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How to Create a Multilingual Website for an Optimal User Experience?

How to Create a Multilingual Website for an Optimal User Experience?

You will usually find out that all international brands have multilingual websites. If you aim to provide your products and services to new markets and different segments of clients, you should start by creating a multilingual website through a certified translation office and a professional developer.

How to Create a Multilingual Website for an Optimal User Experience?

Studies have shown that when a client enter a website for looking for a service or product and find that the content of the website is not available in its mother tongue, it is more likely for it to leave the website and does not purchase from the website. On the other hand, the multilingual website increases the sales of services and products available through the website. There is a famous quote to the effect that, “Never force your language on the people you want to reach”. Therefore, in this article, ATS, a certified translation office, provides you with the most important tips you need to consider in order to create a professional multilingual website and explains to you why you need such step.

Why Do You Need to Create a Multilingual Website for Your Business?

There are many reasons that drive you to create a multilingual website, including the following:

1. Reaching New Markets.

Online sales of services and products increased after the Corona pandemic, prompting many business owners to create websites in order to market their services and products. The Internet makes the world a small village and allows your business to reach many clients around the world. However, there is still a language barrier that prevents many clients from buying your products or services. You can overcome such barrier by hiring a professional translation company to make your website content available in the languages of your target markets in order to target more clients and consequently, increase your sales.

ATS, a translation office certified by the French Embassy, provides you with an accurate translation service of your website in an appropriate way to your target markets. Moreover, such service guarantees that you reach a larger segment of clients and develop your business.

2. Gaining Client Trust.

A 2014 survey conducted by a company called “Common Sense Advisory” in 2014 in about ten non-English speaking countries showed that 75% of clients in the surveyed countries prefer to buy in their mother tongue. 60% of clients stated that they do not accept buying from websites that do not support any language other than English. Therefore, a certified translation of your website into the language of your target clients helps you increase your sales and grow your business. ATS, a translation office certified by the Italian Embassy, the French Embassy, the Chinese Embassy and many other embassies, includes a group of the best translators who have experience in translating websites. Contact us now for more information about our services.

3. Targeting a Larger Segment of Clients.

If you aspire to target clients outside your geographical borders, the key to success in such matter is to provide the marketing content of your business in the language of the target market, taking into account the dialects as well as the social and cultural factors affecting the client environment. Taking into account all such factors brings you closer to your clients, which increases the opportunity to sell your services and products to such clients. Furthermore, communicating with your potential client in its language makes it feel that you understand its needs and requirements. Consequently, a client accepts to buy your products or services.

4. Increasing Sales.

Forbes Global 2000 ranking, published in 2018, showed that the top 20 companies around the world that record high sales, such as Microsoft, Samsung, Shell, Apple, and others, have multilingual websites. Some of these websites have more than 7 languages. Such ranking demonstrates the importance of providing a certified translation of your website into several languages with high accuracy and quality by a certified translation office. Providing an accurate and certified translation of the website into other languages helps increase sales significantly, as such translation ensures that products and services reach the largest client base.

Services of ATS, a translation office certified by the French Embassy, cover many languages, including French, German, Chinese, Italian, Hindi, Japanese and other languages with the best quality and competitive prices.

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Certified translation of the content of your website helps with search engine optimization, as professional translation provided by a translation office contributes to raising the ranking of your website’s pages in Google. Providing a professional translation with a consistent linguistic style free of errors and using the right keywords helps to put your pages on top.

Tips for Creating a Multilingual Website that Delivers an Optimal User Experience

Tips for Creating a Multilingual Website that Delivers an Optimal User Experience

Maintain Translation Quality.

Choose a translation office that pays attention to the quality of its services in order to ensure an accurate translation that is compatible with search engines and addresses potential clients in their language. Translate the entire content, starting from texts, lists, all page content, even buttons, etc. ATS, a translation office, provides website translation services of the highest quality, and translators are keen to use keywords that target potential clients.

Avoid Using Machine Translation.

Machine translation benefits some of its users. However, if you desire to create a multilingual website, avoid using such type of translation as it provides a literal translation that does not help raise the ranking of your website. Moreover, such literal translation can result in errors and ambiguities that affect the potential client’ understanding of the message of your products and services. The solution is to appoint a well-known translation office that provides high-quality professional services that ensure content accuracy, consistency, ease of style, use of keywords that improve search engines, and take into account social and cultural factors to ensure that your products and services reach target clients.

Provide Content in Target Languages.

Make sure to provide the content of your website in the languages of such countries whose markets you are targeting. Make sure that your website supports all the languages you need, and choose a translation office that has experience in providing such services. Furthermore, correct translation helps your website appear to potential clients. Therefore, you should choose a certified translation office to provide you with consistent translation that is appropriate for search engines and Google algorithms in order to target your clients.

Considerations for Creating a Multilingual Website

Despite the importance of creating a multilingual website, there are some considerations to which you should pay attention upon creating a website:

Choose a Translation Office: If you want to increase your sales and access to markets, translate your content professionally. To this end  choose a translation company in Cairo that has experience in this field. Do not rely on machine translation and avoid any translation errors. Translate the marketing content of your products and services, whether it is texts, videos, articles, photos, graphics, or otherwise.

Hire a Professional Developer: Creating a multilingual website is a complex matter, so you should choose a professional developer who has experience in providing such type of service

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ATS provides you with a professional service, contact us now for more information about website translation services. For more articles, click here.