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Home » Website Translation: Enhance your user experience and increase your profitability

Website Translation: Enhance your user experience and increase your profitability

Website Translation: Enhance your user experience and increase your profitability

In today’s world, which imposes on us the need to open up to all other cultures, website translation has become necessary, as the Internet has become the first, most comprehensive and accurate way to know details about anything that may concern you around the world, whether you want to travel somewhere, know details of studying in any country around the world, or market your business and expand it to include other countries of the world. In this article we discuss together what website translation is, its utmost importance, and the most areas needed it.

What is the website translation service?

Website translation means transferring all website content in all pages and sections from one language to another language(s).

The certified translation in this regard is distinguished from the literal translation provided by the machine programs in the accuracy of the translated texts, which works to enhance the user experience. Therefore, it is necessary to rely on a translation office, as website translation services strongly focus on cultural factors and common and familiar terms for the target audience, which is not available in machine programs.

The Importance of Website Translation

Websites now play a very effective role in serving e-commerce and expanding its activities between different countries of the world, as it depends on increasing Internet users day after day, which creates room for the ability to target a wider audience and achieve greater profits, but the role of website translation does not stop here, here are some of its advantages:

  1. Website translation helps to enhance the experience of your visitors and thus increase your commercial activity, because a person feels more confident when he reads information and views it in his mother tongue. This allows him to ensure its correctness and understanding in a proper way instead of resorting to machine translation, which can cause wrong understanding.
  2. Improve the appearance of the website and bringing it to advanced results in search engines, which helps in reaching a larger target audience, thanks to improving the user experience that search engines give priority to, and increasing the ability of Google spiders to professionally understand the translated texts and thus deal with them easily and suggest them to researchers.
  3. Improve the company’s reputation and increase its chances of competition, as the spread of websites in different languages and to an audience from multiple countries means more confidence in those products that many customers buy in many countries of the world. The customer prefers to buy a global product or service more than relying on a product local.
Stages of Website Translation in ATS

Stages of Website Translation in ATS

In order for the websites to be translated in a professional manner, we, in ATS, depend that the translation process goes through regular steps in which the client provides all his needs and requirements. As well, our office takes into account every small detail, as the task begins with defining the client for several main points, including:

  • Website original language.
  • Target language(s).
  • Website activity and specialization.
  • The aim of translation.
  • The number of pages required to be translated.
  • Desired delivery time.

After that, the office studies all these details and determines the most appropriate team to carry out the task, provided that the team must be professional and specialist and has the ability to understand all the details of the texts and transmit them professionally, in addition to its perfect understanding of the required language pair. The team may include more than one specialist, and each one translates the pair he specializes in. As well, the website activity directly interferes with that choice. If the website is specialized in the medical field with its various information and services, then the team must be specialized in certified medical translation. If the website provides legal services and consultations, then the translation task is entrusted to a team specialized in legal sciences that knows very well the sensitive nature of this specialization and the most need for accuracy in transmitting each letter in order to avoid any serious consequences as a result of inaccuracy.

It is also important to focus on the aim of translation, so that this aim is to keep in mind of the translators, and the texts are formulated from one language to another in line with the main aim. It may also interfere in the process of selecting the team from the beginning, for example: translating websites specialized in the field of cosmetics that just aim to convey information, the same translator may not be able to translate the same activity if the target is marketing, as the translator then needs experience in copywriting sciences that enables him to use the most expressive and influential words to the target audience.

Audit and Review Process

After our translators complete the translation process, the content of the website pages goes through an audit and review stage, which aims to:

  • Ensure the integrity of texts from any grammatical or linguistic mistakes.
  • Examine the effectiveness of transferring content from its original source.
  • Ensure that the translated texts achieve the set objectives.
  • Review all pages to ensure that they are all translated without omissions.
  • Ensure the cultural aspects of the translated texts and their compatibility with the culture of the target audience.

After making sure that the content of the pages matches the agreed points, the content is delivered to the client and any additional comments are awaiting, and they are amended immediately.

Website Localization Service at ATS: a distinguished service of experts hands

Website Localization Service at ATS: a distinguished service of experts hands

At a time when the Arab nations are increasingly integrated with technology, we cannot ignore the importance of website localization service for various companies, as it is the way to reach the Arab public and open up to the large Arab markets.

