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Home » Why Alsun Translation Services provides the best certified translation in Cairo?

Why Alsun Translation Services provides the best certified translation in Cairo?

Why Alsun Translation Services provides the best certified translation in Cairo?

Why Alsun Translation Services provides the best certified translation in Cairo?

The certified translation in Cairo is a translation service where it is requested to translate specific documents such as experience certificates, marriage contracts or birth certificates as a certified, proper and authenticated translation by a certified translation office in order to submit it to a body, such as a governmental body, an embassy, a university abroad or other bodies, provided that the translation office shall be certified by the body to which the translated document is submitted. The certified translation requires some conditions including the conformity of the translated text to the original text, translation of all contents of a document and presence of an acknowledgement of the conformity of the translation to the original text as well as the seal of the certified translation office and signature of the translator on the document. Alsun Translation Services provides a certified translation office in Fifth Settlement regarding all issues related to the best certified translation services in Cairo

Certified translation in Cairo

Alsun Translation Services has been established as a certified translation office in Cairo for provision of translation services of high quality and accuracy for individuals and companies as well. ATS certified translation office contains a team of professional linguists who have been selected after passing all specific and strict standards for ensuring the quality and accuracy of the translation. We have already translated thousands of legal documents, technical manuals, birth certificates, graduation certificates, sites, marketing materials, and other documents for our clients whether individuals, businessmen, or major companies. Our goal is to serve each client as per his requirements and needs through an integral team of project managers, call service employees, translators, reviewers, and quality controllers, ATS provides its services through its offices, whether inside or outside Egypt as follows

ATS branches inside Egypt

  1. Certified translation office Fifth Settlement.
  2. Certified translation office in Nasr City.
  3. Certified translation office in Heliopolis.
  4. Certified translation office in Maadi.

ATS branches in UAE

  1. Certified translation office in Dubai.
  2. Certified translation office in Abu Dhabi.

ATS office in KSA

  1. Certified translation office in Riyadh.
  2. Certified translation office in Jeddah.

Importance of Certified Translation Offices

The importance of certified translation offices lies in the provision of high-accuracy certified translation services for various documents that are presented to bodies such as government agencies, embassies and universities abroad. For example, if you want to travel abroad for any reason such as tourism, study or treatment, certified translation offices help you translate your different documents to be accepted and approved by the relevant embassy. ATS certified translation in Heliopolis provides certified translation services for all your documents. Our services include:Certified translation of bank statement.

  • Certified translation of death certificates.
  • Certified translation of contracts and agreements.
  • Certified translation of memorandums of understanding.
  • Certified translation of visas and passports.
  • Certified translation of educational certificates.
  • Certified translation of experience certificates.
  • Certified translation of medical reports.
  • Certified translation of budgets.
  • Certified translation of the individual and family record.
  • Certified translation of investment certificates.
  • Certified translation of title deeds.
  • Certified translation of all invoices.
  • Certified translation of criminal record.
  • Certified translation of tax cards.
  • Translation of tax returns.
  • Certified translation of commercial agencies.
  • Certified translation of national ID cards.
  • Certified translation of company articles of incorporation.
  • Certified translation of commercial records.
  • Certified translation of insurance information.
  • Certified translation of birth certificates.
  • Certified translation of marriage contracts.
  • Certified translation of divorce contracts and certificates.

The certified translation services are provided at high quality and accuracy as possible and at fair prices together with complying with the agreed upon deadlines. 

The Best Translation Offices in Egypt

The Best Translation Offices in Egypt

ATS is a translation office certified by all embassies and it is one of the best translation offices in Egypt. We pay great attention to the quality of translation and deliver the documents in the agreed deadlines. We recognize the importance of time of our clients; hence, we comply with the previously determines deadlines of delivery and provide a translation service of high quality through our translators who enjoy the necessary experience and speak the target language. We provide our services in various languages. 

We provide our services at the best prices together with maintaining quality. Contact us to know more about the services of ATS certified translation office in Nasr City. You can send your files via e-mail or by visiting our office. 

Certified Translation Office in Cairo

ATS includes a certified translation office consisting of a team of qualified certified translators. ATS translators possess the necessary qualifications for translation, such as full knowledge of the terminology of the field in which they specialize. Moreover, they possess sound writing skills by using the correct meanings, quality of the linguistic style, and ability to deliver projects on time. This is due to our selection of translators based on competence and experience in the field of translation to ensure the provision of high-quality certified translation that is acceptable to all bodies. ATS certified translation office in Maadi provides certified translation services to official authorities such as government agencies, embassies, consulates, courts, universities, and other agencies. ATS is a translation office in Maadi which is certified by various embassies:

  • Translation office certified by the US Embassy.
  • Translation office certified by the Canadian Embassy.
  • Translation office certified by the British Embassy.
  • Translation office certified by the French Embassy.
  • Translation office certified by the Australian Embassy.
  • Translation office certified by the Chinese Embassy.
  • Translation office certified by the Italian Embassy.
  • Translation office certified by the Russian Embassy.

