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Home » Salaries of Translators in Egypt Compared to the International Translation Prices in 2024

Salaries of Translators in Egypt Compared to the International Translation Prices in 2024

Salaries of Translators in Egypt Compared to the International Translation Prices in 2023

The salaries of translators in Egypt shall be specified as per several criteria, on top of which is the nature of the translator’s job, whether it is a full-time or part-time job, years of experience and skill in translation into the language of his specialization, and – of course – the nature of language and the intense of requiring the same in the labor market.

Salaries of Translators in Egypt in 2024

Salaries of translators vary among the freelance translators, part-time, and full-time translators working in a certified translation office. The salaries vary also as per the translator’s specialization, and whether he is specialized in a certain field or not or working as a simultaneous translator or not.

Accordingly, the salaries of translators in translation offices in Egypt are governed by multiple factors, but compared to the international prices, they remain greatly lower than the salaries of translators in Gulf or European countries, for instance.

Salaries of translators are not specific or fixed in general. Translator’s salary is usually defined as per the translation type, No. of translated words per day, the translator’s language, whether he delivers a written, literary, legal, or specialized translation.

The salary of the translator is defined upon consideration of the following:

  • Accuracy, speed, and skill are important to secure a sound translation free from editorial and drafting errors. The translator shall also have the requirements of the material to be translated. Such features will certainly enhance the salary of the translator.
  • Practical experience is a key feature that affects the salary of the translator, as the translator’s salary usually increases over time upon acquiring more experience.
  • The interpreter is translating oral speeches and significant events. He usually has the higher salaries for translation, followed by the literary, medical and legal translators.

We can find that the translation prices in Egypt are the lowest, compared to the international prices, as the amount of the local currency is changing frequently against foreign currencies.

Average salaries of translators in Egypt and the world

Egypt4,00012,000EGP/ per month
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia7,50023,000SR/ per month
United Arab Emirates8,50027,500UAE/ per month
United States of America25,00061,000USD/ per year
United Kingdom26,206 GBP/ per year
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Salaries are determined also as per the translator’s productivity and his years of experience, as the certified translation offices consider the translator’s daily productivity and experience in his field of specialization, whenever they increase; his salary will certainly increase.

In general, the salaries of translators in Egypt are governed by several factors, but they remain below the level of international prices. This is due to the absence of a syndicate or organization that sets the translation regulations in Egypt and supervise the market’s compliance with the same, as the case in the United Arab Emirates, for example. Therefore, the translators are calling for the establishment of a Translators’ Syndicate in Egypt, which will have a positive impact on the translation prices in Egypt, and the salaries of translators.

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If you are about to work in a certified translation office in Cairo, you are certainly wondering how the salaries of translators in Egypt are determined?

There are languages known for their highly prices in translation compared to other languages. This affects the salaries of translators who master such languages in various certified translation offices. Such languages include German, French, Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish. If the translator is fluent in one or more of these languages, he will certainly receive a higher salary.


The translator’s salaries decrease or increase as per the nature of the job in the translation office, the nature of contracting with the translator, and his years of experience. However, in general, the majority of translators’ salaries in Egypt improve with the increase of their years of experience and skills. Sometimes, the translator’s salary doubles by the second to third year of work as a translator in a certified translation company or office in Heliopolis.

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