While machine translation provides the ability to localize websites directly at no cost, these programs’ lack of understanding of Arab cultures and the rich terminology that characterizes our Arabic language would have hurt a lot if we relied upon. Our Arab nations are conservative by nature, and therefore any error in translation results in the transfer of unacceptable customs that would completely destroy the reputation of this company in the Arab world. In addition, the Arabic language, due to its difficulty and the large number of expressions and terms, impedes the ability of the literal handling of machine translation to provide an acceptable user experience, which drives the Arab user to avoid dealing with this company and searching for others. We keep all these considerations and more in mind, so we provide in ATS a group of Arabic translation specialists, who speak it as a mother tongue fluently, and naturally know all the cultural aspects of interest to the Arab citizen, to assist you to achieve great successes in the Arab markets through high-level localization services.

Domains that need to translate their websites

In general, all industries and activities need multilingual websites, to benefit from its abundant advantages. Here are some specialties that are in high demand for website translation services:

1. Translation of Medical Websites

Medical websites need specialists in the field of medical translation, as they often provide a lot of medical information that affects in one way or another on human health. Therefore, you must be very careful when translating any medical content, and it should be done by specialists in the medical field.

2. Translation of E-commerce Websites

The work of these websites is mainly based on promoting products, with which the customer must feel accurate in describing the product, displaying all its details, including method of use, warranty, payment method, and product delivery time.

Hence, the translation must be done into the user’s mother tongue in a manner that is compatible with his ideas and culture, and the translator must be fully aware of the copywriting field in order to be able to translate texts in an interesting way that attracts the target audience.

3. Translation of Educational Websites

Educational websites aim to provide knowledge to all researchers, and therefore the translation of the pages and contents of those websites is necessary to spread the benefit and reach the knowledge content to more scholars. Therefore, accuracy must be considered in transmitting each letter, in order for the knowledge to be transmitted correctly and not to lose any of its value.

4. Translation of Religious Websites

Religious websites are among the most sensitive websites in translating and transmitting them from one language to another, due to their ideological content about the beliefs of many. Therefore, dealing with such valuable sites must live up to their great value, and the translator must have the highest levels of professionalism and accuracy. As well, review and audit must be made more than once to ensure that they are free of any errors.

5. Translation of Entertainment Websites

Entertainment content has a large audience, therefore, the translation of entertainment websites is one of the most famous and most requested services. Despite the ease of dealing with such fields, which are devoid of sensitivity unlike other disciplines, there is no room for complacency in translation, as you are dealing with content that used by many people to renew their activity and get out of any life pressures. Thus, every letter translated in an ideal way may be a reason for someone’s happiness, and this alone is sufficient as a justification for interest in translating the contents of these sites.

Website Translation and Localization Prices

Website Translation and Localization Prices

The prices of website translation and localization vary from one website to another according to several points that we will discuss together in the next part, but let us assure you, ATS  primarily aims to provide the most accurate and most distinguished services at the lowest prices. We adopt a regular pricing approach, on the basis of which the price of  the website translation varies, but we take into account the budget of all categories to serve the largest possible number, which is the ultimate goal. Here are some criteria on which the translation price depends:

  • Website Size

The price of translating an emerging website that has a few sections cannot be equal to a large website that contains hundreds of pages and sections. Of course, the greater the number of sections of the website and what each section contains, the higher the translation cost. 

  • Target Translation Languages

The price of website translation varies depending on the required language pairs. Of course, translating rare languages will be more expensive than dealing with common and well-known pairs, due to the scarcity of translators for these languages and the high cost incurred by our office for dealing with the best of them.

  • Website Specialty

Accurate and sensitive specializations are of course more expensive than general activities. Translating medical or legal websites, for example, will cost more than entertainment websites, as specializations need certified specialists who take longer in translation in order to be done in a professional and accurate manner.


Website translation is a service that has recently become widespread, with the increasing awareness of company owners in various activities of the importance of enhancing user experience and providing content that is appropriate to their culture and mother tongue. This would deepen the consolidation of the relationship between the user and the company’s services or products, resulting in more profits, which is what it what all companies aim for. Despite the availability of literal machine translation options, accurate human translation is your only way to reap all the advantages of this trend, and to avoid the damages of fatal machine errors. We care from the beginning to provide distinguished services, so you can rely on ATS experts to professionally translate all the contents of your website. We strive to be success partners for your greatest goals.

Q & A

What are the languages that ATS provides for websites translation?

We provide more than 50 languages through a large team that includes more than 200 specialized translators. So whatever language pairs are required, you will find them available with us.

What is the difference between translating medical and legal websites?

The two areas are sensitive; medical websites are related to human lives, therefore, we provide for it translators specialized in the medical field, and legal translation needs extreme accuracy to convey the facts as they are, and we have the fundamentals to do so through the giants of the law.

Is online website translation service available?

Certainly, we provide all our services online to make it easier for our customers to communicate and request their services without the need to be at the headquarters. We rely on distinguished and cooperative customer service that plays the role of focal point efficiently.