ministries, government agencies, international institutions or universities require certain documents such as (visas, university certificates, school certificates, grade data, tax cards, commercial registers, declarations, certificates of experience, marriage contracts, memoranda of understanding, work contracts, birth certificates, title deeds, memorandum of association, resolutions, power of attorneys, passports, consents, commercial agreements, certificates of criminal investigation or movement certificate) from a certified translation office. The document must be stamped with the official translation stamp so that the official body can authenticate it. There are a number of well-known certified translation offices in Cairo, which are recognized by all these bodies without being reviewed as a certified translation office providing accurate and guaranteed translation. As a certified translation office in Nasr City, Al Alsun provides certified translation for all customers in Nasr City, Heliopolis and 1st and 5th Settlement through a distinguished group of certified translators for all languages.

The official bodies, whether local or foreign, often request the certified translation of some civil, administrative, and legal documents and approve them until they are accepted as official legal documents. In order to obtain a certified translation, the translation must be carried out by a certified translation office in Cairo, authorized to practice a profession within the Arab Republic of Egypt, so that the translation can be approved before embassies, bodies, courts, Real Estate Publicity Department and other bodies. Certified translation is a very difficult and sensitive profession as the translator must convey the exact meaning of the original document and any error may lead to a crisis or disaster.

Therefore, the certified translator must have at least a Master’s degree in translation or equivalent, and have long experience and excellent skills in the source language and target language as well as he must be specialized in the field in which he translates to ensure his understanding of the text and conveying it smoothly and accurately in the target language and this is the main aim of the certified translation offices in Cairo. The certified translator must sign the translated document and place its official stamp after attaching it to the original text and certifying that the translation is correct and identical to the original text. The document holder may use it as an official document in any country or official body. If such method is not followed, the entity to which the translation is submitted may reject the translated documents as the translator is not a certified translation office in Cairo.

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