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How to Establish a Certified Translation Office in Cairo?

How to Establish a Certified Translation Office in Cairo?

There is no doubt that translation plays a very important role for any organization that desires to carried out business activities in any language in Egypt, especially in Cairo. Below we show our readers the most important steps for establishing a certified translation office in Cairo

How to Establish a Certified Translation Office in Cairo?

The need for a certified translation offices in Cairo grows each and every day, accompanied with confusion, especially with regard to choosing a certified translation office in Cairo with a good reputation, high credibility and competitive prices. Despite the fact that the translation profession is an important and always required profession in the labor market, the establishment of a translation office is not free of some important steps that you must implement with high accuracy in order to be able to compete in the translation profession labor market in Egypt. Below we will show you step by step how to establish a certified translation office.

Steps to Establish a Certified Translation Office

The idea of establishing a certified translation office in Cairo remains one of the best profitable and investment ideas. However, the implementation of such idea requires awareness of the requirements and challenges of the Egyptian translation market, as well as being aware of the implementation and establishment steps, which are as follows:

Obtaining a license to open a certified translation office and practice the translation profession

  1. A work permit is obtained from the Egyptian commercial registry for practicing the translation profession, provided that an office shall have a tax register. Moreover, the project owner and manager shall have an educational qualification in the translation field.
  2. Recently, it became possible to obtain a license for establishing a certified translation office in Cairo online, provided that the owner is a graduate of a translation department at a university and has evidence thereof.
  3. The license requires that there are at least three translators, as a minimum, who are proficient in three different languages.
  4. You shall then obtain a license from the Egyptian Translators Association stating that the translation office is approved to practice and provide internationally certified translation services.

Determine the location and area of the translation office

  1. Choosing a vital and attractive location to establish a certified translation office in Cairo is the first step in the success of your project. Of course, you need an office located in a vital, easily accessible location. Furthermore, you need a location surrounded by multiple services, especially government and private bodies that need and require translation of papers and documents by citizens, such as a certified translation office in Nasr City.
  2. Moreover, an area of the office is related to the size of your investment and such services you will provide later, and whether you desire to open a large office on a large area or a medium area. Make sure that choosing the location will significantly determine the target group of your future clients for the office.
What Are such Papers Required to Establish a Certified Translation Office?

How Do Certified Translation Offices Work in Cairo?

Establishing a certified translation office means that the office seals and provides the translated papers affixed with seals that guarantee their translation is a true copy of the original. Such translated papers are deemed approved by the ministries, bodies, consulates, and foreign and local embassies.

  1. A translation office provides internationally certified translation services for documents, official papers, certificates, personal identification papers, employment contracts, major economic agreements, etc.
  2. After obtaining a certification license for a translation office, you shall appoint a number of specialized translators in more than one different language. Such appointed translators shall have good experience in this field in addition. In addition, you have to appoint interpreters and legal translators or those with a legal background.
  3. You shall create a website for a translation office. You shall have a good marketing plan on social media to ensure access to the potential target audience; including tourists or foreigners, to provide simultaneous translation services at good prices, to those who desire to emigrate, including citizens or master’s and doctoral students and researchers who want to translate research into different languages, as well as companies that carried out international business transactions. Recently, publishing and distribution houses and websites have become a target audience for translation services.
  4. You have to establish a distinguished public relation in the field and communicate with companies that request the translation of projects, documents on a regular and an ongoing basis. Furthermore, you have to offer them exclusive and distinctive offers to prove the quality and expertise of your translation office in the market.
  5. You shall communicate with official, governmental and private authorities and bodies, and prepare a profile of your office, such certified translation services provided by your office, and what sets you apart from others.
  6. You have to follow-up the quality and proficiency of such documents translated by your translation office and the ease of communication with clients at all hours.

What Are such Papers Required to Establish a Certified Translation Office?

Such papers required to establish a certified translation office in Cairo are divided into two parts, personal and general papers, which are:

  • A copy of the national ID card of the owner and manager of the translation office project.
  • A copy and original of the title or lease contract of the premises of the project.

The general papers for translators working in the office are:

  • Original and copy of the graduation certificate for each translator.
  • Personal photos and national ID cards.

After obtaining a license to establish a certified translation office in Cairo, you shall immediately start equipping the office, recruiting good workers. Then, you have to market yourself in the Egyptian translation market and seek to obtain the credibility of government and private bodies. You wonder how to be a translator certified by the UAE Ministry of Justice, if you reside in the UAE. Here are the top tips to be a certified legal translator in the UAE.

Who is a Certified Translator?

Who is a Certified Translator?

Working in a certified translation office in Cairo also requires certified translators. Who is a certified translator and what is the nature of its work?

  • A certified translator is an expert translator who is trained to translate documents and papers from one language to another and provide a good translation in terms of meaning and wording that does not change the original content. A certified translator is an expert translator in its field. Obtaining such title requires that a certified translator shall be fluent in at least two languages, fully fluent in speaking and writing.
  • Moreover, a certified translator shall be aware of the significance of certified translation documents and that it deals with governmental and official bodies that have no room for translation errors. Therefore, a certified translator is a translator who is able to work under pressure with great flexibility, accuracy and achievement.

In order to be a translator, it is important that you know at least two languages. Usually, it takes years of practice as well as fluency in two to four languages to be a professional translator. Here are the most important steps to be a certified translator in Egypt.

Requirements for Obtaining the Title of a Certified Translator?

There are requirements that qualify you to be a certified translator by the American Translators Association (ATA), namely:

  1. To obtain international certification,
  2. To obtain a bachelor’s degree from a certified institute or a certified public or private university for translation and interpretation recognized in the list approved by the Education and Pedagogy Committee.
  3. To have two years of practical experience as a translator in the translation field and work in a reputable certified translation office.
  4. In general, to have at least five years of work experience as a translator.


Finally, make sure that the project of establishing a certified translation office in Cairo is a wonderful and profitable investment project. However, you have to study the project well and search for new matters that you can offer in the labor market. Moreover, you shall be patient to build the name and reputation of a certified office with experience over the years. Many employers who request translation services are usually looking for people who already have experience in such a field. Therefore, if you are looking for more help and additional news to establish your translation office, do not hesitate to contact us.