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Online Certified Translation Office

Online Certified Translation Office

Many people are looking for online translation offices, so what is the best online certified translation office? And why do they select this office in particular? What are the types of translation currently? What documents can be translated for you? We’ll learn more about this in this article.

Online Certified Translation Office

At the top of the best online certified translation offices list in Egypt comes Alsun Certified Translation Office (ATS). It is one of the most reputable and accurate certified legal translation offices known of its distinction and professionalism in Egypt, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. It aims to provide accurate certified translation in the shortest time at competitive prices.

ATS is the best certified translation office that provides translation services online. It is certified with all governmental agencies and departments, such as:   Ministry of Justice and the official authorities. Thus, you are guaranteed that the translation will be accepted by any embassy, entity or consulate. You will explore below the most prominent benefits of ATS High quality

  1. Subtle style and accurate numbers
  2. Competitive prices.
  3. Quick translation
  4. Team of senior linguists
  5. Acceptable translation with all entities
  6. Translation into all languages.
  7. 24/7 service.
  8. Translation of all documents, regardless of their sizes.
  9. Reviewing all documents before delivery to client.

Types of translation provided by ATS.

ATS offers 3 types of online certified translation services but let me first explain what translation means.

Translation is the conversion of the text from the language in which it is created to the language you want or target without prejudice to the meaning of the main text.  Translation types are as follows:

  1. Normal Translation: This type of translation is presented in any software or printed formats on papers to individuals or companies. 
  2. Legal translation: This type of translation is always required for official or legal documents to be presented to official or governmental entities, such as: Certificates, court cases, immigration papers … etc.
  3.  Finally, certified translation or notarized translation: Certified or notarized translation is legal translation provided to entities outside Cairo.

Certified translation must be issued by a translation office certified by official entities.

Online Certified Translation Office

Types of documents that you can translate at ATS for Certified Translation

For further clarification, let me tell you what documents you can translate in the best online certified translation office. Indeed, online translation services may be provided for various and different documents such as:

  • Medical documents
  • Powers of attorney and insurance policies
  • Agreements
  • Articles of Association
  • audit reports
  • Other types of documents.
  • Decrees and legislations
  • Testimonials and affidavits
  • Laws, court rulings and orders.
  • Birth & Death Certificates.
  • Marriage and divorce certificates
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Wills
  • Invoices and cheques
  • Security clearance.
  • Event planning
  • Arbitration documents
  • tenders and bids

Translation Process

The translation process adopted by ATS, a certified translation office in Cairo, involves the following:

  1. Receive translation file from the client;
  2. Assign one or more certified translators to translate the file;
  3. Review the translated  file and ensure its quality; and
  4. Finally, the translation is approved and sent to the client according to the deadline set for receipt.

Working Hours at ATS, Online Certified Translation Office

If you are concerned about the time you need to translate, and whether or not you will find the ATS available, let me assure you that ATS office is available 7 days a week, in addition to the online translation available 24 hours a day. 

Why the ATS office in particular and why would I recommend it to you?

I simply recommend ATS Office because it is an online certified translation office accredited by the Ministry of Interior and official authorities. It provides translation all over the world and in more than 50 different languages by professional translators with high experience and skills after ensuring high quality and proofreading. You can contact them easily and deal with dedicated team.

Thus, I have provided you with a brief presentation of ATS, an Online Certified Translation Office in Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, explaining why you can rely on this particular institution as an online certified translation office. I also presented some articles that have been translated by ATS.

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