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Technical document translation with utmost precision

Technical document translation requires a unique blend of industry-specific knowledge and linguistic proficiency. At ATS-certified translation offices in Cairo, our specialized translators excel in providing the best technical translations, guaranteeing each piece of content retains its original meaning and adheres to the regulations and specific terminologies related to your industry.

Technical document translation

Technical specialized translation involves translating technical documents and content. This helps companies and organisations work smoothly across different countries, follow local rules, and communicate well with people from other countries.

At ATS, we translate precise technical documents. We’re skilled at handling documents where using the correct specialised terms is super necessary. Our translators are experts in technical language and know a lot about specific industries. They work hard to ensure your technical documents mean the same thing in over 50 languages.

Importance of accuracy for technical document translation

Translating technical documents requires deep understanding. Translators must know the subject well and understand the original and the new languages. 

Accuracy is super important. The information must be clear to the new readers, who could be pros, researchers, or regular users. Translators should do more than just translate; they must ensure technical ideas are clear and keep the document useful in the new language.

Get the best technical document translation with ATS

At ATS, we’re dedicated to making challenging technical content accessible for everyone. Our translation services are for people from all over the world. We help with tricky topics like math, tech, and academia. We ensure even the most challenging technical ideas are explained well without losing their exact meaning.

Broad Industry Expertise

At ATS, we offer top-notch technical document translation services for various industries. Our team of experts has deep knowledge and skills in different fields. They ensure precise, specialized translations, especially when dealing with industry-specific terms. We customize our services to fit the specific needs of every sector we work with.

  • Life sciences.
  • Software and IT.
  • Energy.
  • Agriculture.
  • Chemical sciences.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Aerospace.
  • Automotive.
  • Telecommunications.
  • Construction.

we offer:

Perfect dealing with industry-specific terminology

Using the correct terms is necessary for providing an excellent technical translation. Our project manager kicks things off by putting together a glossary at the beginning of each project. This glossary has all the extraordinary technical terms used in your field. 

We translate these terms into every language right at the project’s start. This helps ensure our technical document translations stay consistent and accurate throughout the project.

Technical documents we translate

At ATS, we provide certified translation for each document, including:

  • Operating manuals.
  • Engineering specifications.
  • Bill of materials.
  • CAD drawings.
  • Patents.
  • Catalogues.
  • Labels.
  • RFP responses.
  • Safety manuals.
  • MSDS and data sheets.
  • Installation manuals.
  • Technical proposals.
  • Marketing materials.
  • User guides.

Why choose ATS for technical document translation?

At ATS, we ensure legal compliance, terminological accuracy, and industry expertise. Our native tech translators are experts, providing authentic and precise translations.

Keeping the terms right

We use the correct technical terms and maintain a glossary when translating technical documents. This helps to keep everything consistent across all the translated documents, making the final result more believable.

Following the rules

We follow the rules when we translate, especially for legal matters. Our translators know the local laws and industry rules inside out, so our documents aren’t rejected.

Experts in the field and native speakers

The professionals translating your technical documents are experts in the industry. They speak the language like pros and ensure the technical document translation sounds right to the people reading it.

Saving money and time

We’re all about affordable rates and getting things done faster. We ensure our translations are accurate, delivered on time, and suit your budget.

We can handle all file formats

Many technical documents are created using MS Word. However, we’re flexible with other formats, such as Adobe Framemaker, InDesign, XML, and more. We can translate the accompanying text if your documents contain drawings or illustrations.


What are the challenges of document translation?

Technical content often contains complicated terms and phrases that are hard to translate correctly. Keeping the same terms throughout different documents and recognizing cultural differences can make translating technical content difficult. However, it’s essential for clear communication across languages and cultures.

What qualifications should a technical document translator have?

A technical document translator should be fluent in the source and target languages and have expertise in the subject matter of the documents being translated. Familiarity with industry-specific terminology and attention to detail are also necessary qualifications.

How do you ensure accuracy in technical document translation?

Accuracy is essential in technical document translation. Translators should conduct thorough research, collaborate with subject matter experts, and utilize glossaries and style guides to maintain consistency and precision in terminology and content.

What industries commonly require technical document translation?

Many different types of businesses need technical document translation. These include the engineering, manufacturing, IT, healthcare, legal, and automotive industries.

Final thoughts

Nothing is better than translating your technical documents by a professional linguist who knows your industry. At ATS, our translation service ensures accuracy and precision. We tailor our translations by thoroughly checking and reviewing them to meet your needs. Whether it’s detailed technical documents, business papers, or scientific data, our translators are experts in their fields and always ensure top-quality results.

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