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How to Translate from French into Arabic?

How to Translate from French into Arabic?

How to Translate from French into Arabic, a question that Arabic learners may ask to know the vocabularies and sentences that they may struggle with to develop their linguistic proficiency, help them in work, study, or life. 

French is a romance language that comes in the 18th rank among the most widely spoken languages over the world. Thus, it is highly demanded. In this article, we will know what is French and how to translate into it.

What is French?

What is the origin of French? How many people speak French? Let’s have a look into the French language?

French is a romance language that ranks the 18th place among the most widely spoken languages over the world. It is the official language for 80 million people approximately and the second language for 190 million people.

It is widely spread over 54 countries and it is the only language spreading over the five continents. 

The origin of French can be traced back to Latin, a language of the Roman Empire. Further, French was highly influenced by Celtic languages, one the Indo-European languages.

Translation from French into Arabic, step-by-step:

  1. Text Analysis: a translator analyzes the text thoroughly and specifies its domain either medical or legal etc.
  2. Time Set: the translator should specify a time framework to complete translation. This helps them complete translation at the time specified.
  3. Place Selection: the translation ergonomics must be quiet and away of any disturbance or any externalities.
  4. Text Read: the translator must read the text several times, understand it thoroughly, and it is better to read it whole.
  5. Difficult vocabularies spotting: having spot difficult vocabs, the translator should google their meaning deliver a free-error translation.
  6. Info. Resources Choice: the translator must choose reliable resources for the information they access.
  7. Text Division: the translator should divide the text into paragraphs so that they translate accurately.
  8. Translation Start: having completed the previous steps, the translator starts translating the text easily and smoothly.
  9. Text Revision: after completing translation, it is better to revise it before delivery to spot mistakes that are likely to occur that the translator can fix it before it is too late.
  10. Text Delivery: this is the last step, after completing the previous steps, the translated text is delivered to the client.
French into Arabic Translation Requirements

French into Arabic Translation Requirements

How to translate from French into Arabic, a question that requires many requisites that should be taken into account which are as follows: 

  • Thorough knowledge of the text including difficult vocabs or culture-specific vocabs and of all grammatical rules of the language;
  • Selecting vocabs relevant to the topic and not to write any vocabulary randomly just because it is French;
  • Avoidance of redundant words;
  • And knowledge of the correct lots of sentences so that they are translated correctly.  

Significance of the French language

Many people search for means to translate from French into Arabic, let’s have a look into the significance of French:-

  • Widely-spoken language over the world: it is the official language for 80 million people approximately and 190 million people as a second language.
  • Job requisite: employers require the fluency of French as a pre-requisite.
  • Cultural outreach: it is the language of cuisine, fashion, theater, dance, and art.
  • Approved Language: it is approved as an official language in the international relationships and organizations.

The significance of Certified Translation offices

Previously, we stated that translation offices provide a top-notch translation. Their significance is as follows: 

  1. Reliable quality of translation: translation offices are always keen to select the best translators to accomplish the assigned task professionally.
  2. Affordable rates offer: almost, companies adopt text-based policies, which is to determine an appropriate rate per a word that is fair for both parties.
  3. Quick delivery of translation.
  4. Provision of a permanent body to deal with.
Alsun Translation Services

Alsun Translation Services

ATS is one of the companies that provide translation services for many languages in the world. ATS can provide from French into Arabic translation. This company can be identified as follows:

It is a translation office with many branches in several areas in Cairo such as the fifth settlement, Nasr City, and Al Maadi along with branches outside Egypt in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Riyadh.

It also provides certified and accurate translation for all legal documents such as contracts, reports, case papers, and various certificates such as marriage, divorce, and birth certificates. 

provides certified translation for medical reports, disease-related researches, medicines, medicine pamphlets, rays and tests, and other medical texts.

Furthermore, it provides financial certified translation for companies’ budgets, feasibility studies, and bank accounts as well as commercial certified translation for extracts of the commercial registry, contracts, and trade agreements.


To sum up, translation forms the core of the international relationship among various countries in several specialized and non-specialized domains. It is the means that peoples communicate with.

Thus, a certified translation office should be selected accurately. It would be much better to select an office approved by the French Embassy and choose the appropriate way of translation to obtain the optimal benefit.

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