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interpretation services in Cairo

interpretation services in Cairo

Interpretation is to convey a message from the source language (a speaker) into the target language (a listener). Interpretation is the second oldest profession known to mankind. It facilitates communication between people who speak different languages. An interpreter must have the ability to receive, understand and express the correct meaning of the message in the target language. In cooperation with a team of qualified and experienced translators in the interpretation field, Alsun Translation Services (ATS), a certified translation office, provides such services. Let’s know such interpretation services in Cairo that ATS provides to its clients.

Interpretation services in Cairo

requires understanding and transferring information and ideas clearly from the source language to the target language. Therefore, an interpreter pays attention to the speaker’s message, understand its meaning, and rephrases it in the target language.

Types of Interpretation

Interpretation has several types, including:

Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive Interpretation is an appropriate type for small groups or one-on-one meetings. For consecutive interpretation, a speaker delivers the speech and allows for an interpreter time to translate its speech into the language of a listener, immediately after the speaker. An interpreter can write down or take notes for the speech of the speaker. For consecutive interpretation, an interpreter must have distinctive and unique language skills. Consecutive interpretation is used in meetings, job interviews, court sessions, workshops, interviews, dialogues, and press conferences.

Escort Interpretation

Escort interpretation is usually used at multilingual conferences or journeys. In suck type, each person has an accompanying interpreter who translates information and phrases into the language of the listener, in order to facilitate communication.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is to interpret the message of a speaker at the same time of speaking. An interpreter listens to the speech and interpret what he hears directly. Such type of interpretation requires that an interpreter shall be fast, proficient, and expert, as well as being able to understand sentences and rephrase the same correctly without writing down. The interpreter in simultaneous interpretation usually needs a soundproof booth equipped with a special microphone and headphones.

Whispered Interpretation

In such kind, an interpreter interprets the speech in a whisper, after listening to the speaker. Whispered interpretation usually does not require any special hardware. An interpreter conveys sentences, terms and ideas at the same time of speaking. Whispered interpretation is similar to simultaneous interpretation but it is provided in a whisper.

There are other types of interpretation such as over-the-phone interpretation, video conference interpretation, seminar interpretation, and others.

Interpretation Services by Alsun Translation Services

Interpretation Services by Alsun Translation Services

ATS provides high-quality interpretation services by a group of interpretation experts. We were able to cover many events, whether conferences, sessions or lectures. Our interpreters have the experience, competence, speed and necessary skills. The interpretation team at ATS includes:

  • Russian into Arabic simultaneous interpreter.
  • Arabic into Russian simultaneous interpreter.
  • French into Arabic simultaneous interpretation
  • Arabic into French simultaneous interpretation.
  • Italian into Arabic simultaneous interpreter.
  • Arabic into Italian simultaneous interpreter.
  • German into Arabic simultaneous interpretation.
  • Arabic into German simultaneous interpretation.
  • English into Arabic simultaneous interpreter.
  • Arabic into English simultaneous interpreter.

The team of interpreters in ATS is characterized by the following:

  1. Cultural and social awareness
  2. Good attention, focus and good listening.
  3. Attention to accuracy in conveying meanings and ideas.
  4. Proficiency and fluency in relevant languages.
  5. Adherence to information confidentiality and transferring information with utmost accuracy.
  6. Adherence to external appearance, dress code, and appointments.
  7. Being fully aware of terms and expressions related to the area of specialization.
What are such events that require interpretation services?

What are such events that require interpretation services?

Here are some events that require interpretation services:

  • Exhibitions.
  • Conferences.
  • Scientific seminars.
  • International ceremonies.
  • Forums.
  • Lectures.
  • Court sessions.
  • Therapeutic sessions.
  • Negotiations.
  • Trade agreements.
  • Consultation sessions.

Are you looking for an interpreter?

If you are looking for an interpreter, ATS is an interpretation office that provides the best interpretation services in Cairo, the latest equipment and technology at the best prices. We provide high-quality interpretation with the utmost accuracy. Furthermore, we help our clients overcome language barriers to contribute to their business success. For more information about interpretation services, contact us now. Send your files now. 


ATS provides interpretation services and interpretation equipment for conferences, meetings, and other events with high quality through its branches inside and outside Egypt, such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE aninterpreter in Dubai. At ATS, the interpretation team includes translators in various disciplines in more than 50 languages. We are committed to the confidentiality of client information. Contact us to book an appointment with an interpreter.