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Home » Driving License Translation Service: Make AL-Alsun Your Choice.

Driving License Translation Service: Make AL-Alsun Your Choice.

Driving License Translation Service: Make AL-Alsun Your Choice.

At Alsun Translation Services (ATS), a certified translation center, we realize the importance of accurate and reliable driving license translation services. Whether you are an expatriate, a student studying abroad, or a traveler exploring new destinations, translating your driving license is critical for legal compliance and smooth communication. Our team of experienced translators is specialized in driving license translation. Therefore, we ensure that your license will be accurately translated into the target language while maintaining the format and validity of the original document. Furthermore, thanks to our deep understanding of driving regulations and terminology, we ensure accurate translations that meet the requirements of local authorities and organizations.

Driving License Translation

A driving license is an official government document that allows a driver to drive a vehicle legally. This license is proof of the driver’s knowledge of all traffic laws applicable in the city where the license was issued. 

Requirements for obtaining a driving license vary from one place to another. However, such requirements usually include a set of tests as well as some conditions regarding the driver’s health and age.

The driving license includes some personal information, such as: name, photo, date of birth, address and license number. In addition, the license indicates the type of vehicle the driver is authorized to drive, and its expiry date.

On the other hand, we may consider the driving license as an identity document. The driving license provides some important information about the driver. However, if the driver is in a foreign country and does not understand the language of its license, such important information loses its value, and the traveler then becomes like someone who does not have a license in the first place.

As such, the importance of translating the driving license arises. Such service provides several advantages, including the following:

  • The competent authorities can easily know all information and facilitate your movement.
  • You may easily rent vehicles. Many car rental agencies require a tenant to have a translated driver’s license.
  • You will avoid penalties and fines that some countries impose on drivers without a recognized driver’s license.
  • Such service facilitates insurance procedures in the event of any car accident.

Why Should You Use a Certified Translation Office to Translate Your Driver’s License?

Why not translate your license on your own? It’s simple, it’s your personal information, and you’re the one who knows best such information. Moreover, you will then manage your time, and translate the document at the pace that suits your needs, all without paying fees to a translation office. However, do you think that having only little experience in translation or relying on machine translation is enough to translate your license on your own?

Unfortunately, it is more than this. Translating a driving license requires an expert who has the ability to render appropriate translation, so that the license is not rejected and you squander your time and effort. Therefore, it is necessary to use a certified translation office in order to ensure that the translation is accepted.

How to Choose the Best Office for translating your Driving License?

How to Choose the Best Office for translating your Driving License?

In order to ensure an excellent driving license translation service, there are several requirements that shall be met by the office that provides translation service, including:

  • Look for a specialized translation office to translate driving licenses. Translators in such office must have experience in the required language pair.
  • Ensure that the office applies the highest quality standards, including accurate proofreading and revision.
  • Select an office that hires professional translators who are constantly familiar with traffic laws and have experience in such specialty.
  • Ensure that the privacy of your data and confidential information is strictly maintained.
  • Consider the required period of implementation. Some offices are not flexible in terms of the deadline.
  • Read such reviews of previous clients to get an idea of the reliability of the provided service and the extent of the office’s commitment and professionalism.
  • Make sure the office can meet all your needs, especially if you need additional services such as certification.

All such requirements are aptly fulfilled by ATS Office. Therefore, ATS is your ideal choice for all certified translation services.

Why ATS Office for Translating a Driver’s License?

Over the years, ATS, a certified translation office in Cairo, has provided certified translation services throughout the Arab world. We considered well the Arab world needs. Therefore, we adapted our capabilities and services to be the best choice. Here are some advantages of contracting with ATS Office for translating a driving license:

Multilingual Certified Translation Services

In ATS, we provide a driving license translation service for all languages. We have a specialized team capable of providing an accurate professional translation for all documents into more than 50 languages.

We not only provide a translation service into common languages, but we also have a unique diversity that includes all common and rare languages. Whatever the destination country, leave the translation to us to help you take the lead smoothly.

More than 12 Years of Experience

ATS is a translation office with an established track record full of achievements over more than 12 years. During this period, we dealt with various types and specializations of translation.

We have enabled thousands of clients to easily and safely take the lead in various countries through our certified services. Our certified services have been the gateway to explore all exciting and wonderful matters all over the world.

Deep Knowledge of Traffic Laws

Each country applies its own laws concerning traffic rules. In order to be able to provide the best driving license translation service that makes it easier for you to explore the world, we provide a group of the best specialized translators with a long experience in traffic laws and constant knowledge of the latest updates.

Fast Translation Service with the Highest Quality

Those who aspire to explore the world are always fast, as if they are racing against time in order to explore more and more natural wonders around the world.

In ATS, we are also strongly racing against time in order to provide you with a driving license translation service as soon as possible for enhancing your exciting journey. Moreover, we keep your adventures uninterrupted.

For accelerating the pace of work, we relied on the great diversity and abundance of our translators, so that speed does not lead to any defect in quality.

Certified Translation Accepted and Understood by All Government Bodies around the World

Thanks to its approval by all embassies, we provide you with a driving license translation service that is certified, reliable and recognized all over the world, whatever your destination.

Unbeatable Prices

In ATS, our main and most important objective is to make our services available to the largest possible group of our valued clients. Therefore, we are keen to price our services at an incomparable cost, along with our excellence and professionalism that we always keep in mind.

Translation Services that Meet the Highest International Quality Standards

Through a senior team of more than two hundred specialized translators, our services in ATS take into account the highest standards of quality and professionalism. Such feature qualified us to obtain the certification of all embassies all over the world.

Proofreading and Review Process is an Essential Step

We understand that human error is possible. Therefore, we are keen to thoroughly review each document before handing the document over to the client. For review process, we use a team of experienced reviewers who have special capabilities to accurately detect and correct errors.

If you need a driving license translation service certified by all official authorities all over the world, translated and audited in a short time by the most skilled specialists in the translation and revision fields, at prices that fits your budget, then welcome to ATS Office. ATS Office is characterized by excellence, creativity and professionalism which constitute the main principles that cannot be underestimated.


There is nothing more beautiful than traveling and wandering city streets. In order to enjoy a smooth and safe driving experience, you may seek a professional driving license translation service provided by ATS Office. In ATS Office, we provide our services with the highest quality standards in order to enable you to enjoy your travels with real thrill. Reach out to us now. Our experts look forward to helping you!