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Best translation offices certified by US Embassy

Best translation offices certified by US Embassy

Dear reader, if you are one of the people looking for translation offices certified by the US Embassy, here we provide you with the best offices that can translate various types of legal documents, including court papers, witness statements, birth certificates, marriage contracts and driver’s licenses.

In addition to that we translate various types of contracts that require high experience and a high level of quality in translation. The slightest errors in translation of these legal documents may cause legal accountability that you are indispensable. Continue reading the article to learn more details.

Translation offices certified by the US Embassy

Perhaps there may many offices that provide translation services for legal documents and other types of contracts, but are we not all looking for quality and the best experience that can be obtained at all? So, do not hesitate to hire Alsun Translation Services. It is an accredited translation office that provides you with the best quality translation services that you need, whether legal documents or documents for obtaining a travel visa, in addition to translating all immigration papers. The translation made by Alsun is distinguished by being accredited, accurate and experienced and no substitute can be compared.Alsun Translation Services for certified translation 

With Alsun, you can get the services you want. It saves you a lot of time and troubles that you encounter and make you enjoy the experience and quality of the offices or companies that cannot be competed. These services include the following:

  1. Ease of sending and receiving files through e-mail or WhatsApp in a way that guarantees your convenience.
  2. It provides you with many payment options, including cash payment, bank transfer, cheques, or Vodafone Cash, in order to facilitate the service provided to you as easily as possible.
  3. It enjoys the experience and high accuracy as Alsun Translation Services has more than fifteen years of experience in the field of certified translation. Our clients witness our accuracy and quality in translating various types of documents.

What Alsun Translation Services provides you in the field of certified translation

There is no doubt that you should choose a reliable and certified translation office by the US Embassy in order to obtain an excellent service that meets your needs in the required manner. Alsun Translation Services provides certified translation services for the following:

  • Various certificates such as: birth certificate.
  • Marriage and divorce contracts.
  • University degrees.
  • Commercial Register.
  • Tax card.
  • Criminal newspaper.
  • Death certificates.
  • Passport and identity card.
  • All official contracts such as buying and selling and all other documents.

For more translation services, you can contact us via WhatsApp, mobile phone or email 24/7.

Conditions of approved translation by the US Embassy

Best translation offices certified by US Embassy

Alsun Translation Services, as an accredited translation office in Cairo, is keen to fulfill all the conditions that should be there in the translated papers and documents, including the following:

  1. Translation shall be identical to the original document.
  2. Attach conformity declaration of the translated document to the source document.
  3. Fix signature of the translator or the accredited translation office on the document translated.
  4. Affix a certified translation stamp on the document with indication of the translation date.
  5. Write contact information of the certified translator.

 Through the article, we know that you can rely on Alsun Translation Services, as the best translation office accredited by the US Embassy, to get the best quality and the accurate service you want, regardless of the size and complexity of the Best accredited translation office

You can now hire Alsun Translation Services for Certified Translation Services with confidence and peace of mind, without searching much. Alsun Translation Services has a team of translators accredited by the US Embassy and has great experience in translation services. Its translators have reliability and cultural and legal awareness, in addition to the full awareness of the Egyptian and American legal systems.

You can now rely on Alsun Translation Services for certified translation services as it provides certified translation through its branches in Egypt, United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. You should make sure of the company and people you are dealing with to get a sufficiently qualified service at the highest level of quality, whatever the type of service required as documents immigration papers, US visa.