In addition to various embassies, ATS provides certified translation services for all embassies through its branches whether inside or outside Egypt by a group of professional translators on 24/7 basis.

Translation office in Cairo

Certified Translation Company for all Embassies

Translation requires various conditions to be certified by embassies and other bodies, so what are the conditions of certified translation? 

Conditions of certified translation differ from one body to another, so the conditions of certified translation are as follows: 

Conformity of translated text to original text. 

  1. Presence of a legal acknowledgment of the conformity of the translation to the original text. 
  2. Presence of a seal of the certified translation office on the translated document. 
  3. Translation of all contents of the document including the seals and signatures. 
  4. Writing of the date of translation and details of communication with the office. 
  5. The document shall bear the signature of a certified translator.

Kindly communicate with us for more information on translation services certified by US Embassy in Cairo.

Online Certified Translation Office

Online Certified Translation Office

ATS certified translation in Heliopolis provides its services through its various branches or online. ATS offers all ways of communicating with clients to facilitate sending and receiving their files as well as facilitating payment. You can get our services online without any need to go to the office, and you can also pay online. We receive your files either by e-mail or by phone via WhatsApp application. Contact us and specify your requirements such as delivery date, format, etc., and we will determine the translation price for you, then we will start translating after obtaining your approval. After completing the translation process, we will send you the translated file.

You can pay through the following means:

  • Bank transfer 
  • Vodafone Cash
  • PayPal
  • Instapay

ATS certified translation in Cairo is characterized by speed and accuracy. Communicate with us for more information on the deadlines as well as policies and methods of payment.

When do we need a certified translation?

You normally need a translation for submitting it in various cases and below are the reasons for needing a certified translation

  • Legal reasons: You need the certified translation if it is presented before the courts in cases of judicial disputes and other litigation procedures.
  • Immigration: If you want to immigrate and obtain residency in one of the countries, you will need to submit all your documents in the official language of the country, and the translation of these documents shall be certified by the embassy of this country. These documents include, for example, birth certificates, marriage contracts, property contracts and others.
  • Applying for scholarships, scholarships and study abroad: Applying to study abroad requires submitting translated and approved documents in the required language, including grades, academic certificates, birth certificates, and others.
  • Business: You need a certified translation on establishing partnerships with foreign companies or communicating with companies abroad with the aim of expanding your business activities. Documents that may require certified translation include contracts, commercial agreements, commercial records, bank statements, financial reports, property rights and patents.
معايير الجودة لدى الألسن

Quality Standards of ATS

We in ATS certified translation in Fifth Settlement are proud of providing certified translation of the highest quality and at the best prices. In addition, we are proud that our office includes the best linguists with expertise in the field of translation, which guarantees the provision of accurate certified translation. We provide 100% human translation and follow the highest standards to ensure permanent high quality for our clients. ATS services are characterized by the following:

  1. Quality and Accreditation: ATS has more than 15 years of experience in providing certified translation services in Egypt, UAE and KSA with the highest quality. Our branches in Egypt include a certified translation office in Fifth Settlement, a certified translation office in Maadi, a certified translation office in Nasr City, and a certified translation office in Heliopolis. We are ISO 17100 certified for the quality of translation services.
  2. Competitive Prices: ATS offers a certified translation with suitable and competitive price packages.
  3. Commitment to Delivery Dates: ATS is committed to the delivery dates specified with clients, and we can deliver the translation within 24 hours.
  4. Customer Service around the Clock: You can contact us 24/7 and you will receive a response immediately from one of our employees

Other Services of ATS

ATS provides various translation services whether written or oral translation including the following:

  • Written translation.
  • Medical translation.
  • Legal translation.
  • Technical translation
  • Website translation.
  • Marketing translation.
  • Financial translation.
  • Interpretation.
  • Desktop publishing services.
  • Proofreading services.
  • Localization services.
  • Content writing services.

In ATS, we have been providing certified translation services for more than 15 years, during which our efforts were crowned with success as evidenced by thousands of translated documents and dealing with major clients which makes us the best certified translation office in Cairo. Contact us now and get a free quote.

Branches of ATS in Cairo

Certified Translation Office in Fifth Settlement

Tel: 01064555522


Address: Office No. 221, Hala Mall 314, South 90th Street, Fifth settlement 

Certified Translation Office in Nasr City

Tel: 01097338844


Address: Office No. 17, First Floor, 81 Nasr Road, Nasr City

Certified Translation Office in Maadi

Tel: 01067501031


Address: 35 Al-Nasr Street, Maadi, Cairo Governorate.