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Profitability of Online Translation and Work at a Translation Office

Profitability of Online Translation and Work at a Translation Office

If you ask whether you can make a profit from working in the online translation field outside a translation office or not, the answer is yes under conditions, when fulfilled, it is productive for you. Working as an online translator requires specific skills in order to be successful and will address it in the following lines whether you work as a translator at a certified translation office or not.

Profitability of Online Translation and Work at a Translation Office

Firstly, a certified translation is the authenticated translation of documents, papers and certificates, and it is made through translation offices certified by the bodies to which these translated papers and documents are submitted. The translation must be a true copy without any distortion and to be accompanied by the official seal of the certified translation office and acknowledgment of the validity of the translation. 

Therefore, working in the online certified translation field is conducted through working for a translation office with electronic translation services.

Most Important Skills for Working in Online Translation Field:

Working in the field of translation requires many linguistic and personal skills and abilities as well, and when it comes to online translation whether you have experience with working as a translator in a translation office before or not, you must consider the following:

  1. Proficiency in the specialized foreign language and full professionalism in translation from and to it as your mother tongue.
  2. Organization and management of time since freelancing or electronic work via the Internet requires strict time management so as not to lose clients’ confidence due to your delay in their documents being translated.
  3. Compliance with feedback on your translation from experts and specialists and accept criticism to improve it.
  4. Learn about the latest translation technologies and everything related to online translation and seek advice from professionals in this field.
  5. Attempt to work in the types of translation that do not require approvals and complicated official procedures as naturally, this type needs a translation office with experience and weight in the field for the client to trust and the destination for submitting the translated documents.
  6. E-marketing for yourself and your business in the field of translation with an explanation of your expertise and the advantages that are available to you without anyone else.
  7. The more languages you master, the better your chance of profiting from online translation.

How to Master and Refine the Skills in Foreign Languages to Work in Online Translation Field?

Do you want to work for a translation office certified by the Embassy of China since Chinese is one of the most difficult foreign languages? How to develop and refine your skills in it in order to have the necessary experience and confidence to work as an online translator? Follow these steps and you will get an amazing outcome within a few months. 

  1. Learn foreign language words with correct pronunciation to help you understand what you are reading and translate them correctly into the second language and vice versa.
  2. Know more about the synonyms of the foreign language and the culture of the country from whose language you are translating, this helps you to correctly translate in an understandable and consistent context and wording.
  3. Listen very much to a native spoken foreign language as this helps you greatly in refining your language skills and continuous development.
  4. Practice the foreign language daily and do not use it only at the time of translating papers and documents. Yes, using a foreign language in your daily life helps you to delve into it or what it means to make it part of your daily life so that it becomes your mother tongue. This helps the rapid development of your skills in translation and writing.
  5. If you want to master and be distinguished in a foreign language, you must master your mother tongue professionally as well. This is the most important rule in translation. The ability to formulate and express in Arabic and master language skills is reflected in your skills in translating foreign languages with the same professionalism.
How to Master and Refine the Skills in Foreign Languages to Work in Online Translation Field?

Get away from machine translation of electronic translation sites such as Google machine translation for example, if you want to have a good reputation and acquire real experience in the field of translation.

How Could you Start Working on an Online Translation Project?

After you have refined your skills, identifying your goals, and become a professional translator, it is time to work at an online certified translation office and profit from it. Here is some assisting advice: 

  • Market your project through social networks among translators and specialized groups. 
  • Offer the services in a professional and comprehensive manner for all the information that the customer will want to know.
  • Show samples of your work, and as soon as you receive requests for translation, be clear and specific about the delivery time, price, method of payment and communication with the client.
  • Your professional manner and commitment to the specified time to finish the translation of the required documents with quality and proficiency puts you on the first ladder of success and make you gain a good reputation in your field.
Platforms for Making Profit and Working in Online Translation

Platforms for Making Profit and Working in Online Translation

In case you don’t have a specific project for the commencement of online translation, you can use any of the following sites which are specialized in online freelance translation around the world.

UpWork: You can communicate with the clients and receive the consideration of your translation, and the site will deduct 10% of the profits paid by the clients.

Proz: It is characterized by the presence of translators from all countries of the world, and it is a global site containing millions of clients and ensures that you will receive offers suitable for your skills in translation whether you are a beginner or professional.

Translate: It is one of the best translation sites for beginners.

Unbabel: In contrary to the previous site, this site is specialized for professional translators as it sets strict conditions and difficult tests to ensure this matter. 

TextMaster: The services of this site include professional translation, typing and proofreading; hence, you may find the issues suitable for your skills in all matters.

Khamsat: It is one of the Arabian sites specializing in freelance. You can present your file and services through it and communicate with employers in Arab World.

Talentsroot: It is one of the Arabian sites specializing in freelance translation.

Mostaql: It is a wonderful site that contains Freelance Translators Association who work as freelance translators.


Finally, if you are still confused about how to work in certified translation offices or freelance translation via the Internet, do not hesitate to contact us to guide you to the right path based on years of experience inside Egypt through its branches; a translation office in Maadi, a certified translation office in Nasr City, a certified translation office in Heliopolis, a certified translation office in the Fifth Settlement, a certified translation office in Maadi and outside Egypt in the Arab world; a translation office in Dubai and a certified translation office in Abu Dhabi as well as our online services available 24 hours a day.