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Notarized document translation for accuracy and authenticity

Do you need notarized document translations to ensure accuracy and compliance? ATS is experienced in translating and notarizing documents. With ATS-certified translation offices in cairo, you can easily translate and certify your translated documents and certificates. We support 50+ languages and offer 24/7 customer assistance.

Notarized document translation

A notarized translation is like a double-checked translation. It’s when a notary public or a licensed notary confirms that a translated document is accurate and complete. They do this by comparing it to the original and signing and stamping it. This makes sure it’s legit. 

Notarized document translations are usually needed for legal or official stuff. For example, when you have to give a translated document to the government or court, It’s like having an official seal of approval on your translation.

Notarized document translations are super important for several purposes, including:

  • Legal validity

Legal procedures often need notarized document translation to ensure accuracy and authenticity, especially in contracts, court cases, immigration forms, etc. When a notary certifies a legal translation services document, it’s like an extra guarantee that it’s right.

  • Official documentation

Many authorities, such as government offices, schools, and big groups, ask for notarized document translations of official papers such as birth certificate translation, marriage certificates, school grades, and diplomas. Getting a translation notarized means it meets all the rules for being accepted.

  • International transactions

Notarized document translations might be necessary for contracts and agreements to work in different places in big business deals across countries.

  • Immigration applications

When you’re trying to move to another country, immigration often asks for notarized document translations, such as passports or marriage certificates. This ensures everything’s accurate and helps speed up the process.

  • Professional Credibility

Having a notary’s stamp on a translation makes it more trustworthy. This matters in essential situations and professional settings where accuracy is critical.

How ATS perfectly provides Notarized document translation services in Cairo

1- Identify the need

We start by identifying what the client needs for their translation. This includes determining whether they need notarization, what they need, and where to use it.

2- Gather additional information

After identifying the need, we gather more details, such as:

  • The languages needing translation.
  • The type of authentication required, which may involve consulting with relevant authorities.
  • Whether the document requires notarization in the same country or outside.
  • The possibility of notarizing it where the translator is located.
  • The specific deadline for completing the project.

3- Project assignment

We assign the most suitable translators for the project. Our selection is based on expertise and availability, ensuring the translator can meet the client’s timeline.

4- Translation process and review

The translation process begins, focusing on accuracy and completeness. If certification is necessary, the translator or a representative from our company signs a statement confirming the accuracy of the translation.

5- Notarization

If the client requires a notarized document translation, we deliver top-quality notarization services that meet the requirements of any authority. 

6- Delivery

Finally, we deliver the notarized document to the client in their preferred format. Whether a soft copy is sent via email or a physical copy he receives from our office. We ensure prompt delivery within the agreed-upon deadline.

Why choose ATS for Notarized document translation?

  • Expert native translators

We have a team of expert native translators. Each of them is good at their language. They ensure your document is translated accurately and follows all the local rules.

  • Complete and accurate

Our translation services ensure your document is entirely accurate. We get it certified and notarized so you know it’s trustworthy and meets all legal requirements.

  • 24/7 customer support

We’re here for you 24/7. If you need help with your notarized document translation, we’re always available. We aim to respond quickly and help with whatever you need.


Does certified mean notarized?

No, a notarized translation isn’t the same as a certified one. Certified translations show accuracy. On the flip side, notarization proves the identity of the signer or the translator’s professionalism. When a translation is notarized, a public notary, who represents the government, puts a stamp and signature on it. You can get both certified and notarized translations. Both types confirm that your legal documents are translated accurately.

Can I notarize my document myself?

No, notarising a document yourself is not a good idea. It’s risky. The best thing to do is get a skilled, experienced translator to translate it. A notary will perform the notarial acts once the translator finishes translating your document. This way, everything is done correctly and legally.

Final thoughts

You often need notarized document translation when dealing with legal or official matters. For instance, government agencies, educational institutions, and large organizations typically require these notarized translations to ensure everything is up to standard. At ATS, we specialize in translating and notarizing documents and are here to help you around the clock. That’s right, 24/7 support.

So, if you need a notarized document translation, remember that we’re always here to assist you. By choosing ATS, you choose accuracy and authenticity for your essential documents.

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