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Scientific Research Translation

Scientific Research Translation

Scientific research is an unparalleled treasure of knowledge, as it is the result of years of investigation, research, thinking, and conclusion in order for the research to be produced at the end in a brief form, and each letter included to have weight and value. Despite its great importance, the weakness of translation may prevent you from achieving benefits from it. If you are looking for scientific translating research accurately, head over to Al-Alsun, the best certified translation office where the expertise and human cadres are qualified to deal with the most complex types of scientific research and academic books. We are well aware of the value of each letter, and we are pleased to help you achieve the maximum benefit from it. Here is the most important information about scientific research translation, and the difference between it and other types of translation.

Definition of academic translation or scientific research translation

The definition of translation in general is the transfer of text from one language to another without prejudice to the original text with the aim of bringing peoples and cultures of different languages ​​closer together.

As for scientific research translation, this process must be characterized by extreme accuracy and professionalism in transferring the research from one language to another in a way that guarantees the transfer of knowledge and scientific theories correctly, that requires the translator to fully understand the content of the research, in addition to being fully familiar with the rules of the two languages.

For example, if the research deals with a medical topic, it is necessary for the translator to be aware of the medical terminology in the research, whether through his long experience in the field or the ability to search about the medical field smoothly, which qualifies him to work as a translator for medical scientific research.

Scientific Research Translation Options

1. Human Translation

It is done by hiring a translator familiar with the rules of both languages; the language of the original text and the second language to which the text is to be translated, such as the rules of languages and terminology used in the text that requires a good understanding; as translating it literally makes the text completely meaningless.

The translator must also understand the text and convey it in an interesting style that serves the meaning without distortion, which makes the integrity of the style one of the most important requirements for working as a translator. 

2. Machine Translation

It is the using of various programs on the Internet that deal translate texts literal translation which is completely far from professionalism. Machine translation is the worst type of translation because these programs translate words individually without paying attention to the context and its requirements.

Thus the translation is produced far from logic as a group of unrelated words or sentences. that makes it far from the original text and difficult to be understood.

Translation types

Translation types

Translations vary worldwide to serve different purposes, including:

  1. Scientific research translation or academic translation.
  2. Legal translation, which includes the translation of legal texts, whether academic or those related to legal transactions such as different types of contracts.
  3. Technical translation, such as translating instruction manuals for household appliances and electrical appliances, for example.
  4. Multimedia translation, which is concerned with translating the subtitles of video clips, movies, and series, which be read on the display screen by the recipient.
  5. Literary translation, which is concerned with translating literary texts such as novels, stories, and articles of literary criticism.
  6. Website translation.
  7. Medical translation which is concerned with translating medical terms related to medications or different types of diseases.

What is the certified translation and what is its importance in relation to the scientific research?

It is the translation of a document, paper, or text addressed to an official body in another country, such as ministries, embassies, consulates, courts, universities, and banks.

It relies on transferring the document from one language to another accurately as it is addressed to an official body, and the translated text must be identical to the original one.

As for the importance of certified translation for scientific research, the reliability and accuracy of accredited translation are sufficient, as academic research needs special treatment that differs from other types of documents, in order to translate its content correctly without any errors, and to ensure that the areas of knowledge are accurately conveyed without a defect that changes the rich facts it contains.

Conditions that must be applied in the certified translation of scientific research

  • It must contain the logo of the certified translation office.
  • The document must include the date the translation was completed.
  • Acknowledgment by the office that the translated text is identical to the original text.
Features that make Al-Alsun Office the ideal destination for scientific research translation

Features that make Al-Alsun Office the ideal destination for scientific research translation

Translation generally needs accuracy and professionalism, and this need increases greatly when it comes to scientific research translation, where every letter has a meaning and a weight that must be conveyed with extreme accuracy, and this is what we strive for diligently in Al-Alsun, the best certified translation office, as we are distinguished by:

  • Full staff of translators specialized in the field of scientific research translation and academic translation, taking into account all the conditions that must be met, in particular, by the translator of academic content in terms of accuracy and professionalism in work, wide knowledge and awareness of search basics for the scientific terminology.
  • Commitment to delivery dates to preserve the researcher’s time and not waste it, due to the office’s belief in the importance of time. Thus, Al-Alsun Translation Office achieves the difficult equation, which is to save time while ensuring the quality and accuracy of translation.
  • The presence of a staff of specialized linguistic reviewers and proofreaders who ensure that the translated material is free from linguistic errors after transferring it from its original language, which guarantees the integrity of the translation; as linguistic errors would change the meaning and disrupt the translated content.
  • Al-Alsun Office offers the best prices in exchange for its multiple services, which guarantees the customer excellent quality at competitive prices.
  • Complete avoidance of literal and so-called machine translation and total reliance on accurate research and proper wording.

Translation is considered an effective means of communication between countries in different spots of the world. That makes translation one of the most important fields that conscious nations are concerned with developing, especially with regard to scientific research translation that includes treasures of knowledge, therefore, it requires special treatment, as correct academic translation guarantees a proper understanding of the others’ science that language may stand as an obstacle against understanding it. If you aspire to derive the knowledge prospects from its various Western sources, Al-Alsun Office for Translation guarantees you the best and most accurate and trustworthy scientific research translation.

Q & A

Why must you choose a certified translation office to translate research papers instead of machine translation?

Poor machine translation does not express the value of accurate academic information, so it is important to use a certified translation office that provides professionally translated texts to ensure the reliability and excellence of the translation.

What is the best translation office for scientific research translation?

We do not pretend to be perfect, but we gain our distinction in Al-Alsun as a result of our focus on customer comfort and the availability of all success factors, so choose Al-Alsun with confidence, and we will prove to be trustworthy!

Why should scientific research be translated?

is considered one of the most important sources of knowledge, as the researcher pays great attention to collecting information, and then revising it and linking it to knowledge constants and facts. Thus, research translation provides a rich source of knowledge.