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How to know the right office for certified legal translation online?

Choosing the best accredited center that matches all needs of providing a Certified legal translation online in Cairo services could be a hassle in some ways, but picking the unique quality and outstanding professionalism can be the vital aspects for easing this dilemma. Translating for all languages and in various fields is the competency many clients and service providers are seeking to possess.

That’s why it’s not usually easy to find the right provider of certified legal translation online. Moreover, most legal documents whether personal or professional require a certified translation, including official documents such as: marriage act, legal contracts, professional agreements. Hence, certified legal translators can always make the difference for picking the right agency.

What’s meant by a certified legal translation?

A certified legal translation is a legally-translated document that includes a certification letter or sworn statement from an authorized translator that’s acknowledged by a government or legal entity. Such that a certified legal translation should meet specific requirements for the sake of being valid for legal use.

A lot of legal documents exist to have a certified translation legally, that include business and personal documents such as:

  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage/Divorce certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Immigration documents 
  • Academic transcripts
  • Driving license documents
  • Medical reports

As well, a certified translation is a particular translation that should be done with high accuracy and completeness in order to be legally signed successfully. For this reason, a certified legal translation online is a sensitive work to be done.

Certified legal translation online in Cairo

Modern evolutionary of certified legal translation online

Against all assumptions, certified legal translation isn’t a new topic in the modern world. On the other hand, it’s a historical job performed from over 100 decades from now. That’s why, in the old ages, translating documents officially was a time-consuming and a very expensive process. Such that a person should visit a physical translation agency/venue or head to an well-known official translator in town.

Then it’s time to get into the process of official translation through submitting the documents, and waiting for them to be translated and legally certified by relevant authorities. This process might take several weeks for completing the whole procedures. Through modern evolutions and industrial revolutions, the technological aspect was added to this process that made it an easy task.

Certified legal translation online is done now quickly and accurately without any physical efforts done. Whether an educational diploma translation, or official legal translation, it can all be done within hours!

Prices can vary for translating a legal document online depending on the scope, language, type of document, and degree of difficulty. That’s why it’s important to consider the target audience this translation is issued to. 

For example, if it’s about translating a document to one of the well-known languages such as: Arabic, English or Spanish, prices can be affordable. On the other hand, if it’s about translating a document in one of the scarce used languages such as Latvian, translations naturally become more expensive.

Originally, to get a certified legal translation online, some factors can help to calculate the price of these documents. These factors include:

  • Language translation combination.
  • Size of the document.
  • Degree of difficulty of the topic (Level of technicality).
  • The desired delivery date.

That’s why there are particular qualifications for being a legal certified translator who can provide the best online certified translation service and exceed expectations.

Needed translator features for getting a certified legal translation online

These qualifications include but not limited to:

  • Human Quality: In other words, translation should be done 100% by human translators to avoid any errors and generic translations.
  • Quick Delivery: It’s a significant aspect when translating to efficiently meet very tight deadlines without lowering quality standards.
  • Feasible Procedures: No need for too many requirements for providing high-quality translations.
  • Precision and Professionalism: Accuracy is important when it comes to legal translation services.
  • Quality-Oriented: That’s the vital factor that differentiates a certified legal translator to another one.
  • Privacy: This feature is needed specifically for legal documents.

A certified legal translation is a humane job that needs to be done by humans for guaranteeing an efficient result. 


Picking the best online certified translation service in a nutshell!

It’s not a single factor that controls choosing the best online certified translation service, instead a bunch of factors standing altogether to assure getting the best quality that matches all needs. Determining the specific requirements for translating a document can cut off time and effort needed to complete a particular legal translation.

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  1. How long should it take to translate a legal certified document?

The duration varies depending on the specific language required for this translation, but mainly it can take up to 3-4 days.

  1. Is it applicable to find a certified legal translation online in Cairo?

Yes! Certified legal translation online exists to happen by many agencies in Cairo.

Alsun Translation: The Best Online Certified Translation Service for Legal Documents in Cairo!

Alsun Certified Translation has offered an authorized legal translation in Cairo for more than 15 years now. Between Medical, and Financial to Commercial, Legal, and Technical, all are covered and more under the umbrella of translation services at Alsun. As we are certified by the highest legal authorities and quality standards of translations in the market.

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