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Transcreation: The Text Spirit Translation


Translation is one of the most important features of our age that helps to learn about cultures of many peoples. Furthermore, translation enables us to easily access many information all over the world. Imagine that all such translated books we read would not have been translated! Certainly, the world would have lost a lot of culture and knowledge, and every nation would have limited to its own culture. Therefore, translation has an effective role in human development. What about Transcreation? What is the difference between it and traditional translation?


As indicated by its name, this type of translation depends on an individual’s creative output. In this type of translation, there is no literal translation of the subject matter, but rather an adaptation between the original text and the translated one.

Such work is carried out by avoiding a literal translation of the text, along with reaching the core of the text and what should be provided to the audience. Accordingly, a text shall be formulated in the best way.

Therefore, such type of translation allows translators to replace some words, meanings, even entire sentences, or, rarely, the entire text, with preserving the core and spirit of the text and the conveyed messages.

Transcreation process does not only need a translator with a vocabulary output, but it requires also a translator who has understanding and extensive knowledge of all accurate rules and details of the target language.

Therefore, we at Alsun Translation Services, as the best certified translation office, do not only seek to provide professional translation, but we also provide distinguished transcreation service by translators who specialize in the target language and have extensive study and experience of the culture of such language. In addition to the distinguished translation team, specific requirements for those who provide transcreation service shall be met.

Traditional Translation

Traditional translation is one of the easiest translation methods. In such type, a text written in a specific language is translated into another language, by replacing each word in the original text with its equivalent in the translated language, while maintaining the general context of the translation.

However, sometimes, this method does not have a noticeable positive effect, especially when used in marketing. Therefore, transcreation shall be used.

Transcreation Requirements to Be Met by a Transcreator

If traditional translation needs a person with all vocabularies of the target language, transcreation process needs a translator with many special qualities, including:

  • Accurate knowledge of all the country cultural terms

Every people has its own culture. Therefore, transcreation shall be provided by maintaining such cultural aspect. While reading the text, you should not feel that these are words conveyed from another culture that does not reflect yours.

Therefore, a transcreator shall be fully aware of all country terms that are express its people and reflect their culture.

  • Understanding customs and traditions of the country

Have you ever read a book or a text and did not understand what the subject the author or translator was addressing, or did you not receive the message from an advertisement and wondered about the relationship between what the advertisement promotes and what it actually offers?

By such question, I mean that have you ever read a text that provide something that you, your religion, and your customs do not accept, or sometimes vice versa.

Such case happens when the translation is done in a traditional way by replacing words, and it is not done with a transcreation that helps to communicate the spirit of the text and clarify the purpose of writing, of course with no mistakes. The full adherence to the literal translation makes the text lose its value and meaning upon reading by audience.

Therefore, it becomes clear that the translation that relies on the creative side differs significantly from the traditional translation. What are the most important differences upon doing such types of translation?

الفرق بين الترجمة التقليدية والترجمة الإبداعية

Differences between Traditional Translation and Transcreation

Based on the foregoing, we can summarize some differences between translation in its general form and transcreation. The most important differences include the following:

  1. Translation is done by one person, while transcreation process needs a specialized team of experts. Perhaps this is what made us, at Alsun Translation Services (“ATS”), provide many expert translators for many languages.
  2. In translation process, the output is a similar text in another language, but creativity in translation is likely to create a whole new text.
  3. A translator adheres to maintain the aspects of grammar and language only, while the creative aspects focus on attracting the audience and achieving the intent by the target audience.
  4. Traditional translation is charged by word count. However, transcreation service is charged by the project as a whole.
  5. Transcreation process takes longer to complete.

How Is Transcreation Process Implemented in ATS Office?

Believing in the distinctive role of transcreation process, we are adhered to several successive steps in order to achieve its goal. Such steps are as follows:

   1. Listening and talking to a client

Upon receiving a request from a client in order to translate a text or an advertisement in a creative way, our specialized team communicates with the client in order to understand exactly what he desires.

This helps us define the target audience and know the purpose of the advertisement and then it is easier for us to commence our work.

   2. Receiving and considering the text

In view of the transcreation needs, we do not assign the translation task to a single person, but to a whole team, each of whom receives a copy of the text, reads and considers the text carefully.

   3. The working team consultation

Translation work begins only after holding at least one meeting in which the working team brainstorms their ideas, and then each of them presents its vision.

   4. Begining translation process

The actual translation process begins after a complete understanding of the client requests and ideas of our team of translators.

   5. Revision

Whatever translator experience, careful auditing and revision shall be carried out after completion. We take such step in order to ensure the integrity of the text before handing it over to the client.

   6. Formatting texts

The translated text is formatted after revision so that the text delivers to the client in the easiest way to browse.

   7. Final revision and handover

Believing in the importance of perfecting the work, we carry out a final review once again for the whole work in all its details. Such step includes reading, revising and coordinating the text.

النصوص المستهدفة في الترجمة الإبداعية

Target Texts in Transcreation

Translation in its traditional form aims at translating texts, documents, literary works, official papers, medical reports and other papers that need extreme accuracy and literal translation.

Transcreation is mainly used in marketing works such as advertisements and promotional articles for products. It deems the best way to reach the audience. What is the reason for that?

Why Do We Use Transcreation in Marketing instead of Traditional Translation?

To answer such question, let me ask you a question, do you expect that all advertising ideas in European or American countries can be appropriate for us or vice versa?

The answer is “of course, no.” Therefore, if we literally translate an advertising text, we will not reach the target audience and will not achieve such sales we desire.

Therefore, transcreation shall help achieve such marketing goals. Such type covers the spirit of the content and then formulates the content in the best way as per the target audience.

If you are looking for a professional transcreation, do not hesitate to contact us at ATS Office, a certified translation office in Cairo. We have the best translation experts who have long experience and can easily achieve your requests.