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Accurate certified translation documents near me services

Do you need a professional translation documents near me service? Maybe you plan to travel, sort out a legal or financial matter, apply for something abroad, or need a professional translation to complete some official tasks. At ATS-Translation in cairo, our team of experienced, certified translators is here to meet all your translation needs; our translators are always ready to assist you in reaching your goals.

Most required translation documents near me

Alsun Translation Company can handle various document types and formats, such as PDF, Microsoft Word, FrameMaker, InDesign, XML, PowerPoint, etc. Here are some common translation documents near me frequently required:

  • User manual.
  • Business documents.
  • Legal contracts.
  • Medical reports.
  • Annual reports.
  • Financial statements.
  • License agreements.
  • Informed consent documents.
  • Operating instructions.
  • Elearning and training materials.
  • Policy manuals.
  • Product catalogs.
  • Regulatory filings.
  • HR handbook.
  • Patents.
  • Reference manuals.
  • Product guides.
  • Birth and death certificates.
  • Marriage and divorce certificates.

Precisely translate official documents near me with ATS

Whatever the document, its topic, length, or language pairs, ATS has skilled translators on hand for any task. It’s easy: Choose the languages, then send your document in any format through WhatsApp or email for a quick quote.

Once you give the go-ahead, we’ll pass your documents to our specialised translators, ideally suited to your needs. After they’ve finished translating, our proofreaders check that everything is correct and accurate. They work fast to get your document back to you, error-free and top-quality.

Technical document translation with utmost precision

Our area of expertise

At Alsun, we boast a team of experts who are great at providing top-notch certified translation services near me. Our team has extensive experience handling any document from any field.

Medical translation documents near me

Medical documents must be precise and clear without compromise. Our team of experts is dedicated to accurately translating medical reports, patient records, clinical trials, and other healthcare documents. We adhere strictly to industry standards and regulations, upholding confidentiality and accuracy in every translation.

Financial translation documents near me

Every little detail matters when dealing with financial papers; these documents are packed with special words only finance people understand. 

Our certified translators know all about finance, ensuring the translation is spot on. Whether it’s annual reports, financial statements, or investment papers, we help you understand global markets better and feel more confident about your work.

Legal papers must be precise and done by experts to ensure they say the right things in different languages. Our team of legal translators knows how to handle contracts, agreements, patents, and court documents. They have the skills in language and law to give you translations you can trust. These translations keep the meaning of the original document intact.

Legal Contract Translation | Alsun Translation Services

Marketing translation documents near me

Our translators don’t just translate your marketing documents correctly; they also tweak the message to fit in with the culture of the people you’re aiming for. This ensures your brand message stays strong and exciting no matter where it goes.

Technical translation documents near me

Technical documents can be tricky because they contain many complicated words and special terms. Our translators are experts in all kinds of technical materials. They can perfectly translate manuals, product specs, and reports.


What types of documents does ATS translate?

We translate various documents, including, but not limited to, legal documents, technical manuals, medical records, marketing materials, and personal documents like birth certificates and academic transcripts.

How does ATS ensure the accuracy of translation documents near me?

Our translations are performed by professional translators native speakers of the target language. We also have a rigorous quality control process that includes proofreading and editing by a second translator to ensure accuracy, cultural relevance, and context.

How much does translation documents near me service cost?

Pricing for document translation services near me varies based on the document’s length, the subject matter’s complexity, and the language pair. We offer competitive rates and will provide a detailed quote after reviewing the document to be translated.

Final thoughts

When you need accurate translation documents near me services, ATS is your best choice. We focus on precision, cultural understanding, and fast delivery. This ensures your documents meet global standards. Choosing ATS means working with a team that values each word and can effectively break down language barriers.

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